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Please be aware that this is not a tutorial request forum! Use the appropriate topic for the effect.
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Tips and Tricks for modding!

Recommended Posts


Advanced Vertice Snapping Tip, [Modelling | ZModeler]


Heres a neat trick i found in Zmod that can save you hours of annoying graft in the long run. I found this out myself so if its been posted before, you smell for stealing my glory!


Heres how its done:


In user view, you can align two verticies together on the X Y and Z axis. Thats any verticie. Just turn on verticies snapping on the toolbar, select your X Y or Z axis and drag the verticie to the verticies you wish to align it with and it will snap to that point.


Say you could have a line of verticies all over the place align one, then use the snap to just drag the mouse with the verticie onto the verticie you want to align it with and it should snap to the same point on your desired axis in the direction you want.


This also works between different objects, like adding an interior as a seperate object, far easier than doing it on the chassis, and saves detatching and normals fidding.


Its a bit iffy with the view angle and you need to get a good angle for it to snap sometimes. Use Alt + Shift to move the camera angle in user-view as well as rotating it.


If anyone need screenshots and some love, make it known and i shall do so. Just read that carefully first though.

Edited by Dutchy3010

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Ade FX

Converting Car Mods to VCM, [Modding | VC]



How to convert CARS into .vcm files:
1. download the car .dff and .txd files you want to convert


2. open vcmp


3. fill in:

who its by

short description


4. find the readme and add that


5. make a blank canvas that is the 171x128 and save it as a JPEG


6. add the blank picture to both image fields


7. select "Car Modification/Replacement"


8. find and add the .dff and .txd files in the correct fields


9. in "Col data" select the line of the car that most corresponds to the shape of the car you are converting.


10. in "Handling Config line" select the car line that fits the car you are converting best.


11. in "Defualt.ide config line" select the car line of the car that you will replace with the car you are converting (this determins the wheel type and where it is found)


12. in "Carcol Cinfig line" (this determins the variety of colours the car can be seen in) select the vehicles colour line that would suit the car best.


13. type in the name of the car you are converting (this will be what it is seen as ingame)


14 save the .vcm file in the ....\vcmm\mods\vcm file


15. install the car


16. play the game!




i hope it helped you!

Edited by Dutchy3010

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Activating Trails / Motion Blur Option, [Modding | VC]


This is actually in reply to this topic originally posted in the GTA:LC forum by lakonur. Although that was locked as apparently what I'm about to explain is not possible... wink.gif


I take no credit for this as all I have done is to take the 'mod' that lakonur found here, which consists of Steve M's VC MenuEditor and some German instructions, translated them into English and made a couple of small corrections.


0 : Make a backup of gta-vc.exe.

1 : Run VC MenuEditor and under Options > Select Text File... navigate to your preferred .gxt version in the text folder of your Vice install. e.g. For English speakers, select american.gxt.

2 : Under Options > Change Offset... enter the appropriate value as advised by the dialog box and click OK. e.g. If you have the original v1.0 un-cracked gta-vc.exe enter 2975600.

3 : Click File > Open... and select gta-vc.exe. The MenuEditor window should now fill up with what looks something like this -

user posted image

4 : Now on the left side, in the Menu Screens list, select 04. FEH_DIS. Then select FED_RES from the Menu Items list in the middle and click Add.

5 : Choose FED_TRA from the Menu Item Text drop-down and click Apply.

6 : Change the Associated Function to 009, enter 303 under Y-Position and click Apply again.

7 : At the bottom of the MenuEditor window click the Up button twice.

8 : Select FET_DEF in Menu Items and change it's Y-Position to 328. Click Apply.

9 : Select FEDS_TB in Menu Items and change it's Y-Position to 353. Then Apply.

10 : Hit the Save Menu button bottom left and then go to File > Close. All done. smile.gif


There will now be a Trails option in the display settings menu. You can turn it on and off as you please. Please note, although the trails will work whenever you turn them on, you still need to start a new game as otherwise there will be no traffic on the streets - even if you haven't activated the trails yet! Don't ask why, I don't have any idea.


I've tested this on VC and GTA:LC with no problems other than that mentioned above.


Thanks for listening. wink.gif

Edited by Dutchy3010

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Easy Stealing Of Vehicles, [Modding | VC]




Make a copy of this file, then open with notepad. If you cannot save this file, ALT-TAB and remove the 'read-only' attribute on this file.



