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UV Mapping


Recommended Posts

This is an area I really had problems with, back when I was learning how to model.... There was literrally NO tutorials for this. But since Im the good guy that I am I made one for you.


*Organization* Always remember to be organized, I also find that having 64x64 256x256 512x512 and 1024x1024 textures to be the best. They dont distort. If they are not that size make them with MS paint.


Step 1

Now you have to change one of your viewports to the UV Mapper View, I chose the Front viewport.


user posted image


Step 2

Have a shape ready, go into faces mode then click on the shape, now you could choose each polygon individually and they have red dots in the middle.


user posted image


Step 3

On the right go to select/single and with the right mouse button select the individual polygons that you want to put a texture to.


user posted image


Step 4

Now, press the "E" button on your keyboard or press the red sphere on the mode selection to open up the material editor.


user posted image


Step 5

Click on the copy button and select the copied default material and rename to whatever you want. I renamed it to Texture. After doing that check the primary box and click ADD then browse for your texture, make sure its a .bmp format and its the 1 of the resolutions I have mentioned earlier. Now click on Assign to Selection then press Apply changes.


user posted image


Step 6

**Now make sure that you pressed the *space bar* and that the SEL button is pressed. And then click on Surface/Mapping.../Assign UV . Then just press on one of the selected polygons and bam! You have the texure mapped on the object and you have the side of that object in the UV mapper.


user posted image


Step 7

Go back to the mode menu and choose Objects Mode and also press your space bar key. Now you could edit the object in the UV Mapper. For Example... I will scale and move it to fit the UV mapping Square.


user posted image


*Final Product*



user posted image


You have just learned the basics!


Thank you


I would like to thank Dup for making this Tutorial Forum happen. <3 Dup


Please leave a question if you have one.... Comments as well.



Edited by crazydude
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Nice and simple with shortcut keys too! Good job!


Your images seem to be down though. MSN me and I'll sort out some ftp space on my sever for you. For the good of the community and all!

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Sorry about that, I was using a cheap website and I guess the bandwith exeeded, had 2500 mb. I came on to see that my account was suspended. O well, thanks for that offer Dup but I changed over to photobucket and I think it will be ok.


Next I might make a Rim tutorial. I know there are several here, but the more the better. tounge.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hrm, you might add something about erasing the object to avoid getting "UVMAPPER_DATA" appearing in the heirarchy, that little critter tends to confuse people badly.


Strange, I'm using bucket for linking to this forum without problems notify.gif


Thanks for the tut man, contributions are always cool. I gotta think of something that needs covering... rampage_ani.gif


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  • 1 month later...
thanks for posting that, i would never of figured it out, but what can i do if i want to add textures to the whole model? do i have to do it poly by poly? or is there a function that can let me cover the whole thing in textures instantly?
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  • 2 months later...

help me!!! i need help when i try to scale my object so the texture fits it, the size doesnt change what am i doing wrong???? this is really p***ing me off

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  • 2 months later...

i cant move the texture or make a diffrent scale its just get small pics on the model PLEASE HELP ME sad.gif

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Make sure that the "SEL" button is not pressed, and that "H" and "V" are both selected in the view coordinates modify. Or either X or Y selected in the local axis modify.



user posted image

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When you assign the uv map does the wireframe show up in the UV mapper? If it doesnt and it shows a bunch of little pictures on the acual model, zoom out as much as you can in the UV mapper window until you see the wireframe, sometimes the model is so big and you have to zoom out so u can find it, if u cant find it, try reseting the uv and assigning it again. I hope this helps out. If you are still having trouble talk to me on msn or something.

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i cant move the texture or make a diffrent scale its just get small pics on the model PLEASE HELP ME sad.gif

heh, guess you gotta hold ~ when in UV mapping view to select the faces so you can move and scale....now I gotta figure out why textures are in black and white instead of color. I used the textures from the game, I just added a few polys to a model, textured them and put the model back in the game

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  • 1 month later...
  • 6 months later...

In the Material Editor, when I select a texture, the whole object becomes that color! Do you maybe know what I am doing wrong?

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