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Favourite Gta Vice City Car


Recommended Posts

I like the comet and PCJ for land, and the Hunter for taking to the skies (not for the weapons, but for the big rotars to cut up peds).


The VCN Maverick is fun too, for weaving through the city

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The Sandking is the best. Big beefy style ride. Fast and dangerous.

Hotring Racer is alright but I only like it because of the speed. The design is ugly.

Meh. I'm more of a biker...

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Whoops, forgot about the bloodring racer.........i also like the bloodring banger, thats quite funny to cruise around in! biggrin.gif
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.:da gangsta:.

my favourite vehicles are (in no particular order)


- Sea Sparrow

- Cheetah

- Comet

- Hotring Racer

- Caddy (they are good fun you know... biggrin.gif )

- All motorbikes (except the Faggio and Pizza Boy which are scooters. PCJ 600 is the BEST! devil.gif )

- Infurnus


Boats are bad in VC, they are better in GTA 3.

I have not got the Hunter yet, but i will have it soon! devil.gif


I like lots of vehicles!!!! biggrin.gif

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i like

the sabre turbo(drifting at the afb)

the comet the cheetah for out running cops

pcj 600 for everything else


all black and i made a black tux skin for driving them all

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make sure to try the blista (little honda civic like car). it's one of the best handling little cars i think, though a little fragile, in the game. not alot of them around usually. i loke to sling that car around some for some reason these days.

yeah it is very agile take the comet the blista compact the cheeta and the stinger to the afb and try sliding them in the turns without using the hand brake

i have 2 of each of those cars stored at the showroom and they are all black and on my mp3 station

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My fave vehicles are:

Sand King- fun for off-roading

PCJ- Rip around town and see how long I can last without wiping out

Hotring- fastest vehicle in Vice City

Kaufman Kab wink.gif - fun for stunting off jumps ( I have 100 passengers dropped off so taxies jump).

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I like the:




-Phenox(i think thats how you spell it)


-Cuban Hermes





-blista compact


there may be more sarcasm.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...

[double post/poor edit, still faulty keyboard...under resconstruction!]

Yeah, the Hunter is one of the best, but a bit too large, it's hard to fly in the scale me thinks.


Edited by Slamman
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Truth be told, the Lamborghini Countach is still the slickest car of all time, and the version emulated in VC has only one real fauly...ok, two. It's a mid-engine car and has uplifting doors, so it's too conventional in the game!

The others are fine as well, however, the engine graphics would be better more realistic to each car/cycle.

Firebirds should have been third generation, as well as Cadillacs, which they di for the limo at least (downsized Deville 'Stretch')

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I always drive with the Cheetah inlove.gif And with the PCJ 600 too...Its soo... blush.gifinlove.gif...soo fast and fu-*stops*....OMG!!! *watches 2 Fast 2 Furious 40 times with car wheel throwing up and down*


Lolz, I like Sparrow too and Hunter is cool too happy.gif

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I love the Sabre Turbo, I always use that so by now ive mastered it

oh and the purr the engine makes is so sweet ...

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As of a few days ago, my favourite road vehicle is the Super Angel you can steal from the racers during Alloy Wheels of Steel. I've a save game before that mission and I'm using that bike for the Sunshine Autos Street Races. Believe me, there's not another vehicle in the game with a better combo of speed and handling. It's awesome. If anyone has an old save game from before Alloy wheels of Steel, then drag it up and check it out. I've lowered my Street Race times by so much it's not even funny.




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Well, I have three favorite cars, the Pcj600, Hotring racer, and the Cheetah. I like the Pcj600 because of the ability to stunt with it. I like the Hotring racer, and the Cheetah, because of their speed, and handling. biggrin.gif
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