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Tutorial Requests


Recommended Posts

well i can make a tutorial on making custom save points as i know how to do them without crashing vice. that is no one else is doing one.


on the other hand where's the edit button to edit an topic so people can't double or triple post for that mutter?

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Aye, of course you can make a tutorial. Don't think anyones doing that subject. The edit button is in the top right hand corner of your post next to the quote button.

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i highly suggest a tutorial on "normals" and on "alpha" textures...

particularly in zmodeler, since most beginners like me start out in zmod and have little clue on matters such as normals and alphas...  wink.gif

Hmm, normals and alphas. I think i should write a short tutorial about alphas.

I also would really really really like a tutorial on alphas...

Well then if noone posts an alpha tutorial in the next few days, I'll do one.

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Actually, i think a good a tutorial would be one for starting TC's (total conversions). If you havent noticed, alot of n00bs come here, and thats the first thing on their mind. some of the things the tutorial should cover:


-examples from and links to Successful TC's, Myriad and GTA:LC

-An overview of exactly what is involved, and necessary for tools

-How to gather a team and start off simple, gradually working up to a TC


Bearing in mind tha a true TC replaces almost every part of the game, it should also include links on getting started in the various other aspects, modelling, textureing, scripting, etc.


In contrast to tutorials that explain what is possible, and how do it, i think we should also have one pinned topic about what major features are NOT editable (feasibly anyway. hex editing doesnt count) editing player animations, Changing text colors and fonts (MAJOR font changes arent really possible) Movng lights on emergency vehicles, etc, etc. Sure they've been documented before, but having a fairly complete list in one spot is easier to go through and more organized. Things that become possible later on, could stay on the list until a tutorial or method of how to alter them is available.

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ashdexx: I was thinking the exact same thing. i figured i would write one on TC's also yet Im sure you would do alot better job. I was part of one of these that never worked out sadly. If you would like any help in writing it then i would be gald to help. Talk to me on msn if you'd like to hear a few ideas i have on a tutorial about the subject.


some of you may remember GTA:USA (R.I.P.)


-Payce OuT- BrIaN}

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it would be nice if there was a tutorial on memory-hacking, with more people knowing how to do that, we might be able to find a lot more adresses....

so in the tutorial there should be the kind of programs you use, how to use them, some info on pointers and memory-blocks etc etc

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Sortof the nearest approximation for an appropriate place to post this I could find...


I was just looking over a thread which had apparently been serially moved, and Delfi had commented that we need a general help and support forum, with more helping, and less (my interpretation, not Delfi's own words) "Don't post here! No, of course I won't give you the answer... I'm not about to post that I wouldn't have anyway". I would have replied in the correct thread but it was locked as I pushed 'quote'. I know it isn't all forum users that post discouragement, inadvertantly or otherwise, and so do many, but the guilty parties probably know who they are (I hope). A lot of the time I have the solution to a question but feel wierd about posting if several forum members already derailed the thread to talk about silly newbies who attempt to contribute... In a dedicated help forum, well, that's what it's there for. I know also that the current forums are intended to provide help and support, but I think a lot of users are aware of the little equation I'm talking about.


All in all, I think a dedicated, cooperative help forum would be a wonderful resource, if we can keep it from being 'protected' so severely that noone dare use it. If SA is going to have any nice modding, these people need support and training. I've learned every single thing I know about modding from this forum, so have others, we can raise that headcount.


Cheers all. rampage_ani.gif


Edit to answer Dup without cluttering further wink.gif


That sounds pretty much the ideal solution, should you decide to accomodate that sort of back and forth (An all tutes forum is MUCH cleaner, totally agree, that's how it should stay, dedicated functional etc), it would possibly draw some fire too, from the 'straight' threads.


Whatever you decide to do man, thanks again just for getting this forum going... tutorial forum is pretty much vital imo cookie.gif

Edited by Augh
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I know what you mean, i do point out the error and then i do my best to help the person in question.


