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Vice city Sound error


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Hi, i recently got gta vice city on my pc, and i found that the sound doesnt work in my game... i mean i cant hear any sound at all in the game and when i try to go to audio options it says "No Audio Hardware" and i cant hear anything. but when i start the game, i can hear the sound from the rockstar icon, and then the vice city movie at the start.


please help

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I dont understand what you mean can you give me more information?, i mean if i can hear the sound at the start, why not in the game?...


I would appreciate any help at all.

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'tis explained already. I don't know what your problem with the hardware is but that is the advice I can give you as it solves most common problems. Do what's in that thread, then if you still don't get it wait till someone smarter comes along.
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omg dont treat me like an idiot, what i meant was... you mention checking the control panel sound options or something... can you give me a little bit more detail? for example "what" sound option...

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also i would like to know how to check my sound card or update sound drivers.. im not really experienced with this kind of stuff.

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OK OK! I wasn't saying you were an idiot I was saying I was for not knowing more about your problem. Geez don't jump to conclusions. Instructions:


Control Panel-sounds-audio devices-check if the ones you want are enabled-hardware-check if you have a game port of some sort.


Oh yes and you triple-posted. Dont ever triple-post.



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I had a similar problem, I couldn't get sound through the centre channel using my 5.1 speakers and a SBLive. Whenever I ran VC it changed my control panel settings to "Stero Speakers" under Control Panel - Sounds and Audio Devices - Advanced (Under Speaker settings). There was an option in my sound card program (AudioHQ) called "Syncronize with control panel" unchecking this fixed my problem. Maybe you can do something similar?

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