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The game won't load...


Recommended Posts

I just bought GTA-VC for PC today. Whenever I load the game, I get an image of a spinning CD, and then the .exe closes. I don't know why this is happening.


2.4 GHz Pentium 4

1024 MB RAM

128 MB nVidia GForce4


Someone help please sad.gif This happens with GTA3 too.

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Exactly same trouble. sad.gif


I can add that I have XP Home + SP1

512 MB RAM, 160 GB HDD, so problem not in decompressing textures i guess smile.gif


Help please

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I am having that problem now i just press gta-vc.exe and nothing happens!

I restarted the PC but it still doesn`t work! And it started when I have dowloaded Hidden Package program! I deleted it! But that didn`t work!


Pentium 4 1800 Mhz

256MB Ram

Daytona GeForce MX440 128MB

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I've been having this problem two. I bought GTA VC yesterday and installed it on my game partition (not primary). It installed without issue and I played if for an hour with the video res at 1024x768. The soul issue was that the sound was odd, like an echo.


Today whenever I load the game, I get an image of a spinning CD, and then the .exe closes. I've rebooted many times. I tried reinstalling it on my primary partition as was recommended in the off-site tech support. this achieved nothing. I've reinstlaled it three times and I'm not about to spend the rest of my day doing the same thing. Any help would be very much appreciated.


UPDATE: I wondered if this might be similar to a problem I had with Neverwinter Nights where the SECUROM disc protection had issues with XP and cd-burners. The CD would be recognised once after rebooting but subsequent attempts to run from the cd fail. Atari's soultion to this was for users to either buy a new DVD drive or use a No CD hack. Both horrendous solutions but the latter proved necessary. Having tried a no cd crack on Vice City the problem remains, only now it doesn't even mess around with the spinning disc icon. Is this possibley an issue with Windows XP Pro? It seems to be a common thread.


I'm running it on Windows XP Pro (SP1)

AMD Athlon XP 2800, with 256MB DDR RAM

on a 120GB Maxtor HD.

NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440

ASUS A7N8X Deluxe motherboard

with onboard NVIDIA nForce 2 Soundcard

Edited by Jerricho
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Solution to above


Thank heavens I've gotten this working. I can finally start playing. The problem was the Set file. Under Windows XP this file doesn't get uninstalled. So reinstalling the game won't help you. Delete the set file under C:\Documents and Settings\"User"\My Documents\GTA Vice City User Files


Then restart. This seems to have fixed it for me. Been playing it all day. I hope this helps you.

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I deleted it once. When you restart your game all the game settings will have reverted to their defaults. Change them to your preference and play on. The problem hasn't recurred since I did that.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I've had the same problems for several days, now. I'm running XP Home SP2, P4 2.6mh, 512ram, nvidia geforce w/64mb. Been playing for at least 2 months without any problems and finished all missions and working on vigilante missions- no performance issues or other problems. During the last several days been getting that spinning cd pointer when I try to start game and no game. Cd player stops responding- won't eject vice city cd. Have to reboot to get cd player to work again. Device manager doesn't show any problems with the hardware and, oddly enough, event viewer doesn't indicate any problems whatsoever.


I Tried:

Rebooting- no result

uninstalling and reinstalling with and without deleting my user files- no result


I've been seeing this problem described in several other forums including the ms win xp forum, but I still haven't found an expanation, nor a solution that works for me.


Hope someone can figure this out!


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so i noticed that when this happens i check my performace level and it shows my cpu running at 100%. even after like 20 mins it still shows this. what's it doing if its not running. under applicattions there's nothing being shown as running. under processes it shows gta-vc.exe running and using anywhere from 95 to 99% of the cpu cycles. what the heck is it doing?

