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Help! Criminal Rating glitch...


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Hey all,


Been searching around online for help on this, and found absolutely nothing - which isn't surprising, seeing as I'm pretty sure I already knew about all the VC issues/bugs/cheats/secrets and so on before this came up. Not knowing where else to turn, here I am...


I'm on the PS2, by the way, and there does seem to be a certain PC supremacy on this board, but...


So, specifics aside (I'll provide those later if anyone wants to know), I've developed a bug where my Criminal Rating decreases in relation to my activities - e.g.: kills, cars exploded and so on, where instead of awarding points to my criminal rating as per usual, criminal activities actually penalize me for some reason. I've now lost over 6000 points on my criminal rating.


W... T... F...


I only noticed recently, but I'm reasonably certain my rating had steadily improved until just a couple days ago. Specifics reserved for later, what I will say is that I'm 100%, Capo, Stuff Of Legends, my cash is maxed out, and I have NEVER used any cheats during any stage of my progress in this game. So, I repeat: W... T... F...????




Thanks for reading, and in advance for any assistance!

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I'm on PS2 as well and have never experienced unknown drops in CR-- there are a few things that can cause it to drop.


Through trial and error I have determined the following 5 stats contribute to your criminal rating.


They are:


People wasted-- 1 pt each (these points are only credited to your CR after you save or clear your stars in a pay-n-spray)-- there is no way this stat can drop so this cannot cause your CR to drop- if you die or get busted prior to saving or clearing your stars these points may never be credited to your cr.


Criminals killed on vigilante-- these are all criminals killed on vigilante (whether you kill them or they die on their own)-- these are credited immediately upon their death--this stat cannot drop so it cannot cause your CR to drop.


Planes and Helicopters destroyed-- 30 pts each-- can't take away from this stat either.


Accuracy-- you receive 5 pts for every 1% of accuracy--if you did raise your accuracy (via the hunter/sea sparrow shots fired glitch) and then it dropped--this can lower your CR--to lose 6000 pts you would have to drop your accuracy by 1200%.


Money-- 1 pt for every $5000-- if you have spent a bunch of money this can drop your CR... to lose 6,000 pts you would have to have spent $30,000,000--kind of hard to spend that much.


Getting killed or busted (-3 pts)


Using cheats-- not all cheats cause your CR to drop but alot of them will drop it by 999 each--- this is the most likely cause of a CR drop of that much-- does anyon else have access to your game--maybe they are playing a joke on you??


Just playing should not cause it to drop by a significant amount


If you alternate saves (between files)--- try checking your stats in a couple of them and see if any of the above have changed-- and if your CR dropped...if so, maybe you got a new bug????


If you want to try and troubleshoot this more--- write down all your stats (I listed above) along with your CR, play a while, and write them down again and post them so I can see whats going on.






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Hey, thanks for the reply, and quick too!


I can say, with reasonable certainty, that I've checked most of the possibilities you listed, and none of them seem to apply here.


Here's the deal: having been at 99% for a while, I finally decided, last weekend, to do the Firefighter missions and then go on another good Hunter Vigilante frenzy and max out my cash and get as much CR as I could before the $$$ got topped off. I made it to 501 levels of Vigilante, at which point my CR was around 266,000: Capo. I quit and saved. By that point, I had around 1700% accuracy, as well.


So, I decided to have some fun with my 100% bonuses by going on a few cop-capping, pedestrian-crushing rampages on my front lawn and around town with the sniper rifle and in the Rhino. I did this for a few hours, saving alternately between game files, but not really checking my stats; I figured I had a long way to go before I hit Godfather, so I wasn't going to hang on every small step along the way. Then I put it to sleep. Next day, I picked it up again, and it seemed like I now had 260,000 CR plus change. Odd, I thought, but maybe I remembered it wrong or something, so I continued on as though nothing. Some time later, and I would have sworn my change had been dipped into, and so I started conducting tests. I shot a guy. Boom! Minus 1Pt. Another guy - minus two points! Destroyed a Sea Skimmer, minus 28 Points. Right about then, I started thinking something was a little fishy. So I loaded each of my save files one at a time, and tried them all out, and got the same result on all of them. Crap!


