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Setting Up Your Car's Blueprints


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user posted image
Set Them Up The Right Way




About This Tutorial


The idea came for this tutorial, when I tried modeling a car. (Not That I Can) I used to use the sizes 1024 X 1024 for each


blueprint... Front and Sides. Now when I had the basis of a car it looked deformed. It then came to me one day to try a


different size, so I tried 512 X 512 for the Front and Rear blueprints, and 1024 X 1024 for the Side and Top. Lo behold, they


worked. The car didn't look deformed. Cutting up the blueprints can be a problem... You can use an basic image editor, but


its easier using one so that when you paste it. It will be centered already. Like Adobe Photoshop 7. Enough with the


information, Lets progress.


Cutting Up The Blueprints


[Note: The first few steps use Adobe Photoshop's Rulers, if you don't use Photoshop. Then you can skip these.


All images are linked.]


Once you have aquired your blueprints, you need to open these in your image editor. For this tutorial I am going to use Adobe


Photoshop 7.

I am going to use a blueprint of a Pugeot 405


-Pugeot 405 Blueprint-

Make sure that in Photoshop the Rulers are turned on. If not this can be found under View, or by pressing Ctrl + R. When the


rulers are on, in the center of the top ruler, click and drag a line down. Drag this to the first edge of the top view.


-Like This- Now drag another line down,


but this time to the bottom edge of the Top view.


-Like This-


Now click and drag this one to the front of the top view.


-Like This- Now drag another line to the


rear of the Top View-Like This-

That should be the top view now in a rectangle. We can now use the Rectangular Selector tool (Press M for short cut) we can


now select the view and copy it, and paste it in a new view with the Dimensions 1024 X 1024


-Like This- I'm pretty sure you know how to


create a new document in Photoshop, if not.. Stop... Close this tutorial... Close Photoshop and Shut Down Your computer...

Once you've created your new document, paste the top view in ( Ctrl + V) You should now have something that


like this. Theres something wrong with


that image, it's the wrong way... Its easy to fix it, just go to image ---> Rotate canvas ---> 90o CCW. Should end up with


something like this Now I'm not going to


do each view, so I'll just say Repeat that for each view. Except the rotating part as you don't need to do that for the


rest. **Make Sure each view is saved as .BMP**


Should have these...







Into Zmodeler


open Zmodeler, and next to the left view, theres a little button that user posted imageClick on that and choose


background ---> image ----> load image. Like This When the other box comes up, choose add... And browse to where the side view is. Select it and press ok. The


image should now be in the side view of zmodeler. Repeat this for each view until you end up with something like this



Congraulations, you've just loaded the blueprints into zmodeler, now you can start modeling.


Ok, the blueprints of this tutorial, where cut up in Adobe photoshop 7. I will be online on msn [email protected]


for any help on this tutorial.


Hope this helped people.


Edited by Gangsta Killa
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Urgh, another tutorial cluttered with borders and backgrounds. If you were writing for a web page then yeah, contain the text in tables. But the forum is already covered in layer upon layer of tables so adding more is senseless, imho.

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Are your prints in .bmp format? Try zooming in, or is it a huge square?


Try going to 'Options / 3D view / Force Software'. For now thats all i can think of.

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I don't understand, so can somebody send a video tutorial. I have Adobe PhotoShop 7, CS, CS2, CS3 but on my computer is only installed CS3. Please help me!

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What if you only have Front and Side blueprint, not top and rear, will you be able to start animation?

Edited by eC.011loc
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