I am now the led-by for this forum, what i bout i make a pinned thread for quick questions/answers for those quick off-topic questions like "how to make low riders" etc. The aim here is to have a directory of dedicated tutorials, where we aren't cluttered with one question one answer.


A lot of the problems are that people just do not look, search or pay any attention. They sign up just to post a pretty obvious question, and post it in the wrong place due to ignorance.


Most of us have done it before so I can't complain really. I will think about that thread further but for now, keep this topic on-topic please smile.gif

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hi my name is cameron and i am very new to this modding stuff so i apologize if i sound really stupid blush.gif i am trying to take my vice city generic txd's (road textures and trees etc) and kind of cel shading them with photoshop. basically i am going to use the cut out style of filtering in the program. well i did all of the textures in the generic txd and i saved them all as 16 bit bmp's cuz thats how they were originally. well here's where the problem starts... confused.gif i have tried using that txd gold program for vc and vice txd and can successfully export the textures for editing but when i go to import them back i get a stream read error it is really annoying cuz i was looking forward to seeing how my simple mod looked sad.gif could you guys help me (and keep it simple cuz i am a noob with this stuff) if i am at the wrong place pls don't yell at me cuz i might cry. just guve me the exact link of where to go or e-mail me at: [email protected]


thank you and don't be afraid to e-mail me cuz i don't bite!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You need to compress the textures using TXD Workshop by Delfi.


Basically, before you save the TXD, you need to 'Compress all Textures' from the menu. Then save and it should work, as long as you have kept the same filenames as the original txd.

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Tutorial on converting (your own) car mods from vc to gta3 or vice (haha) versa would be really good to refer to.



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I'd like an extremely basic 3ds max tutorial please. smile.gif

Doesn't really matter what the modelling is of, as long as it covers the basics.

Basics meaning how to create a polygon etc.

Edited by andyinengland2004
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I would really really like a tutorial on hacking gta3/vc's memory, not only the health and such, but also on hacking less intuitive adresses, like the camera-positions and so. And ofcourse info about pointers, offsets, and everything related.

Thank You.

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Sorry if I double post, I had a strange problem here


Anyway, I think it isn't possible, but can someone give me a tutorial or something that explains how to make the door move on a track instead on an axis, like in vans for instance.

And also I'd like to have some info on how to make the doors' and trunks'

dummies move in different ways, like the door opening upwards.


Thanks for helping! biggrin.gif

Edited by DSimon
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im not gonna bother looking through this entire thing so can some1 just pm me a link to a good tutorial on creating weapons


pppllllllllllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssseeeeeeeee lol.gif

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new here, not to patching, looking for a begginers/dummy type of tutorial for coding (specificly mission creating), i've read some coding stuff but, i'm pretty confused...any help is appreciated

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can someone make a tutorial that shows how to get the car in the game cuz i modeled some cars but i dunno how to make the txd and i dont think zmodeler's dff exporter works so,,,,,, =D k thx =D
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I would like a quick tutorial on how to make my own fonts for windows. I don't realy need a super indepth tutorial. Just tell me how to make the font and how to save it and sh*t like that. If you do make one please pm me or email me at [email protected] if you want to go into depth go right ahead and make a topic here for your tutorial, I just want enough to tell me the basics.
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  • 3 weeks later...
Can someone please make a Tutorial that goes very in-depth into creating a custom model... Because, I am trying to creat a custom model, just with my mind, because I think that would be easier for my first model. Sorry is someone has already requested something along these lines... THANKS!
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It depends what you're wanting for a custom model, ifs its a car, try and think of different cars what bits you like about them. And make a mixture or something. If its a building either draw on paper and scan in or on the pc. Planes for the building. Things like that.
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Zmod is not easy to model with. I've made splines with many programs and I find 3ds Max to be far easier and more flexable than any other, and that includes Illustrator and the whole Macromedia Studio. In fact, I actually use 3ds Max to make splines and then import them into freehand to make the vectors. I may be bias though.


Anyway, if you interested in spline modeling with 3ds Max then let me know.

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I would like to see a tutorial on making your own collision file for a vehicle.... Thanks in advance.

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