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The thread that started it all


Recommended Posts

<Craig's edit>


This thread shows the genesis of this mod. Everything in the this thread is before we were given our own forum here. It is very interesting on a historical basis, but current questions should be posted in the other threads.




For those that are not aware, the GTA:WO team has finally seen fit to release the GTA:LC files to the public. The official release thread is here. For those that are REALLY not aware, GTA:LC was a project undertaken primarily by PineCreek-Skidz whereby all of Liberty City was taken out of GTA3 and put into VC. Although the files have existed for some time, this is the first time that they have been availalbe to the general public. I for one have many ideas for mods for this and am starting this thread to act as a discussion/release spot for those mods. For the sake of keeping the peace with the community, I have PMed PineCreek-Skidz for permission to use those files for a port of GTA3. Until that permission is granted, consider this thread to be for mods I have made for GTA:LC.

To use any of these mods, you will need the GTA:LC files. The official website is here. You need to go there, go to downloads, agree with their terms, and DL the files. I highly recommend the manual install. From there, you can visit my GTA:LC mods page or this thread for continuous updates.

First release to kick it off is Nomad v1. This is a very simple main.scm that has a modified version of Car Spawn sewn into it. Just stand still and hold Sprint and a Hunter and PCJ600 will span beside you. This is simply meant to allow you to explore to your heart's content and nothing more.

Edited by Craig Kostelecky
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the  LINK for Nomad v1 doesn't works  for the moment...why?

Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I've fixed it. You can just click on the LINK you provided to get it now.

Edited by Demarest
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cool.. i got it now... gonna try all this stuff tonight...


Do you have other scm mods in project ?


I have no particular idea for the moment but may it will come playing in LC... it's been a whyle i havent cruised the LC streets... cool.gif

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good to see the modding community improve this mod

but it seems that they(gtawo team) will take a time to fix the bugs

and also they will still say that they have the copyright (which they dont, if they continue saying that, they will probably hear from R*)


ghost_master2000, is still working with the tool (last time i heard from him)

so Demarest you can contact him about the issues you posted in the other thread (the ones of the islands should load separately)

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Well I'm going to mostly be doing coding. I'm hoping others will be able to mod the other files so that we can all together make this better. In addition to the seperate islands/loading screen issue, the other main issues I'm seeing is water distribution (particularly around edges and areas with major altitude differences in a small area), and many 2D objects such as fences, railings, etc are only visible from one side. I remember reading a thread on that before and the fix isn't that hard, but would be time consuming considering there are many items like that that need fixing. Also, windows need to be made to breakaway. Since VC had glass like that too, it shouldn't be difficult.


Anyways, I have a 2nd release to announce. And this one is a big one. Why do I say so? Because it is beneficial to ANY person/team working with the GTA:LC files. Basically, I have spent about 4 hours breaking apart TXDs, reassemling images, resizing, maksking, testing, repeata and I finally made a map for the pause screen that is accurate to the pixel. Same link as before to take you to the DL page. Here's a screen

user posted image

Edited by Demarest
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bump. Don't know why I didn't notice it before, but my map was colored differently than the radar in the game. Using ViceTXD instead of TXD Tool changed the coloration. The link now leads to the updated file. Here's what it looks like now

user posted image

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Hey demarest awesome job.


I want to help out in any way possible. I have noticed numerous textures that need to be fixed...etc.


Put me to work.


I have archived around 100 mods for GTA III that used to be on my old website and have them on my computer. They include almost all the texture mods ever made for GTA III.


Just letting you know in case you want any of them...


Also, I know where just about any texture is for anything in GTA III...so to avoid looking through a txd viewer, ask me if you need.


Let me help you out....I have all of Saturday free.

Edited by d8cam19
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I appreciate that. I'm sort of waiting for Skidz's permission before actually trying to lead a team. But any way you can contribute would be welcome. Unfortunately, most of the issues that need addressing right now is more advanced things like mapping, paths, etc.

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Here is one of the first things I noticed the other day when playing for the first time:


user posted image


As you may remember from GTA III, all those windows were breakable, yet nothing was inside the building.


This wierd green window color is rare, though, from what I have seen when driving around the entire city.

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Hey Demerast. Are you still working on converting the GTAIII main.scm into Vice? So there will be actual missions? I mean, there has to be some type of mission or something to do in this game.

