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I bought this game like 5 months ago, it was working perfect for like 2 months and then whenever i started it up, my mouse wouldnt work. I can skip videos at the intro, but in the menus my mouse doesnt work, when the game start, i cant look around, fight and not even choose options in the menu, and i already tried 3 different mice and reinstalled the game many times and it still wont work. its practically impossible to play VC without a mouse and i would appreciate any help.


i have a 3ghz P4 800Mhz FSB

ati radeon 9800pro 128mb

1028 ram

Win XP

DirectX9 blink.gif

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1. Learn some patience.


2. Try deleting gta_vc.set (My Documents\GTA Vice City User Files). This will reset all of your options to the factory defaults. Uninstall/reinstall won't do this for you.



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Cartoon Corpse

does your mouse work normally outside of game? have you run through your mouse setup screens, to make sure buttons are set to normal functions? did you select classic or standard controls? what other controllers do you have hooked up? dunno, try searching, i believe there was a thread about this earlier, not sure what the resolution of the problem was.



lol. - i remember i said something 'funny' in it though....something about sprinkling cheese on your mousepad or something like that.

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I did it, still doesnt work, and yes my mouse works in everything else but Vice City. It worked perfectely before, but stopped working all of a sudden and for good.

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Cartoon Corpse

have you run spybot and adaware and a thorough virus scan. i hear there are some viruses out there that can remap any key and only in some apps. i had one once that caused IE (only) to popup it's menus and stuff whenever i typed alpha characters...each character would 'pop up' something...then it would stop, then it would start again...anyway check for that kind of stuff.

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i also get this problem or a similar one

it only happens some times

if mouse does not work in menu it may (mostly doesnt) still in the game (get through menu with arrow keys)

i also get the occational dies to totaly black screen while loading



laptop (alienware area51m[no need to bash alienware please])

wireless targus mouse

p4 3ghz

ati 9600 128mb

winXP (pro)

512 mb ram

directX 9


runs fine of my desktop which has less specs and the same save files


i run adaware, spybot, and avg at least once a week

Edited by random_name
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Does your mouse work in other DirectX games? Most games these days are powered by DirectX, so that will help narrow the search.


If the mouse doesn't work in any of them, reinstall DirectX.


That is all.

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I play NFS underground with no problem, vice city is the only game my mouse doesnt work in

i tried many things even reseting the settings

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I have the same problem!!! angry.gif , GTA was working fine then next time it wasn't. The mouse moves in the menu (can't select) and does nothing in the game.


Ironically GTAIII still works fine.


I have deleted the set file, reinstalled VC but all to no avail.


I will be contacting Take2 tomorrow, if i get any news I'll post it.



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  • 3 weeks later...

LMAO lol.gif


Sorry, but I find it funny that all your mouses dont work GTAVC all at the same time when they did b4.. lmao biggrin.gif


Damn.. so whats the problem? WTF does it do that?

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change executables compatibility mode to win 98/win Me. it worked for me.

hey meix, thanks for that tip, the whole thing works perfectly for me, i recommend this to anyone and everyone w/ these types of mouse problems colgate.gif

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