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I'm having this problem too for the PC. And here is my computer stats:


Windows XP service pack 1

2.00 GHz AMD Athlon 64 Processor

798 MHz

512 MB Ram

48x CD Speed


AGP 8x graphics card

128 MB DDR video memory

Latest version of DirectX

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I had the same identical problem on my PC as described in this thread- even down to the cpu running at a high percentage with nothing apparantly going on. (See my previous post above). After a lot of experimenting, I finally uninstalled Norton AV 2005 and that did the trick! I'm still trying to figure out why. I tried re-installing Norton and the problem came right back again. I shut off several features including Worm Detection, Auto Protect,... etc., but nothing seemed to work except uninstalling it from my system. I reinstalled Norton AV 2003 and there are no problems, so I guess I'll stick with the earlier version just so I can play the game! Geez, what a pain! Norton AV- Anti Virus or Anti Vice?

Hope this helps someone.




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i just managed to get it working too, i had to update the firmware for my cd drive. i guess there was a problem with the piracy protection and my old cd drive. but once i did that it worked. so either there's alot of different things causing the same problem or the game is just screwed up and by sheer luck the game started working for us and we just think what we did fixed it heheheeheh.....

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  • 3 weeks later...

I'm also having the same problem, although trying the suggested solutions hasn't fixed it. It's VERY annoying.. I did manage to get it to work for ages by taking out the cd, clicking the icon, waiting for it to prompt for the cd, and then click "retry". This has stopped working. My specs are:


Pentium 4 3.0GhZ processor

512mb ram

130gb HD

128 Radeon Graphics card

XP Pro SP2


It's a brand new PC and I can't think of a reason why it won't work.

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  • 2 weeks later...

This game is just annoying me now. Ive had this problem for weeks but to no avail.


I used to play the disc fine on my old computer (Windows ME), but now ive just bought a new computer and upgraded to SP2. Now, whenever I go to play the game, I just get the spinning disc icon and my CD drive starts spinning...but nothing happens. The icon doesnt go away, so I have to go to control panel, go to "mouse", and reset the mouse icon. Hassle, ill tell you that.


Ive tried everything:

uninstalling the game, reinstalling

removing save settings file

havent used any cracks because it hasnt even loaded up yet

disabling Nortons 2004

running the program in a different emulation mode (which worked on my copy of Mechwarrior 3)


I short, I give up ! suicidal.gif


Rockstar, let me play this game !

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I fixed my problem.


Apparently, it was caused because I have two different CD drives (a DVD-R/RAM and a CD-RW.) If you install VC in one drive then put the play disc in the other drive, it will not load. I solved my problem simply by putting the CD in the other drive!


Imagine that...

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After an aggravated post yesterday, I've finally found a solution.


The problem seems to be with the gta-vc.exe file that setup creates for Windows XP (+SP2). I downloaded a hacked gta-vc.exe file from the internet, which was not 3.11mb but about 2.94 mb. The game now runs smoothly on my new computer.


If your looking to get a copy of a file, search on Kazaa or whatever you use, or the internet for a patched / cheated / different file.


Worked fine for me ! rolleyes.gifrah.gifrah.gif

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I've had that problem before. this is how I fixed


run gta-vc.exe under compatability mode for 98 ( can cause choppy graphics)

make sure no mods are installed

Delete user file

then try and restart game.

if you still have problems reinstall Deleting any leftover files, unistall doesn't remove mod files and then set compatability mode for win98



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It could have something to do with the differnce between cache from your CD-ROM to your hard drive (512kb on a cd-rom and 6mb on a harddrive isnt going to work right). It could also be the cd protection bs stuff.


I also had this problem. I had an old CDRW (4x4x24x lol.gif ) And I first installed the game through it. And I would get that problem. I could get it to work with the no-cd crack. But I wanted to fix the problem and not just beat around it. So I uninstalled it and bought me a new DVD drive at walmart (now $60.00, oh and heres an insider tip... the day after thanksgiving, they will be 10% off!). Then I installed it with that drive it worked perfect. I still have yet to update to SP2... but it fixed my problem with sp1 on xp pro.


And I would also recommend that you don't post "How to get the no-cd crack" on a forum where people dislike warez. It'll get you and your man banned.




p4 3.0ghz w/ ht

800mhz FSB

1024 DDR400 PC3200

ATI Radeon 9200 AGP

XP Pro SP1

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