So, not only were a lot of these points deducted instantly, but the number of points subtracted appeared to be random to a degree, within a certain tolerance. So, one guy or one car could give me two points off, one chopper 33 points and so on. I can't make any more cash, nor have I spent any, and my accuracy doesn't change when I conduct my tests, as I always try for one-shot kills.


And I'm alone in the house, so nobody's playing this unheard-of joke on me.



I'm at a bit of a loss. I've tried to see whether there's someone at Rockstar I could contact for info, but I don't know where to go even just for relevant contact info.


On the same Mem card, though, I have a relatively new save file where my CR acts as it should, so it's definitely something about this particular game save. Something happened between my Vigilante marathon and my murderous rampage, but I have no clue as to what.



I'm gonna test this stuff again tonight, time permitting, when I get home, and write down the results. I'll try all the methods for increasing CR 10 times each and note the results. See what gives.

Edited by BirdieNumNum
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The Playstation 2 tends to do strange things, for example; in my GTA:III game I can't load any Purple Nines in the Wichita Gardens area, thus I cannot complete the drive-by mission in that area. I've started new games, and tried just about everything to fix the problem, I haven't searched for an answer on the Internet as I don't see it as being that big of a problem, I just play for the enjoyment. I only noticed because I initially played and accidentally saved the game after I'd entered the psychotic citizens cheat which resides in the saved game file, although I had previously beaten the same drive-by mission in that area, upon starting a new game and reaching that area I couldn't find one Purple Nine gang member, however I did notice one in a strange location. I completed the Shoreside Vale car warehouse and I took out a cheetah, walked outside awaiting the spawning of my vehicle, turned around and to my surprise a Purple Nine gang member had magically spawned inside the garage alongside my cheetah. It's probably just an anomaly in the code, glitches are to be expected. Just don't get caught up on your Criminal Rating, the whole point of video games is to escape reality, not get caught up in a world between this one and fiction.




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I hate to post off topic, but I just have to say that BirdieNumNum has GOT to be the coolest username I've ever seen! smile.gif

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Hey again,


Thanks all for the replies - and compliment...


The Purple Nines glitch is pretty well-known and documented, and I've heard it can seriously mess up a good game for people who do get hung up on these things. I've never had that one myself, though I have experienced a number on non-registering Unique Jumps in GTA3 which forced me to restart twice.


Still, I can't say I'm exactly hung up on this. I could quit now and still have a savegame file which boasts some pretty nice stats, and, aside from trying to hit "tilt" in as many of those stats as I can, there's not even really all that much point loading this game anymore. Well, that is unless I want to use it just for the fun of doing what most people seem to believe these games are all about anyway: random mayhem. It's what most of us spent our first GTA days doing anyway. Hey, it's like diapers! Start there, end there...


But, the point really is that it's interesting and important to report bugs, I suppose. I did conduct some tests yesterday, and I'll post the results sometime later, when I get a break; I'm at work now and I can't stay on too long. The tests were interesting, though.

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That really is an oddball glitch???


I've heard of this fixing other glitches (missing/uncredited jumps) so hell, its worth a try and only takes a few minutes.


Remove your memory card, power off the console and turn back on and let vice city load and start a new game-- click through the cutscenes until the game starts...pause...insert your memory card and load a saved game-- now try it out... since your CR (at least at one point) was rising maybe starting it over will reset it---


I did notice on PS2 that some things carry over from reloads that shouldn't (skid marks for one)--- I also noticed that if I restart a game with a game loaded that my vigilante in my stats will say I've already completed level 12 (although I won't have my extra armor)--if I restart it without a card installed, it doesn't.


If you do post some stats, along with your accuracy post your shots fired and shots that hit.



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Well, here's one possible explanation that I'd had in mind since the start, but didn't mention because it's just too surreal: when I noticed this glitch, I had only just loaded up VC, having quit my game of GTA3 mere seconds earlier. In GTA3, that day, I'd decided for the first time ever to play a fifteen minute game - just for fun - with cheats, as I'd never tried them out and I thought they'd be good for a laugh. I set Peds Riot, Peds Have Guns, Low Gravity, Better Handling and so on, played for fifteen, got bored of it, didn't save, and then ejected the GTA3 disc, inserted VC, and hit reset.


