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[WIP|SCR] GTA-New York


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everyones total conversions are on hold till SA. I kno mine is

lol so's mine wink.gif but now i got serious competition ph34r.gif good job so far commando, lookin verrry professional


Remember - Slow and steady wins the race colgate.gif

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After a short conversation with our coder Random we had some very good ideas but some of them with some limitations.Dont know if some of thes ideas are original or not but i never saw them working ingame.


  • Flash grenades-Some limitations we dont know if it will be possible to blind the other peds.
  • Hangar-Store helis in the hangar like you do with the cars, this looks to be possible without limitations
  • Burst fire-Random sayd that he would try to see if can code the effect in some weapons.
  • Tuning shop-Shop to upgrade your car(NO NOS YOU FF F*CKERS)some pieces to upgrade your car.Some limitations like you can just upgrade some cars and the you have some extra pieces limit.
  • Lock pick-We are thinking in let all the cars in the street closed with the alarm on for some cars, you will have to luse the lock pick.No big limitations on this feature.
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The GTA:USA team should or might as well let the LC use some of there mods if any are to do with NY.


All the stuff for GTA: USA would not be able to be used exept as an unofficial mod. The building are obviously not GTA3 ones, and the same for missions and weapons.

Hehe, my bad I meant use some of the buildings from the USA mod for the NY mod, not mods from LC mod.


Some of the USA buildings must fit into the NY mod somewhere.



Tuning shop-Shop to upgrade your car(NO NOS YOU FF F*CKERS)some pieces to upgrade your car.Some limitations like you can just upgrade some cars and the you have some extra pieces limit.

This is GTA right not the NFS type game, its unique but im not sure how things would fit in GTA.


At least you said no NOS. smile.gif

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LMAO GT-1... Oh and btw, yes most of the USA buildings do fit into the NY mod because we were modelling buildings for NYC as one of the first cities. Also, we had a subway that was in the works and a sewer system that was too.


@Commando} Can we have a huge subway system and bring back trains like GTA:USA was so close to doing?


Below you will find some special features me and Random came up with while we were working on the GTA:USA mod. Since the USA mod had a different goal some of the features may not fit into the NYC mod so ill add another part to my post changing it so it will.


Keep in my that some of the do need to be revamped for NYC.


Features marked with *** are still in development as of now.


1. Fly to any City you want...you can buy a plane ticket (if you have enough money) and once the ticket is bought you go to the gate and from there it takes you to the plane..once you are in the plane you are given the choice to either move around through the plane and explore it or you can go directly to the city's airport and you will see the plane landing in the airport...I've talked to Commando a few times about putting airports on the outsikirts of NYC because airports are so much fun.lol.. This feature could also be made for ferrys, trains, buses, and a subway system.


***2. Buy any car you want...we will have a huge car dealership for you to explore and it you will find most of the cars..If you find that your really like the car bike or heli then you can pucrchase it for a certain amount of money...Once you have purchased it then you will be presented with a choice of where you want you car to be delivered..you can pick any one property that you own or can save at and at that property you car wil always be..kind of like how the Infernus was always infront of your mansion in VC...We might not be able to send the car to w/e house you want but we'll try


***3. Buy any skin you want...you go through a shop full of skin pickups..these skins will probably be VC skins, GTA III skins, and of course our new original skins...you can walk though the shop and look at all the skins and if you see one you really like you can urchase it(if you have enough $$$)..Then you will be presented with the choice of where yo uwant the skin to be delivered to..You can pick any of your propertys and once you choose then the skin will always be right in your bedroom of that property or infron of the property..Should work out perfectly. **if you have a skin you want in our mod then please go to the bottom of this post where you'll see "^*^*^*"


4. The lockpick...Lets say that you just love this car thats parked outside of this resteraunt ingame but its locked..well instead of just giving up on the dream of driving that car(or finding another one) you can use a lock pick the car...We will have it so that once you find the lockpick or aquire it though a mission then you can go up tio the car use the lockpick and the car will be unlocked..also you can use it the opposite way to lock your car so that no one can pull you out of your car or steal it while you're out of it... Pretty much finished by Random



***5. {WIP}Drugs available on streets...You will be able to buy drugs from drug dealers across the cities and if you are seen by the Cops making a transaction with the dealers then you will get like 2-3 stars...we might make it so that you are effected by the drugs like that u cant see right but you can run faster or sumthing like that...No clue if ths will work but It is an idea.


Expect many more to come...These are all exclusive to the GTA:USa mod(NOW THE GTA:NY MOD). In the coming months you could possibly find that we are releasing an official VC main.scm full of these features...Im not saying that we will all im saying is that as a team we might decide to do this later on...

**Any of these features are subject to change or release



If you have a skin you would like to have in our mod then please send me the skin via pm and I will send it to commando. *Please don't send us stolen skins*

Edited by Thunda
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I got the burst fire working, but Tommy lowers the gun when not firing if you see what I mean. I don't think I can fix this. Also, the aimer moves to the center of the screen as well.


Also note that for the lockpick to work, there will be no normal parked car generators. They will be created by a thread (mabye each generated from a master thread to bypass limits). This could use a lot of global variables.

Edited by random_download
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I don't think I can fix this

It appears I was wrong. I got the burst fire to work much more smoothly now, and he no longer drops the gun to his side.

