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PM Space Upgrades


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Thanks for sorting it out, DigitalD. I can go back to my incessant pesterings helpful communications with other members of GTAF now. smile.gif


What are your thoughts on extending unlimited PM's to everyone? People could refer to thier storage folders to find out exactly when they first joined a gang, or when they left one, or when they joined a modding team. It would allow all staff - including forum leaders - to keep a complete record of all correspondence between each other and members so that thier decisions about organising that forum, responding to reported messages and running events could be kept for future reference.


I think it would be beneficial to the community without being detrimental to the performance of the forum and so would be worth trying out.

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Every PM has it's own MySQL entry. If everyone had unlimited, then it would take up quite a bit of space on the database.
But posts have that as well. People can only stay on the forums for a finite amount of time, so they can only type a finite amount. Whether they are typing posts or PM's they can only produce a finite amount of data. I didn't think PM's used more storage than a post entry, so as people will stay the same amount of time they will still only be creating the same amount of data?


Thanks for responding sensibly. smile.gif

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There would be well over 2mb of data, so my hotmail account wouldn't be able to take them all.

Poor exuse. Need gmail? Get in touch with me. Hotmail is doing upgrades for their users as well, fyi.

I already received these upgrades to my hotmail account, but it still doesn't seem alot of storage. confused.gif ...

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