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graphic glitching


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Plz, help

i have P4 1.8 512Mb ram and radeon 9600 pro (cat 4.2)

when i start the game everything looks fine but then in the head of the character comes strange lines and when i drive to beach where the hotel is. hotel walls are plain, when i wait a sec then textures loads up.


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you have latest drivers, directx, etc? your machine is comparable to mine. i run everything maxed in options (p4 1.4G, 9700pro, 1G rdram). i'd think you should be fine. do you run game by itself or with lots of other programs running? what are your game options (eg draw distance, frame limiter,etc)?

you trying diff stuff with that? mine is gorgeous.

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This happened to me several times with my GeForce4 Ti4600. So you have the latest Catalyst 4.2 drivers, and a good video card that runs smooth right? Well, I think the most common problem is the frame limiter that has been disabled. That's all I can say. Nevertheless, that's a good video card you have there. smile.gif

A Radeon 9600 Pro should run smooth as silk. Once again, go to options, display options, and select frame limiter on. This is one of your best friends since it helps a lot for loading textures.

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I'm having the similar problem and my system is 2.4Ghz, 512mb ram, 9700 radeon. Here is the screen shot in front of the Malibu club but walls are missing, it takes a while to load up the texture. http://members.cox.net/playsite/malibuclub.jpg.

That picture you posted is because you got into the Malibu other than walking through the entrance. You bypassed where the interiors are supposed to switch.

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Have you guys tried the 1.1 patch? Did you tweak your video card at all? Try uninstalling the game, restart pc, then reinstall it. And if you got any mods installed for the game try removing them.

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I have the 1.1 patch installed. What kind of tweaking are you talking about? I haven't tried uninstall/reinstall either. Maybe I should do that. Will my saved games be OK after uninstalling and reinstallation? I don't use any mod so that's not the problem.

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Yes, your save game will remain intact. If you're going to reinstall, be sure to first delete My Documents/GTA Vice City User Files/gta_vc.set. When you reinstall, you will have to set up your options again.

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Switching to Win98 Compatibility mode on XP helps a bunch...also with frame limiter off... usually i get this problem if i move the folder... i have to reset the compatibility option again, it helps a lot.




GeForce Ti4200...

Edited by Stretchnutter
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