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Vice City intro freeze!


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I m having probs with vice city.


I have just recently updated my graphic card to a GeForce 2 (NVIDIA MX400) but i can not get past the intro screen with out it freezing.


I have checked all the specs of the game and my pc and they all match.


Please can anyone help?




Kevin alien.gif

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i had that at first. is this your first try at vc? i had to download latest gcard drivers, directx...then run avast virus checker (rockstar support said i had virus when i sent my dxdiag, msconfig specs. i did that removed the x (can't remember how many) unscannable files. everything was fine.


if you changed gcards you have to reinstall vice city.

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I have downloaded up to date drivers (dec 03) and i am running direct x 9.1b.

What else can i do?


Why is this game so had to even start up...i have loads of other games that work fine!!


Is there a tech help line?

Edited by kevinexeter
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how do you do what? get new drivers? or reinstall vc?


new drivers? go to the website for your vid card mfg. find download drivers section, enter you model, you should get them (i just got new ones for my 9700pro a week or so ago). anyway, use windows to uninstall your vid drivers...then run install (part of your downloaded driver stuff), then reboot when it says, it should pick it up from there.


reinstall vc, well it's the same as install, you should run uninstall first, i guess.



i had several running games too when my vc wasn't working. it's just a vaguery of the individual program i guess.


does yours freeze on the little page that looks like a newspaper cartoon strip after the intro movie? (that's where mine did) just sat there.

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Hi, thanks....ive tried uninstalling gaming and instally game....done it about 3/4 times.

Also every time i try the game and it freezes i delete the settings in my document.


I have been on rockstar website and gone through there tech message board....i have tried everything...dont know whats left?!>

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i used their support folks. you send them a dxdiag and msconfig and they'll make recommends. it got mine going anyway (virus according to them, which i thought absurd...but it worked)

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Screw the usual driver and dxdiag update crap advise. Just disable the intro movies, I did that, and I had the EXACT problem you described. The game runs very well after I disabled them.

Just delete or move the intro movies outta the movies folder.

EDIT: On a funnier note...how is reinstalling the game supposed to help? Magically remove the bug with the same installation? LOL

Edited by jamotide
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Just delete or move the intro movies outta the movies folder.



EDIT: On a funnier note...how is reinstalling the game supposed to help? Magically remove the bug with the same installation? LOL

Doing that makes the game crash. I guess you were lieing when you said you've done it successfully.


To answer your question, he said he installed a new video card. When I went from a GF2 MX400 to a GF4 TI4600, I had freezes. After deleting the SET file, I was back in the chips. When I went from the GF4 to a Radeon 9700, it would always glitch until I reinstalled the game. I even tried killing just the customized textures to no avail. Somehow, the game knows what video card you installed it on. I know because I've actually had to do it.


So since you're posting crap that you haven't done as if you had and acting like a jackass towards those sharing info that actually will help and is based on actual events, maybe it's time to move on or learn to only speak the truth? Okay, that IS a good idea.

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Yes, they both broke their legs.


Removing the intro movies does not crash the game, LIAR. It removes the intro, so it doesn't freeze anymore.I did that in my game. Why do you lie just to accuse me, Demarest.

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