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ok, i kinda got tired of original GTA VC cars. therefore i downloaded Esaclade (nice........). now that i tried 2 install it, the problem occured.

i did install the TXD file in txd.img file. when i tried 2 replace delete landstal.dff from gta3.img (and then add another one, REPLACE doesnt work cuz of different file sizes), it showed me this message:

user posted image

why does it do that? not even one other program/file is running. the computer just has been rebooted. (thats how u change cars in GTA3, so i figured its the same in VC).


thank you

Edited by TWiSB
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what u think i didnt think about that?? (and yes it was read-only. lol)


lol i did it... nothing...


(well that gives me an idea of checking the .dir file too)

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yeah... kinda dumb to turn read-only off on .img file and then not turn it off on .dir file (on which the .img depends)...




thnx opius

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remove read-only from gta3.img and gta3.dir files.


p.s. nice car...

Edited by TWiSB
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1) Posting editing thread outside of editing forums

2) Triple posting

3) Smilie spam

4) Making bad excuses. You are asked to read the rules when you sign up.


At any rate, I can't help with your problem because it has since been solved. Welcome to the forums.

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