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Hidden Packages.


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So I'm finally searching for the hidden packages with the help of this guide I printed from Gamespot, and I have a problem.

I have like 96 packges, and I can't find the last couple, even with the guide. Heres the one I'm stuck on:


12. Go to the lawyers office. It's northwest from your hotel, and across the street from a place that you can buy as a save point. Go up the stairs to the icon for the save point place, and then go around back to the left hand side.


The problem is, I don't know where the lawyers office is. Can anyone help me out? This is on Washington Beach btw. I have no idea what building this lawyers office is, or what it looks like.

Help sad.gif

EDIT- I found it

Edited by /yourself
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Using the 'hidden packages & rampage lights' mod is great for this.

Just don't ask me where to get it, there use to be a link somewhere in the forums.

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I play on ps2, so no.

I still have 3 left, and I don't know which ones they are  sad.gif

See this is why you need to tell us these things....and learn to read this topic before you ask.


Best I can do then is say follow this guide. Might be the best one, but it does have a step-by-step walkthru for each package and pretty pictures incase you get lost in the translation.

Edited by wolf68k
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The lawyer's office is Ken Rosenburg's office, where you first gain control of your character. Across the street, there's a building you can buy, and in the back of that building, your hidden package.
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So I have 97 packages, and I don't know which ones are left sad.gif

So I'm gonna have to go down the list, go to every location suicidal.gif

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This is why you should ignore all packages until you are ready to start collecting. Saves lots of time. I did this and got all of them in maybe less than a day and a half.

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