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I appreciate that. I'm sort of waiting for Skidz's permission before actually trying to lead a team. But any way you can contribute would be welcome. Unfortunately, most of the issues that need addressing right now is more advanced things like mapping, paths, etc.

hey, nice to hear that

have you asked ghost_master2000 about it, he could help

also try to ask the map modders

also hopefully knux can join your team ( if Skidz gives you persmission, which i am sure he will), he seems the only one working on it



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Yes, d8cam19, the windows has been brought up. If you grab Knux's released update here, the windows will at least go away if you smash them. He's working on that.


@scarface: Right now I'm adding this and that for flavor. I'm not going to fully convert the code until I get Skidz's permission, except maybe for my own personal use. But rest assured I'm going to as much with these files as I can smile.gif I'll probably start by adding this and tha.


@Aztlan: I would appreciate Knux's input, but I wouldn't ask him to be on the team since he's already dedicated. I'm not trying to introduce dissension or disrupt the WO team. Any progress/work I do with this will be free for others to use and develop things for this. So chances are I'll be helping out the WO indirectly and if Knux continues to release his improvements, he'll be helping my efforts too. Everybody wins smile.gif

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I noticed if you open up gta3.img with the Vice txd program all the colors are changed and if you replace a txd its all messed up and dosent change in game.

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I noticed if you open up gta3.img with the Vice txd program all the colors are changed and if you replace a txd its all messed up and dosent change in game.

Since most of these files came from GTA3 first, try opening them in TXD Tool for GTA3. If that can't open them properly, THEN use ViceTXD. I learned that the hard way confused.gif

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I tried the TXD tool for gta3, It worked for a couple textures but others it got an error. An error I got alot said "Not enough storage is avalible for this command" and another said "Range check error".

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I tried the TXD tool for gta3, It worked for a couple textures but others it got an error. An error I got alot said "Not enough storage is avalible for this command" and another said "Range check error".

Like I said, most files came from GTA3, so TXD Tool will be able to open them. For ones that TXD Tool can't open, use ViceTXD. Just keep an eye out for discoloration.


@d8cam19: By patch do you mean the release I mentioned that Knux put out? If so, it's official. But it is HIS release. You would need to ask him about hosting it. I think he would like that. He needs to update the file though because it is missing 1 file he meant to put in it.

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You need souls? I have such a great place for you!

Edited by Krutchkov
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Just so everybody knows, Krutchkov is a friend of mine who's going to be helping out any way he can. He's been talking about converting GTA3's GXT table over to VC's for me. So if anybody can help him out by mentioning which entries he should NOT touch (because they have zon names, car names, etc), that would be a big help to him smile.gif


[EDIT] The SCM has been updated to include ALL weapon/health/bribe/armor/adrenaline pickups as well as ALL 100 hidden packages from GTA3. Direct download link here. The only issue is that the grenades/molotovs and flamethrower/minigun/rocketlauncher share a weapon slot. If anybody knows an easy way to fix this, I'm all ears. Thanks.

Edited by Demarest
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nice work rah.gif


i dont think theres a way round the slot prob. with the weapons.. its the same in vice aint it.

and bout the splitting islands.. u could ask jonny52002, he should have knowledge about it. i remember he had to work with it when he made the dragstrip cos he build it overleaping 2 islands.

hope that helps a bit

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Okay, 2nd official release of the main.scm. It's like v1, but it also includes all weapons/health/armor/adrenaline pickups, 100 hidden packages and ALL parked cars from GTA3! Because of different vehicle sets, different gangs, etc, there were some modifications made to the parked cars. Details and DL link are available on my GTA:LC page. Let me know what you think.


After this little blitz fest of mods, I'm going to take a few days off because I'm going to be busy. Just wanted to let everybody know so they don't think I lost my fervor. Duty calls! I'll be spending the days coordinating what looks to be a small team forming as well as small refinements as well as troubleshooting and offering support.


@Blaer: Thanks for the heads up. I didn't think the slots were manageable. VC has less weapon slots. Oh well. I'll contact Johnny. smile.gif


[EDIT] I wanted to mention a couple more observations I've made. For one, Barton reminded me that we will not be able to transplant animated cutscenes at ALL. I'm not sure how I'm going to do that. Probably a frozen screen with text at the very least if not audio as well. We'll see. Also, the engine thinks that water level is about 6-7 instead of the 0 it was in GTA3. This means that the alphas for water splashing and water on the camera lens are going to have to be blacked out to look right.

