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Favourite Gta Vice City Car


Recommended Posts

I'm partial to the Infernus too....


But I don't mind cruisin in the Cheetah that much either cool.gif


The PCJ 600 is cool to see how fast and how long I can go without wiping out tounge.gif


But when I'm in the mood for some hardcore cruisin', nothings better than driving full tilt down a long straight stretch of road in a big ol' bus! and just plowing over other cars like nothing! cool.gif

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I believe that this topic has been made before in the General Discussion section. Next time just make sure that the topic hasn't already been made before you make it smile.gif . It was a while back though so I guess this is okay.


Anyways, my favorite car in Vice City is the Cheetah. The PCJ600 is awesome also. I have about 10 cheetahs in my garages because it is practically the only car the I ride in, other than the PCJ600. The apache is cool too, and I like flying around in that and blowing things up.

Edited by SBizz6
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Let's keep it on topic. Modding question belong in the modding forums.


My favorite vehicles are

Police Maverick



Vice Cheetah

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My favourite car is the boxville because I just love cruising around at three miles per hour! Yea! Na not really I like the Stinger as the best car, they look brilliant but if I was to select any vehicle in the game I would choose the PCJ 600! I love stunts in that thing. The taxi is not bad neither, sly.gif

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I love tonnes and tonnes of cars (i.e. vehicles) in the game. Ranked top at the top:


Police Cheetah


PCJ 600

Sparrow/Sea Sparrow


Hunter (I haven't got the Hunter but it sounds like I like it)



Cuban Hermes


Gang Burrito



Coach (I make it a Party Bus)


Sabre Turbo/Sabre


I could go on until tomorrow but I wont. I love basically any particularly fast vehicle in the game.




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Vice Cheetah

That's pretty much the only line up I tend to use when available too Dem wink.gif


Although i am partial to a little Squad car action now and again!!

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Cartoon Corpse

when i played obsessively i liked the infernus (saved yellow ones everywhere...also liked brite red one). later i learned to even like the crappy cars (just the variety) of driving them around, learning to evade and such.

i like mavs (heli), rhino. jumping cabs,


caddys (golf cart) are impossible to turn over (though not indestructable)...i currently like to evade wanted stars in this (use brakes, trees, bldgs, traffic to rid yourself of cops)


the large trucks are fun from time to time. oh try setting up the packer on ramps for jumps (extra steep)...fun stuff. (my game remembers my current car plus the last one i had)

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My favourite vehicles are:


Sea Sparrow

FBI Rancher


PCJ 600


When it comes to cars though - Cheetah's and FBI Ranchers. I should know about Ranchers because all my garages are filled with 'em! ph34r.gif

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Nice, a topic I just cannot skip smile.gif


My favorite car is the Patriot, either default or modified, for everyday use, and the Zebra Taxi for Mission driving. Has been such since my days on the PS2 many years ago biggrin.gif

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Well my new favourite car is the Black Sentinal or a Black Comet. I've got 4 Black Sentinals and a few Comets here and there. If anyone wants to know how I got them - i used the black traffic cheat, saved me black car and loaded as soon as the screen came back up. Shifty41s_beerhatsmilie.gif lil help..

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Hotring Racer and the Comet. Usually end up in a Cheetah or Infernus, tho.


Fave chopper is the Sea Sparrow.

Edited by tommyalma
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Cartoon Corpse

make sure to try the blista (little honda civic like car). it's one of the best handling little cars i think, though a little fragile, in the game. not alot of them around usually. i loke to sling that car around some for some reason these days.

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Yeah the blista is a great car and it can take a bit of damage aswell, The tiger cab is great for missions just not that classy when you are in your new suit and hanging round the strip club!!


I also like the strech believe it or not but only for going round collecting cash.


The comet is my favorite fun car, handles the best ive fo0und on PS2


Best chopper for me is the news chopper


And the best bike of course is the PCJ!



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Another cool car is the Hotring racer! Did you kno at curtain times you can get the Hotring racer parked beside the stadium?.

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I like the Honda CRX (bilista) and the DeLorean (DeLuxo)...good handling.

When I need speed, I grab a Testarossa...Great car.

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