"Fear" to a value of 100

"Temper" to a value of 0

"Attack Strength" to 0.1

"Defend Weakness" to 9.9


Edit all relevent columns to these numbers (eg: D, E, H, and I). DO NOT edit column D and E for STAT_PLAYER


Also, "STAT_STD_MISSION" seems to be the 'Plot' characters. Edit the values to this Ped Type at more conservative values. (eg: H=2.0 and I= 1.0)

Edited by Dutchy3010

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Coding custom licence plates, [Coding | SA]




Giving a car a personalised number plate!



I have noticed that this baffels a lot of people. How to spawn a car and give it a personalied number plate. Well as you will see after reading this, it is quite easy.


You Will Need:

BW's SA Mission Builder ( The new version for PC, not the PS2 version)

A basic understanding of how to spawn a car. Tutorial can be found here: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=195143


1) Find this code:



09E2: $5185 = parked_car_generator_w_numberplate #BULLET  24  40  1 alarm  0 door_lock  0  0  10000 plate "_CHUNKY_" at -2354.6  983.0  49.3 angle  189.4



2) Your car needs to go below that one. Copy the code below under the one above: (This will act as a guide)



09E2: $5185 = parked_car_generator_w_numberplate #TURISMO  24  40  1 alarm  0 door_lock  0  0  10000 plate "SA4EVER_" at 2489.228  -1682.218  13.2474 angle -90.0



3)Now chose you car (eg:#TURISMO) and the location of where it will spawn(2489.228 -1682.218 13.2474) as well as the angle (-90.0).


4) now for the number plates. The number plate is thia code here "SA4EVER_". You can type anthing in between the inverted commas (" "). But remember the following:


a. The word, frase, ect can not be longer that 8 letters. If it is you need to make it smaller. If it is smaller that 8 letter you need to add this in appropriate places ( _ ). Eg: "_JARJAR_"

b. It must be in CAPITAL letters.

c. Don't forget the "" inverted commas or you will get major errors when trying to commpile the script.


Now you are done. Simple compile it and play GTA SA. Your car sould now have a personalised plate. If not, retrace your steps. See told you wasn't that hard.


Here is what the finished code should look like:



09E2: $5185 = parked_car_generator_w_numberplate #TURISMO  24  40  1 alarm  0 door_lock  0  0  10000 plate "_JARJAR_" at 2489.228  -1682.218  13.2474 angle -90.0



Hope this is helpfull to some people. It is really cool.

Edited by Dutchy3010

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Missing reflections - ATI export workaround, [Documentation | 3DS Max & SA]


i havent posted around here for ages biggrin.gif

i played with SA a bit and used KAM's script and

found a bug. its not a bug in the script, but a bug

in SA with ATI gfx cards.

if u export vehicle parts such as wheels, then they

wont have reflections on ati cards, only on nvidia



heres a pic to proof that..


user posted image


i found a very easy solution to the problem at hand, so

i figured id post it here.


if the gta material used for the reflective part has no

diffuse texture assigned, then you wont have reflections

on ati cards. its that simple.

basically if u use a texture, then dont worry, but if u just

use a material color like grey and add specular and a

reflection map, then make sure u add a white texture to

the difuse material slot.


heres a pic:

user posted image

^^the red circled map is needed for reflective matieral on ati cards.


the only wheelpack released atm has exactly this problem btw. lol


if there are any questions, feel free to ask, as i know my explenation

is as crappy as my english is tounge2.gif

Edited by Dutchy3010

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by mickarrow



colmap download

Thank you to Gtagarage.com for hosting this. The rar-file contains; colmap.dff, colmap.txd, colmap.col, colmap.ide, colmap.ipl and a read_me.



I made this colmap to see how different col-materials act ingame. For example, using this colmap makes it easier for you to detect wich material spawns wich generics. The names and numbers shown on the signs in the model, are the same ones as used in Steve-M's tool 'Col Editor II'.


Here's a screeny of how it looks ingame:

user posted image



Suggestion for Myriad Islands-users:

The IDE and IPL lines work in a Myriad Islands install. The colmap is placed west of illsub_north at -836.1646 -155.3502 8.609375

Use the cheat 'rocketman' to get onto it, 'fourwheelfun' to drive around on it.

Attention: the IDE number used is 13040! At the time this was posted, it was an unused IDE number in MI-SA.




I'd like to give credit and a big thank you to locO_G, for helping me with the development, getting it ingame and testing.



