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Xbox loading screen freezes


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I got far in the game and when it says ''loading please wait...'' the game freezes. I dont want to start all over again because some levels took days to beat. Anybody know what I should do!!!!!!!

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Didnt you 'Save' the game ?


Ok about the problem, I havent encountered it yet neither on the PC nor the PS2. I dont have the Xbox so thus i cant really comment.


Xbox's starting to give problems eh colgate.gif

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Have you tried both new and loaded games? If it's freezing on the XBox and your new disc didn't fix it, then it's either the laser or your savegame. But those are just thoughts, not certainties.

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Apprantly there are three different DVD Drives thomson, phillips and Samsung. Now the Thomson is the one to avoid and if you have one it may be the culprit of your loading screen freeze. Most Thomson drives are found in the first generation Xbox's.

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A friend of mine got an XBox when it first came out and his drive died in just a few months. He knew his stuff when it came to computers, so he opened it up to replace the drive himself. He didn't realize the connectors were proprietary or that he could've just claimed the warranty... prior to opening the box that is!

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Yeah sadly I have the Thomson drive and the only problems I have experienced are that my Xbox can't read audio CD-R's but it can read CD-RW's fine. Stupid Microsoft mad.gif

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Does XBox play the game from the HD or the DVD? If the DVD, then the drive matters a great deal. This would mean that it's freezing at the exact moment it's trying to read the disc. That means drive or disc...

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I am not sure what you mean as far as HD or DVD. I do not have the DVD adapter for XBOX. VC actually did work for a few weeks, although it froze once in a while. Now, it won't even load. GTA III works fine though...

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I mean that XBox has a HD and a DVDROM. When you go to play the game, does it install it onto the HD or does it play from the DVD? If VC is acting funny, but GTA3 is not, then it is probably your VC DVD and not the drive.

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I would assume that VC is played off the ROM. I guess I am not exactly following what you are saying. Does GTA 3 and VC have different components that would necessitate the games running differently? If this was true, why did the game load and work for almost 2 weeks? Also, if it has something do with the DVD component, why do DVD's still work? My guess is that there are some bugs to work out in the XBOX version of this game still...

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You're not reading what's being written. I've already said that if other discs work, that it's not going to be the drive. Contact R* about getting a replacement VC disc.

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