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PC Vice City randon crashes


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Hi. Im having a very annoying bug while playing the PC version of Vice City.


The game plays perfectly, no performance issues or anything like that, no instalation problems, it just plays great. But sometimes, for no aparent reason, I hear a "beep" and then the game crashes and Im usualy throw back to Windows with no explanations (sometimes the computer crashes and I have to reboot; and sometimes I get a error message, but I dont remember what it says).


This does not occur every time, nor on special occasions: it seens completely randon. But I think it never happened while I was on foot, only inside a car. Anyway, this is my system:


- Windows 98


- Athlon 1.7 Mhz


- ASUS A7S333 motherboard, SIS chipset, with an onboard soundcard


- 256 RAM


- GeForce 2 mx400 64 RAM


- Directx 9.0


- All drivers are up to date


Ive runned DXDIAG and got an error while testing the sound. The error message is in portugues, but it says someting like this:


"error on stage 10 (secondary buffer): HRESULT = 0x80004005 (generic fault)"


Ive already had some problems with other games becouse of this darn onboard soundcard, so this might be the problem. But Im not sure, nor I know how to solve it.


I realy loved this game and this acursed bug is realy ruining it for me (yesterday, I had completed 54 taxi fares when the game crashed: all lost). Please, if you have know of a problem like this or have any suggestion of how to fix it, please help me.




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If DXDiag gives you an error, then it's more than likely a DirectX problem. Reinstall DX with the latest version from microsoft.com.

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I have this problem too. It usually happens around Gumshoe Shack, Cortez's yacht, and the Malibu. When I was using 98, it would freeze. On 2000, I get a core memory dump and have to reboot. The worst part is it almost always happens/happened when I closed the game. My issue is related to sound drivers for certain. I'm just glad GTA3 isn't as sensitive!

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If DXDiag gives you an error, then it's more than likely a DirectX problem. Reinstall DX with the latest version from microsoft.com.


Ok then. Downloaded Directx 9.0b, instaled it and played Vice City for a while. Everything was going fine and then.. "beep!".

Nothing have changed.


Also, DXDiag is still acusing the same error.

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i had simular problem. all of a sudden vc dies and windows goes PING (same noise as if u click open in word hen try clicking the document) but i see a froxen image of vc

i found out that a "THIS PROGRAM (VC) HAS PREFORMED AN ILLEGAL OP..." message pops up in windows, killin vc


im certain its not mods so im screwed

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Then I better throw Vice City in the garbage. Very good game, I only wished it realy worked.


Only one more question (two, actualy) , for Demarest and DJDJ:


- What motherboard are you using?


- Do you happen to use an onboard soundcard?

Edited by Barioni
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Don't trash VC, it's not at fault.

You said, I believe, that were having problems with other games. Plus add in that DX us reporting an error with the audio.

Hmmm...maybe it's just me, and the fact I truly HATE it, but it might be the on-board audio.


SIS chipset, well I've never heard anything good about their video cards...more so the on-board video...so I doubt their audio is any better.


My point? Disable the on-board audio crap and go get a real sound card.

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Yeah, Im probably going to do this. Ive just found that I cant play Max Payne unless I disable the sound before entering the game. This must be the onboard soundcard´s fault as well.

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Intel D845GBV with onboard sound, updated audio drivers, default install settings. Works with everything I throw at it EXCEPT VC. Gave me issues in both 98Lite and 2KPro. I'm not terribly worried about it because I'm not a big fan of VC. An upgrade is on the horizon, so hopefully I'll have better luck then.

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