Edited by Dutchy3010

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How to play as a story character, [Modding| GTAIII]


Here is a guide on how to play as a storyline character in GTAIII. Examples are Mike lips, Maria, Joey leone, etc.


Firstly, you will need these tools. Just click the tool name to download.


IMG Tool

GTA 3 Reshack

Corel paint shop pro


Now we are going to be using Mike lips, (from the GTAIII mission, "Mike lips last lunch")

The file is named lips for Mike lips.


Firstly start of by running IMG Tool.exe. Open up gta3.img, and go to edit>find, then type "lips.dff" (without the quotation marks")

Now click it, then go to commands>extract the file somewhere.


Now rename lips.dff to player.dff. Now search for player.dff in IMG Tool (go to commands>search player.dff)

Click it, then go to commands>extract it somewhere,(i make a backup folder in my GTAIII folder, make a folder in there called Orginal player, then i extract the normal player.dff in that folder)


Now when you have done that, delete the player.dff file, then go to commands>add, then add the player.dff for mike lips. Now go to edit>search lips.txd. Extract it somewhere. Now rename it to player.txd. Now go to commands>rebuild archive.


Now you need to open the new player.txd, and save it as a .TGA File format. You now need to open the file with paint shop, (paint can't open TGA), then after opening it, save it as a BMP File, and overwrite the player.txd file in C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTAIII\Models\Generic.

Back it up first!


Now run the game, and go to skins menu, and have a look if it's mike lips.


You can use txd workshop to open the TXD File and not reshack. I like to use reshack thought better then TXD workshop because i get bugs with that and not with Reshack.

Edited by Dutchy3010

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Making an amazing stunt car!, [Notepad | GTA VC + 3]


Here is my tut on how to make the cars in GTAIII, And vice city excellent for stunts! They can hardly flip (well still can) but much harder and about 95% of the time it won't flip at all.


Firstly, all you need to do is to use Notepad to do this. Be warned, getting it very perfect can take lots of time, so take your time with it!


Now with that over, lets start.


Go to your GTAIII, VC Folder, which ever one you will be doing. It is located at C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTAIII (Replace the GTAIII with Grand Theft Auto Vice City for vice city.


Open up the folder, and make a backup folder. This is just incase you mess up a handling line, and if you don't backup, then you will have to reinstall to get orginal files back to normal! After making the backup folder, make a folder inside called "Orginal Handling.cfg or similar, so you know what it is. Now in your GTAIII/Vice folder, there is a folder called 'Data'. Open it.


There is a file called handling.cfg. Copy it, and paste it into the backup folder.


Now open up handling.cfg with Notepad, and find the car you would like to edit and make hardly flip. In this case i am doing the infernus.


The part to edit is called (H) CentreOfMass.z. This is the one to edit.


Above the cars lines, there is a line like this.



A          	B      C   D   E   F   G    H    I   J    K    L    M N     O    P Q R     S    T U     V    W    X    Y    Z     AA   AB    AC   AD   


The part that is centre of mass.z is H. Go to your cars handling line, and go along, until you get to H. There should be numbers in the line like this.

-0.30 0.25, etc.


You need to set it very low, (higher will make cars flip easily, e.g: landstalker flips prettty easily, it's number is 0.25.)


For best stunting, change it to -1.00 -1.20. The car feels almost impossible to flip smile.gif


If your car feels too slow, then go to the section (O), that is accleration. Set it higher. The one before accleration is top speed.


Please always remember to backup your files.


Try not to set it to low. This may cause the car to spin out easily, and keep trying to jump when you hit something. About -1.10 will do.


Remember, getting it pefect may take time. Keep trying different settings with the centre of mass, around -1.00 and -1.10 should be enough to make it very hard to flip.


If the car seems to not want to roll off roof and you have set it low, then the problem may be the mass. Higher means the car can make others out the way easily. Lower means it can't very good. Setting it to 7600.0 is not good, because flipping the car over means that it is hard for it to get back over. Lowering the mass does seem to slow the car down, so set it about 1600.0.


Again, keep having a fiddle around, i'm sure after a while you should get the ultimate stunt car.

Edited by Dutchy3010

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No More Dual Wield Gun


If you are one of those guyz who hate dual wield guns I have a solution smile.gif ... In this few easy steps you are gonna be able to get rid of it. I saw 1 post somewhere here which already explains you how to do it but when you crouch and aim CJ still raises 2 hands like he has dual wield. Well... let's get going.


