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Tutorial Requests


Recommended Posts

Excuse me i need a tutorial on zmodeler for modeling weapons i need to know everything i have a model of a gun but now i dont know what to do and i heard zmodeler can do weapons for vice city. plus the 3dsmax i downloading aint working so thats why i need zmodeler or can someone give me a tutorial on how to make weapons with blender 3d i need to now how to do everything plese help.

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  • 2 weeks later...

how can you make a vehicle with only 1 color (Patriot) so that you can change the carcols? do you need to remodel the whole thing?

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Please can somebody make a tut on/tell me how to make ped paths and car paths for VC. I need to test my new intersection roads to see if cars can turn correctly on my corners.
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How do I edit A BillBoard? dozingoff.gif

Is it VC or SA or III? Open up the gta3.img file and search for something like "Billbrd1.txd" and there are a few other "billbrd" files under that (alphabetical sort). Then extract one of the .txd files and open it with a txd editing tool, ViceTXD for VC or also TXD Workshop. In the TXD file you will see some pictures that look like billboards you've seen around VC, you can choose to "Replace" a certain picture with your own. Then after you replace a texture with your own you can close out the TXD Editor. Then open the gta3.img up agian and search for the same file that you extracted earlier, then choose to "Replace" that .txd file with the one you edited a little bit ago (you may wanna backup). Then, if you want, you can recompile and close the img tool. Start up the game and happy hunting! But i dont know how to tell which billboard you are changing, just have to look for it in game.

BTW, anybody know how to add paths to VC?

Edited by GTA_Thomas
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Does anyone know how to place a "sound origin" or associate a sound with an environment ? Like in Ganton you can hear gunshots, in Nightclubs you hear the music, etc...

I don't want to change a sound, or add a sound, but create a new place in the game where sound is played.


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thx for the reaction colgate.gif


I got another question...

I want to make a new marker thats used to enter and exit buildigns (the yelow marker) I tried to stand in another yellow marker and search that coördinates in the SA Mssion Builder (v0.33) I didn't found where I was looking for....


So heres the question --> How do I place a new "yellow marker"?


EDIT --> My first question (how do I make a new save-point). I did find out how to make A new save location but there's nothing happening when I pick up the Save-Icon confused.gif Does someone know how to fix this?

Edited by [email protected]!D
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I'd like to know how you can change te weapons peds carry. I know which file i need to edit but i don't know what code you have to use. Or something like that.

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Hello there!


i was wondering if there is a tutorial on how to modelling Buildings in 3D Studio Max, buildings that can be put into GTA!


Many thanks,

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(sorry, already found out, stupid question.)

Edited by timpo
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  • 3 weeks later...

I'd really like a tutorial on how to create character clothes to San Andreas with PhotoImpact 10, please?



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I do like a tut for how to make buildings/objects in Gta:LBCS.

A tut for noobs like me tounge.gif

Maybe someon already asked it but i dont want to search at whole topic.

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we realy need a full video tutorial on how to create a custom car/plane/heli and incluseing the exporting

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Twenty Eyes

What about a tutorial how to make cars for GTA SA.

From 3dsmax to GTA SA.


Not about making the car, but about how to get it in GTA SA.

Edited by Twenty Eyes
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-(---- HiTMaN ----)-

ok i have been reading this forum and there is SOO much questions about how to download a mod... then instal it and put it on the game using IMG tool by spooky... now im not the best at all this im not a computer wise but i think some one should make a FULL video from the download of the car to puting it in the game... AND it should be pinned then im sure the questions will stop...


thanks ... -(---- HiTMaN ----)-

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hi all.

i downloaded an audi and it had a neon light around the number plate and a bmw with neon tubes under it. on both cars the neon lights came on with the head lights.


what i want to know is how can i add working lights like this to cars? i have replaced all the cars in the game and think it would be so cool if different cars drove around with different color neons under them. i have 3ds max but dont know much about it.

if some one could give me a small tutorial on how i can do this it would be great!


please help me with this, i learned every thing else like scripting and other editing but i cant work this out! please help! smile.gif

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I was told to post my question in this forum (tutorial), so here it is:


Please, can anyone tell me how to install new cars (NEW, not REPLACE) in GTA3?


I`ve installed all collision files and made new lines in carcols.DAT/default.IDE, but game is still unable to load them...

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Can someone please make a tutorial on how to make your own island in GTA III using Moo-Mapper. cool.gif



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hey does anyone know how to make skins for CJ in SA and upload them into the game??? Edited by TheReducer
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  • 2 weeks later...

to edit clothes you need to take the .txd files out of player.img and edit them in txd workshop. happy.gif


i would like to see a tut on placing markers, and i would like to see a tutorial on making your own levels, ive seen tuts on where to put them but not how to make them! tounge2.gif

Edited by aleo
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