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Tutorial Requests

Recommended Posts

Hello friends, I researched a lot about this more despite having found a tutorial in specific that could help me I could not carry it out and the video contained in it is out of thin air. I just wanted to know how to add brightness to my interior I'm creating new interiors to use on my MTA server. However I do not know how to add brightness there he knows this should be done by 3DS Max.



I use Google Skethup. To create my model I export as 3ds.

So I use 3DS Max to finish the service.

Besides learning to add brightness inside I would like to learn how to mirror textures like the last print of the tutorial.

Help me to get this please.

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Need normal map plugin by dk tutorial + examples with alfa channels and reflection map

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creating gta sa car from zero tutorial please

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GTA 5 Scripting Tutorial to spawn an NPC at a specific place and attack player as soon as he is seen.

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Failure Modder

Can someone help me about editing default.ide for weapon in gta sa, because i change ,y colt45 anim to silenced and my game keep crashing, i find out my problem not at weapon.dat but at default.ide, please someone help me, i cant speak english sorry

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So I am really frustrated by not being able to buy a Lazer in Story Mode. For I am a total beginner in modding, the method below was best I could do.


I have tried to edit the Warstock website codes from the .gfx in the update.rpf. I've seen some lines testing whether or not the player is multiplayer. If they were, it would get a big list of vehicles (and judging by that, those are actually the vehicles displayed in the multiplayer Warstock Cache and Carry). Else, it would get a list of about 8 vehicles (which where exactly those in the Story Mode). I tried putting the Lazer in there and it obviously didn't work.


Then, I tried something a little different. Opened the Elitas Travel .gfx and replaced all occurrences of the word "DUSTER" with "LAZER", hoping that would completely replace the plane in the website menu. Afterwards, when I visited the website in-game I saw an item with a default img icon (some rainbow image with the text IMG on it, think that's default icon for missing textures) under the name P996-Lazer. It had no description and the price of a Duster. After the purchase and the delivery, I still received a Duster. I am missing something, and I think it has something to do with some IDs, for I have seen randomly across other codes in there some lines regarding GetVehicleById or something like that.


All I am doing this for is in order to have a respawnable Jet available in the Hangar List of any character, since just parking it there doesn't save it to the list of available vehicles.


My request is to help me by providing a tutorial on how to replace or, if possible, add a vehicle to any website, hopefully using the Lazer in the Warstock as an example. I've seen there's already a mod on this (adding MP vehicles to SP) but is not open source and is definitely not updated to the latest GTA V versions (tested it, doesn't work on them).

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Hi, I have no experience in modding, and I would like to create a Motion Blur mod for GTA III and VC.

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Tut Greco
Posted (edited)

Can someone make an updated guide/video for radiosity solution prelight for objects please. I am struggling to understand proper lighting of my custom objects.


Edited by Tut Greco

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I'm Search about Spawn Vehicles Pointer of GTA:SA but can't found the pointer 
So please if you have this pointer give me it

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 i want toturial on gta v ped making from 3ds max or zmodeller wit full details without changing the original models directly any rigged model how to  add to gta v without help of peds from openiv

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Did anyone know how to disable bike suspension, so the bike is not shocked when front braking and start the torque.. so what i mean is kill the spring.

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