1. Open data/weapon in your San Andreas directory.2. Find 4 rows which start with $ PISTOL and choose 3rd one.3. Go to the "colt45pro" in that row and edit it to "colt45".4. Go to the end of that row and edit "3833" to "3033".


Here you go, no more dual wield. wink.gif

Edited by Dutchy3010

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[GTA IV] Higher Resolution Textures, Tutorial: 512x512 to 2048x2048



-First of all, I'm new here (this is my first post blush.gif) so I apologize if this isn't the section where I have to post this.

-And second, sorry for my bad english.


Apps Needed.

-GTA IV ( moto_whistle.gif ).

-SparkIV, OpenIV, etc. Links: SparkIV OpenIV

-G-Texture Link: G-Texture

-DDS compatible image editor (Paint.net, GIMP, etc. ) Links: Search Google



1st. Export the WTD with your favorite app (SparkIV, OpenIV, etc)

2nd. Create (or download or whatever) your desired texture (with the resolution you want) . If you've created the texture with the DDS compatible image editor save it in DDS format, or, if not, open it with the "DDS app" and save it ... in DDS obviously.

3rd. Open the WTD file (1st step) with G-Texture.

4th. Replace the desired DDS with the one you created and Save it.

5th. Execute the app you used in the 1st step (SparkIV, OpenIV, etc).

6th. Find the original WTD and replace it with the one you modified with G-Texture (remember to rebuild).



-2nd step: Remember to select the desired compression format (DXT1, DXT5, etc)

-4th step: The DDS you've created have to have the same name that the one you want to replace. Ex: schafter_interior.dds (original) replaced with schafter_interior.dds (yours).

-All steps: Make backups of the original files before mod anything.


And that's it. Enjoy.



Edited by Dutchy3010

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Camhack for Windows Vista, [Misc | SA] Tutorial



user posted image



This tutorial will guide you thru some easy steps on how to get Camhack working if you're on Windows Vista. It will work for both San Andreas Camhack v1.1 and 1.2.


NOTICE: You'll need to be a Administrator [or have an Admin's password] in order for it to work.


Step 1: Download either Camhack v1.1 from HERE or Camhack v1.2 from HERE


The reason Camhack won't run on Windows Vista is because it's missing a file called "dx8vb.dll"... In order for Camhack to work on Vista, you'll need to download that file and import it into C:\Windows\System32. Which I'll explain how to do in the next few steps.


Step 2: Download file dx8vb.dll from HERE and save it under C:\Windows\System32.


**If you've successfully saved it under C:\Windows\System32, proceed to Step 3. If you got an error, read Step 2a.


Step 2a: Most likely the error you've got is "You don't have permission to save in this location. Would you like to save in the user folder instead?" Click Yes. Once it saves, all you have to do is go to the location you saved it in, right-click on it and copy it. Now, go back to C:\Windows\System32 and Paste it [it should let you paste it without problems]. Yeah, it's as easy as that.


Step 3: Open up Start menu and in the search box, type "CMD". Right-click on it and click on Run as Administrator. You should now get something pop up on the screen like so:



user posted image


If it's not at that screen and says "C:\Users\user" instead, make sure to type "CD C:\Windows\System32" first and then proceed to Step 4..


Step 4: In the black box, type the following "regsvr32 dx8vb.dll" and press Enter (Return key). A pop-up will now show "DllRegister Server in dx8vb.dll succeeded" Click OK.


Congratulations! You have now got Camhack working on Windows Vista. Hope this helped many of you. If you have any questions/comments, feel free to reply to the topic.

Edited by Dutchy3010

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How to TOTALLY remove sound bugs


This is the most effective way but it needs some effort:

Install the sounds and rename the GENRL to GENL_modded. Then recover original GENRL and open game to see it works. Now open your PC using a different OS, delete the original GENRL and rename GENRL_modded to GENRL. You will see some soud bugs with the OS that edited GENRL but not with th other. Doing this ALL sound bugs disapear.


I discovered it because i have win XP x32 and Vista Ultimate x64 in the same pc in two HDDs. So i installed sounds (when i was making barrett m82 mod, to test if sound worked) while i was using vista and i found a terrible bug (sound was muted for sniper). So i was going to reinstall the sound but it was very late and i turned off the pc. The next day i started with XP and first i went to play partyserver. Misteriously sniper sound worked perfect and other sounds too. So, thinking, i discovered how i did it.

Then i used a third OS (pilitos) to install sound and fix in bothh Os (vista and XP)

Edited by Dutchy3010

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