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Faster Money for last...


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When on the last mission for the movie studio, when you are at the spotlight, throw a remote grenade(close to the circle), and then go into the pink circle.

When the cinematic shows that the asset has been completed, activate the grenade. You will be killed, but the money still shows, so you can still get 7000 dollars. But the mission circle there will still show and you have to do the mission over again. But when you complete the mission, it will say the asset is completed and the money there will generate twice as fast. This cheat isnt 100% accurate, it just happened to me. If you wanna try, do this process over and over and probably when you have done this glkitch enough, every time you go into the money icon, 7000 bucks will generate ever second. remember, this gli tchs is not 100% accurate.

Edited by Jonny Tightlips

...besides that I ain't sayin nuthin.

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This is not a glitch! This is very real! EXCELLENT FIND!!!


Here's how it works. The code goes through the asset complete routine before going through the job complete routine. So the money pickup is created and it wouldn't surprise me if everything stat-wise in terms of satisfying the asset is concerned, but the missions is never passed so the flag that gets set that snuffs out the sniff thread is never tripped, so the mission is availalble again! So by time you do it the 2nd time, a 2nd icon is created. So it's not that the money counts twice as fast, but rather there are 2 icons counting up. I did it a third time and sure enough a 3rd icon was created as seen in the pics. I imagine there would be a point where the game would crash, but I have no idea how many icons it would take for that to happen. Once you pick up the icons, they'll all begin counting at the same time, so future visits will show just one number. But depending on how many icons are present, you'll actually receive double, triple, etc the money. The funny thing is that since the SUXX texture is partially see through, it actually becomes brighter the more times you pass it lol.gif Keep in mind that you need to try to blow yourself up once you see the icon has been created. And since you're invincible while frozen by the code, you WILL need to detonate, toss another, and detonate again. Rapid repeating the fire button should do fine.


completed twice] copleted thrice
user posted image user posted image
For those of you who would like to test this theory out for yourself, I can save you some time. Open up a new text file and copy and past the following into it
[Locks]No=23[0]x=559.135437011719y=212.518173217773z=15.4930486679077desc=bombs[1]x=-64.3785781860352y=933.512756347656z=11.9400663375854desc=studio[2]x=-487.589050292969y=839.541687011719z=12.0433368682861desc=G Spotlight prelim1[3]x=-565.755004882813y=782.191772460938z=23.3975219726563desc=G Spotlight prelim2[4]x=-534.186706542969y=775.523742675781z=98.0308456420898desc=G Spotlight prelim3[5]x=-526.4267578125y=885.859741210938z=68.9516830444336desc=G Spotlight 1[6]x=-548.373718261719y=1079.4990234375z=53.1306533813477desc=G Spotlight 2[7]x=-644.45654296875y=1130.96606445313z=33.5415306091309desc=G Spotlight 3[8]x=-699.524841308594y=1134.97924804688z=33.6053123474121desc=G Spotlight 4[9]x=-794.256469726563y=1142.04113769531z=25.8746814727783desc=G Spotlight 5[10]x=-838.760864257813y=1189.87365722656z=17.6231708526611desc=G Spotlight 6[11]x=-793.951293945313y=1298.97265625z=28.5640087127686desc=G Spotlight 7[12]x=-710.401428222656y=1302.60852050781z=21.6873302459717desc=G Spotlight 8[13]x=-679.735717773438y=1341.72229003906z=23.1140193939209desc=G Spotlight 9[14]x=-576.058166503906y=1365.03308105469z=16.943431854248desc=G Spotlight 10[15]x=-482.600830078125y=1356.314453125z=25.8341903686523desc=G Spotlight 11[16]x=-411.516906738281y=1364.5185546875z=31.3673515319824desc=G Spotlight 12[17]x=-354.917083740234y=1385.61547851563z=27.9291381835938desc=G Spotlight 13[18]x=-282.722076416016y=1397.53723144531z=27.651683807373desc=G Spotlight 14[19]x=-279.722259521484y=1333.26245117188z=27.7686309814453desc=G Spotlight 15[20]x=-277.372192382813y=1276.44201660156z=28.4769630432129desc=G Spotlight 16[21]x=-277.050048828125y=1214.0888671875z=42.2686500549316desc=G Spotlight 17[22]x=-334.382934570313y=1056.02490234375z=38.9682312011719desc=G Spotlight 18

Make sure you include the line break at the end. This was constructed using the RADAR feature of Delfi's latest tool. Also, I believe the file is ultimate trainer compliant as well. Just make sure you save the text file with a G3L file extension. It is warp points to where the remote bombs can be found, where you take the mission, the 3 points leading up to the actual checkpoint run and then all the checkpoints themselves. If you find out how many times you can do this before crashing the game, let us know.


I'm off to see which other assets can be abused this way wink.gif I'm guessing Pole Position and Sunshine Autos can NOT be because you don't complete them while on a mission. I will of course report back what I find.


[EDIT] Neither the Malibu nor the Print Works works. All the others don't pay enough to be worth it. So I would just do the Film Studio first and then just do it a bunch of times. The best part about this is that if you don't use the trainers, this trick works without cheating colgate.gif


Great find, Jonny_Tightlips!

Edited by Demarest
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Thank you Demarest, and may everybody be helped by this cheat. rahkstar.giflol.gif

...besides that I ain't sayin nuthin.

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Sounds more like a glitch then a cheat--I'll have to try it on PS2-- good find though rah.gif


"I want to design a video game where you take care of all the people shot in all the

other video games.... It's called Busy Hospital II" -- Demetri Martin


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This is great new find...I'm going to go try it out now...awesome find Jonny_Tightlips

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  • 6 months later...

Dem wins the 'way too much time on his hands' award. lol.gif

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w00t, just tried it out. Thats a bloody good find mate. Well done! smile.gif

Thanks Man! I enjoyed telling people about it 7 months ago! biggrin.gif

...besides that I ain't sayin nuthin.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I just tried this today, and it's absolutely aMAZING. But I had to take care... my game is prone to sporadic crashing, so I needed to save repeatedly just to try it 5 times (I just picked 5 as a good number... I don't know.) It's cool to get an asset that generates that much money.


As a beloved, but dead, haitian once said, "My money!"

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