Goes to work on flashbangs

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Nice sig hope you can make more.I will put that sig in the forum.

I just can smell summer vacations coming rah.gifrah.gifrah.gif

Edited by commando
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Good job Viper.I have a better pic of the G33, and some pic of the progress in the sidewalks.


Here it is some progress pic and renders.


user posted image


user posted image


An even better pic. biggrin.gif


user posted image


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well some one noticed my topic-the flash grenades-i made a topic on them a while back(not to long ago)but it was kinda dropped i think-you could make alot of the things work for the flash grenade just using the mission script-and you could just use the tear gas for the model cause its perfect (i think) the .scm and the wepons.dat can make almost all of the flash bang work im prety sure because most of its visual and after effect of drunk
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I hosted them they are all in here.Good work on the sigs.


EDIT: Guys the original story was scraped we are working in some storys you have here my story and Viper story please vote on the best one.

Or write your storys to give ideas.Vote in our forum HERE

user posted image



Viper story:


it's the year 2001 in mexico and you are suspected for having done a crime you never did, now you broke out of custody and search for the real killer,after having found out his identity you need weapons,but mexico is full of Policemen searching for you,so you got to US (first mission is to get over the border unseen by some Mexican Military forces which is impossible by car)Now you find yourself in city of NY as you know the real killer booked a holiday in NY after his second big killing ,but that takes some time,so you go there first to lure him into a trap, you try to get a Job at a Black-Operations-Terrorist organisation to get some arms,but to be accepted you have to do some smaller missions for them like assasinations. Than the time is getting closer and a timer is running(scm editing),but to get the support by the organisation for a masacre like seen in the movie "The Cartel" (with Harrison Ford,the one where they sit on rooftops with AK47s and RPGs)you have to do 3 big jobs for them with a Team where you are the leader,but those are no easy missions and are heavily like SWAT-Missions,you enter a Highrise building and have to get to a room with a Suitcase you need ,inside is a Nuke which the Terroristic organisation needs,after having done those missions you get the support if done in time,if not,you have to eliminate the guy himself (but he is heavily armed and hides ,he only gets out sometime,problem is you mostly come to late if you ain't in his direction to pin him off in a sewer or backstreet). After having done ,you find out that the Nuke is use for elimination-plans around the whole globe including the big apple which accepted you so well,but as you can't let those terrorists do that,you no go to the police who tell you that they have a double-crosser which helps you to pin the organisation down,first mission here is to retrieve the nuke. than the missions go on for a favor for the Police-Chief to not get you back to mexico after the mission is over and you now go a civil policeman on the street and have certain missions from arresting someone driving to fast till end a hostage-situation. later the Chief gives you an assault team and a G33 Rifle ,the Team secures the street where the Terrorist-leader parks and you got to snipe him,if you fail,the assault team will get in,but the whole mission fails and you get a whole lot of missions to eliminate the guy ...Forgot to mention why the mission fails : the leader ain't there instead a whole lot of the terrorists who immedeatly attack the Cops and than drive away. now it's finished and we have an open ending,either we follow all games story and let the hero survive or in the last mission you get killed by a friendlyfire shot of a SWAT officer after having succesfully killed the leader in a gangwar never seen before

Edited by commando
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another thing : is ,that we'd need someone to convert us playermodels and PEDs ,some custom ones and some ripped of other games because they fit well into our story(s) and missions


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There is one major problem with flash grenades. At the moment I test to see if the player has thrown the grenade, then wait for 2 seconds or something before launching into all the visuals. If the weapon were given to a cop or any AI actor, I don't know how I would see if they had fired the weapon. I could grab the ped with that model #, but it would create a new one if there were none present at that moment, so it is not really an option. Any help here would be appreciated.

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Our pic host lycos f*cked our account we cant see the pic and if you copy and past for the browser they say that url is invalid.But we can still download all the pic and move them for a new account.


EDIT:Host fixed ufff

Edited by commando
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Looks nice so far whats the polycount?

Now it just needs some more buildings! Thats the main part of the mod you know.

the Polycount for my Mustang is 4173, i was doing the normals last night but theres still a bad bit around the back wheel arch that i cannot see how to fix..... Expect more soon though smile.gif

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For all the team members am full of just having 3,4 persons working in the mod at full time, am going to give member jobs so if you guys dont work or dont follow the rules your are out.

The next members are out of the team.

RDGT and Sixers


The following members need to talk with me about their jobs so get your asses on msn right now or visit the forum.

Some of you are all day long on msn and dont even taklk with me about the mod or visit the forum i can be a slow modeler but atleast i dont want to make a name for me at the cost of the other members hard work.


At the following team members i give them a box of cookie.gif



Silent Viper




[email protected]


The others work and follow the rules or get out of our f*cking project.


Sory guys for the offtopic.


GTA:New York team is now after modelers.Want to join post here PM or email me or go to our forum

Edited by commando
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Got bored always working on the roads layout.Do you guys think 140 polys to high for a lampost, well going to make the damage model and test it later.


user posted image


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personally i think that 140 pollies for a lampost is too high, why not use the GTA3 ones? they are perfectly NY style and the GTA3 traffic lights cos they werent removed from the GTAVC file, so you wouldn't be screwing around with lisences! wow.gif
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140 polys seems very high for just a lamppost, can you imagine driving down the road with hundreds of them the game would lag with the buildings in also.

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