Bam! My CR took a plunge. Now, it's really a long shot, but this sequence of events was the first thing that came to mind when I noticed my bug, and I seem to be coming back to it now. I mean, this very same save file, when I'd just started it fresh some months ago, listed my Vigilante stat at level 27, which was my level from my previous save; one that I'd accidentally overwritten. I hadn't done any R3 missions yet, just as you've described, as it's also happened to you. Who knows? Maybe there's some identical code from both games which signals the presence of an active cheat, and it didn't get flushed from RAM when I hit Reset.


In any case, here are my observations from last night:


Killing peds with the Python subtracted either one or two points, instantly, off my CR. In cycles. So, the first ped was -2, the second, third and fourth were -1, the fifth was -2, six, seven and eight were -1, and so on...


Peds killed with the Katana, Rocket Launcher or Sniper Rifle, or by auto collision also discredited me, but only once I'd saved my game file. The exact numbers of points off I couldn't say, but certainly no more that 2 per.


I didn't try every weapon, though, just the Python, Katana, Rocket Launcher and Sniper...


Cars destroyed did nothing.


I lost, as expected, 1 point for every 10,000$ I spent.


Happily, it has now decided to begin crediting me, in the positive, for Choppers and Skimmers destroyed. I got 30 points each for 19 of the air vehicles out of the 20 I destroyed, the last one of which gave me 31 points for some reason. The banner-trailing Dodo gave me bupkus, though. Twice.


I also nabbed the Hunter and did some Vigilante. My first level instantly sucked 21 points off my CR. Level two credited me with +2 points. From then on, the points progression was fairly linear, though deviation became more extreme as I advanced; so subsequent levels credited me with +3, +4, +6, +6, +7, +8, +10, +12, +4, +14, +9, +21... At that point, I had managed to get a good spawn going, between the runway marker and radar tower, and so I decided to take advantage of it by going nuts on Vigilante again. I made it to about level 130 before I had to go to bed (It's actually on Pause, waiting for me to get home, heh heh...), by which point I'd gone from 260,422 CR to 261,737 CR.


Hmm... So it is still possible to get my CR to go up. I'm happy the game seems to have decided that Choppers and Skimmers now act in my favor again. Still, it'd be nice to take a leisurely drive down the sidewalk at high speed in a Linerunner knowing the game will still respect me for it.


I'll try your trick later, when I've finished Vigilante. I'll also post my accuracy stats tomorrow along with any results I may see tonight.














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I suppose its possible the cheats carried over somehow. Looks like at least the early levels of vigilante were crediting you somewhat close to what they were supposed to-- after level 12 you should get 12 pts per level.


If you want to check if you get the correct points for the kills-- for a good spawning point taken to several hundred levels you should get about 8.5 kills per level (on average)-- so take what ever is on your kills in the corner of the screen-- divide by 12 and multiply by 8.5--- (or just use 2/3)-- this should give you a rough estimate of your kills--so when you end it and save--your CR should rise by that amount.


I have no idea if that restart thing will do anything-- good luck-- let us (me) know if it resolves anything-- do you have any saves that are not corrupted--if you do, I wouldn't "reload" them--I would load them the way I described earlier if you want to check them for the bug.



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Well, I tried that trick a couple times, and it didn't do anything for me. I also, unfortunately, no longer have an un-corrupted save file, as I'd updated all my saves before I noticed the glitch. Ah, well...


I have no idea why the choppers and skimmers have started going my way again, but I suppose it's something positive, at least. I'll keep playing this save for a while and see if it doesn't sort itself out.


It's long saved now, so I can't do the math on my CR following my Vigilante marathon, either. It has gone up, overall, though, so I'm relatively satisfied with my progress.


I do have an X-Port, which I haven't used in a while, but which might be useful here. If there's some way I could put up my gamesave - FTP or whatnot, then any interested parties could fool around with it and see what they find. Not that I expect to get it back problem-free, if at all, but this actually seems to be a legitimate new glitch that someone might want to have a "fiddle about inside", so why not?


Just a thought.





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  • 1 year later...

If You Cheat Your Criminal Rating Will Plummet

I Was At 8000 And Mine Dropped Down To

-8000 after i finished with the unique jumps&

hidden packages&rampages

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