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Mouse Sensitivity - FIXED



lots of gamers out there complains about the vertical mouse sensitivity too high in the game... i have come up w/ a solution...


i am using a Logitech MX500 mouse (using USB connection)... what i do is to open up the MouseWare and set the sensitivity to the minimum w/ medium acceleration (so this works ok on normal windows applications)... now go to www.logitech.com and d/l the MouseWare Advanced Settings... open it and check the <keep mouse sensitivity> box, (and make sure the <keep mouse acceleration> box is UN-checked)...


now starts GTA-VC and set the in-game mouse sensitivity to around 5 bars... now start playing and u'll notice both vertical and horizontal mouse speed are almost identical...


this method works for me (since having equal vertical and horizontal mouse speed is all i want)... however there's still a NO to change the in-game vertical mouse sensitivity...


hope u ppl like it...


PS. i just tried it out w/ P/S2 port and it still works...

Edited by lolo603

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4 answers to this question

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This sounds like a good solution.


In my opinion, this should be pinned.

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Not worth a pin... its not that much of information. Not everyone has this problem, so dont bother with it. As you see how long it took for someone to post here, as you & I can see this is a dead topic. No one is intereted.

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Ah, Good Point. Sorry, im just a n00b

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