Edited by Demarest
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yeah vice has less slots but more weapons... they are in groups in vice.. like u cant have all weapons, u gotta choose between rocket launcher or that gatling gun thing lol



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Demarest, I came to your site and i clicked on Nomad v2, but it starts downloading version 1, so update the link, ok? dozingoff.gif

Yeah. I was asleep on that one. Thank you. smile.gif I've fixed it.

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by the way,isn't it possible to open new Weaponslots,as it is possible to have old weapons goin in another weaponslot,so why not renaming the one for molotov and rocketlauncher to a new one ,that should normaly work ...

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I haven't looked into the files enough to know why that happens. I do know that GTA3's train was hard-coded while VC didn't make such provisions. However I also know that RDTG was vehement about a working train and the mod DOES come with an EXE. Mayhaps he made some progress on it...


@Silent Viper: VC has less slots than GTA3 has weapons. So the fact that you can change slots in some instances doesn't help much at all.


I have an announcement to make. Both crazydude and Knux have PMed me expressing their desire to work with me on my GTA:LC project. They have both expressed to me dissatisfaction with the WO progression. While it was never my intention to disrupt any other efforts, I cannot speak for others. Nor can I afford to pass up any help. As you may already realize, Knux has made some terrific efforts in the community. Not only was he the one keeping the peace between WO and the public, but he has made some of the releases and is doing really good work on the paths. Because this project is brand new, I can't say for sure who's doing what, etc. I will say that I am going to see this project through and who knows; maybe we'll be the first ones to actually MAKE SOMETHING out of the LC files smile.gif


Current team: Demarest, Knux, crazydude, and Krutchkov. Also, d8cam19 has expressed the desire to help out wherever possible. While I may be the coordinator of this effort, I would not consider myself the leader. I don't like telling people what to do and with the right team, I wouldn't have to. This is something I would do all by myself if that were realistic and if it could be done in a reasonable amount of time. But it can't. So my idea is to post what I noticed needs work. If somebody gets to it before I can, great. If not, I'll get to it when I can. I'm focusing primarily on the code, but the code will rely on other things being done too.


Current issues: 1) Many parts of the map pop in and out on a regular basis. This is particularly true of SSV. My guess is that it's because the engine has the entire city loaded at all times. If we could divide this up into 3 sections, I believe that a lot of that would be curbed.

2) VC's engine considers water differently than GTA3. As a result, splashes are displayed improperly and water spots appear on the camera at times it shouldn't these alphas will need blacked out.

3) The water isn't entirely accurate. This is especially true in areas near the coasts and where there's sudden altitude drops near a water level like at the dam.

4) Helis need to be able to go higher. I thought I read before that it was an attribute of the hadnling file. I tinkered with it a bit and couldn't seem to change anything.

5) Glass needs to be breakable.

6) MANY items that are 2D are only showing up on one side. I've read this is an easy fix, but will take time just trying to identify which ones need attention. Seems like I'm finding new ones all the time.

7) The GXT needs to be transplanted. Krutchkov has expressed an interest in doing this. If you know of certain entries that need to stay because they are zone names, car names, etc, please let him know.

8) The cast of characters needs to be assembled. As of right now, editing/making VC models is not possible. Therefore, we're going to need somebody to select models from VC that closely match GTA3 characters in build. We're also then going to need somebody to skin them to look as much like their GTA3 counterparts as possible.

9) The cars need to be pooled. I don't know what all cars come with the LC IMG file. But that needs to be taken care of so that we have all of GTA3's cars. Likewise, VC's files are going to need to be edited to neglect those that are not in GTA3.


That should be plenty for now. Anybody that can help is invited to do so. Anybody can think of anything else that needs attention, by all means post it. If you'd like to become part of this effort, just let me know. As the last 48 hours have proven (as well as my heavy eyes right now), I'm very dedicated to this. I have obligations in my life, but apart from that, my efforts will be here. Thanks to all for all your help! colgate.gif

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hey, nice to hear that Demarest

what about the sounds, will those get transer too

i mean the sounds from the sfdx(cant remember the name) file


i can give it a shot


or will be better to leave them alone?

Edited by Aztlan
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