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Car texture loading problem


Recommended Posts

Game is runing on:

P4 2.4ghz

Windows XP

1g RAM

Radeon 9800 128 MB


This game should run well on my system and it does even with all highest performance settings except for one problem. Vehicle textures seem to be taking a while to load. For example: as a Kaufman Cab drives towards me it appears as a yellow box in the vague shape of the car with black windows. The Cab comes awfully close before the finer details(sun reflection, logo, transparent windows) pop up. Details on Cortez's yacht won't even load when standing and looking at it from the pink mission marker outside the gate.


The only solution I've found on these forums pertaining to this problem that I haven't already tried is changing the transfer mode on the hard drive running the game to DMA mode. I haven't even looked to see what transfer mode it's on right now.


This happens on a fresh install. There are no uneeded processes running in the background. I've tried all of the different in game settings and I've screwed around with my video card settings to no avail. I've also already ran my anti-virus/ant-spyware programs.


Is it supposed to do this? Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution?


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Here's some screenshots:



user posted image

It's kind of hard to see it here but notice the look of the cab up ahead.



user posted image

Cortez's yacht and even the boat in front of it look horrible.



user posted image

Shouldn't they have these details at the distance in the pic above?


Oh, and these particular screens are from a game with modded vehicles but believe me when I say that it's just as bad on a clean install.


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Is the frame limiter off? Or on?

If it's off, you will start encountering certain prospects of the glitches, which is kind of annoying. This always happen to me all the time. I think it's my motherboard that has lower memory frequency since mine can only go up to the maximum of 333Mhz. Unfortunately, I can't exceed over 333Mhz because I get problems with the frame limiter disabled. It sucks though.


If you leave it on, the textures will reload to normal, and will not affect the game graphics. Try those and see what you get. Also, try to make sure that you have the latest proper drivers for your Radeon 9800. Oh, you didn't tell me if you have DirectX 9.0b.

Edited by Mass
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Like I said, I've tried all of the different in game settings and I still have the same problem. I have all the latest drivers and am using DirectX 9.

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Those are known as LOw Density (LOD) textures, or mipmapping. It's completely normal. The higher you set your draw distance, the further away such things will occur.

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Again, like I said, I'VE TRIED ALL OF THE DIFFERENT IN-GAME SETTINGS. I thought I made that pretty clear in my first post. Does anyone have any suggestions for solving this problem besides adjusting the in-game display settings? Please do not reply and tell me to change the draw distance or turn the frame limiter off because it simply doesn't help me.

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Again, like I said, THOSE ARE LOD TEXTURES. You're going to get them regardless. There's things you can do to help how far away they do and do not appear. I have an idea that would probably solve your issue, but this is not the modding forum and you're getting a bit lippy unnecessarily. Good luck on your own there.

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There's things you can do to help how far away they do and do not appear. I have an idea that would probably solve your issue...


That's what I am looking for. Some to help me fix this or at least guide me in the right direction.


Sorry if I came off like a dick. I wasn't trying to, I was simply trying to be as blunt as possible. I said twice already in this topic that adjusting the video settings in the game doesn't fix it. Also, I've already read some of your other posts on these forums talking about LOD textures loading but I didn't find any suggestions on how to improve the problem.


If you really do have any suggestions for me that might help(some type of tweaking I can do), please, I'm begging you to post them. I can't enjoy this game on my PC knowing it runs better for me on the PS2.


If you're really not going to help me cryani.gif , could you at least tell me you're not so I can post this in a different section?

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I understand you said it twice. If you'll look to my post, you'll find that I was just telling you ways to HELP it.


Anyways, something's taking precedence there. It wouldn't surprise me if a few of your mods there have 32-bit textures in them. The engine can only handle a handful at a time. I would recommend exporting those car textures, converting them to 8-bit (256 color) and reaimporting them. See if that helps. Make backups in case I'm wrong.

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This is happening on a fresh install. I don't even have any mods on my hard drive right now. Anything else I can try?

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Well, after a complete reformat and reinstallation of Windows I am still having this problem so I have absolutely no idea what is going on. I guess I'm completely screwed.

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it looks normal to me. (i have 1.4G p4, 1G rdram, 9700pro aiw). new drivers (released a couple of weeks ago FYI). run maxed everything in vc. maybe that's as good as it gets. Of course, demarest has posted some superior screenshots to my in game graphic experience, but i think he 'doctors' them a little bit.


oh and it's not a good idea to bite the hand that feeds you...(eg ask for help, then snap at answers you don't find on target). Demarest is about the most helpful dude in these forums.

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