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Sketchup Building Tutorial Part Three

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user posted image
Sketchup Building Tutorial, Part 3 - Interior



When I first started the Sketchup Building tutorial, I didn't intend to make the texturing part, but I did. Now it looks like part 3 making the interior of the building... Then getting it in game... I'm sure you'll be able to texture it..


Enough waffle again... Lets move on

Into Sketchup Again
Yup, we're back in Sketchup, I won't show you and examples because you should be able to refer back to part one of the tutorial, to learn how to use Sketchup, I will be showing you some more features of Sketchup though.


Ok, using the mouse tool user posted image now left click and drag a box around the building, each part should turn yellow.

user posted image
This means that you've selected the building. Now for ease of modeling the interior we're going to group all these faces together, so they are one. Do this by right clicking on the object and choosing make group.
user posted image
Once this is done a yellow frame should appear around the object when you select it.
user posted image
Ok, now we need to start on the floor for the interior, just so we can move the building out of the way, and have a clear view on the objects we are making.


Draw lines from each corner of the bottom of building along the blue axis, (down) this will provide us with the basis for our interior.

user posted image


Should look something like that. Now join them up, and you'll see that it will make the whole of the bottom part 3D, no worry. Just right click all the new side faces and choose deleate.. Simple, should have something that remsembles the ground floor interior.
user posted image
Lets remove those building lines we made, and move the building up along the blue axis by using the move tool user posted image Move it up so you can fit the building in the gap again.
user posted image
Now that you've done that we need to put a marker for the hieight of the interior, so we know the correct height, we're going to use the Dimension tool which will put a measureament on the height that we want. user posted image Click this, then click on the a bottom corner of the building and then click at where the ground floor ends, a line with numbers on should appear drag this out so its away from the building.
Edited by gansta killa

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user posted image
Them numbers tells me the height of my ground floor. This little box in the bottom right hand corner user posted image Shows up the lenght of a line. Its also used for entering the lengh you want.


So I need a line from one corner of my interior floor, that length, first I need to start drawing the line and making sure its along the blue axis going up, I then type in that number and press enter. The line should move along the blue axis and stop at the correct length we can then check this with the Measuring Tool. user posted image This tool works in the same way as the Dimensions tool, except that it will report the length in the box in the bottom right hand corner.

user posted image

user posted image


Now that we've got our base, I'll be starting on the garage, I'll need to put a wall in thats the same height as the ground floor.
user posted image
Thats my wall, now to put a worktop in there, so lets draw a line along the face from roughly half way along, like this
user posted image


Now we're goint to use an very useful tool, the push, pull tool user posted image. Click that button and and click on the face and drag, the face should move and become 3d.
user posted image
Lets go and add an cupboard above the work surface, go about it the same way as you have done for the work surface.
user posted image
Play around and see what you come up with. Remember only do the one room for time being

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user posted image
Thats sorta simple what I came up with for my garage, a work surface, some cupboards, and a light. I've also added in the rest of the walls and roof. Now we can make a group of that and move it up to join the area which its supposed to go into.


Now lets take the next section, and make sure you've the correct height, and lets mark out the layout for this section.

user posted image
I've made a basic layout of the floor, in which I can now start to build up an interior wall.
user posted image
I've made the interior wall, and am in the process of putting in the features that are on the outside wall. Ok, lets put in a sofa.
user posted image
As you can see I've started on the outline, now its time to make it 3d.
user posted image
Have a play around with and make an interior for this room.
user posted image
Ok, lets move on and work on another room, I'll pretty much leave you to it, until we reach the stairs area.
user posted image
This is what I've come up with, now onto the stairs. Heres where the stairs are going to go.
user posted image
Well now we'll need to do a line to get the ramp of the stairs, like so.
user posted image
And thats basicly the interior, I'm sure you know how to export to zmod, scale and texture so I'll see you at the getting it in game tutorial.


By the way, don't export the original object (the first building) you can deleate that,)

Edited by gansta killa

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is it possible to make a model with something under the surface, like a swimming pool, or an interior basement ??

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