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!Installation Error!


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Whenever I tried to reinstall Vice City yesterday this is what happened. First, it told me to uninstall the previous installation of Vice City, so I did. Then, the installation started and when it got about 35-40% done it says:




Component: Vice City

Filegroup: APP Executables

File: D:\ Data2.cab

Error: Data Error

( Cyclic Redundancy Check.)

Edited by GrandTheftAutoDLS
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Don't bump...... just don't bump. If you haven't received a reply helping you yet, it's prolly because nobody has had this perticular problem, or they have it and haven't found a way to fix it yet. Just wait, help will eventually come, maybe.

Edited by emcee_31
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dozingoff.gif Sorry.


But I cannot play Vice City and I'm going crazy playing GTA3 (SUX)!!! If R* isn't having this problem I don't know what I'll do. No scratch has ever even seen the bottom of my CD. My CD is in the state it was when I bought it!!!




user posted image

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If you have Windows XP, you could try a system restore to a checkpoint before you had the problem. If you don't, and you REALLY want to play VC and can't wait for a solution, you could always format you hard drive and start from scratch.

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System restore does me not good. it restores the FOLDERS everything WAS in. The CD still doesn't work after system restore. Formating wouldn't do any good ,if the other stuff doesn't work ,I'd just loose my music/movies. PhantomX, tried that ,we think alike, if I could get that to work I could extract the files and do a MANUAL INSTALL. But that doesn't work, so...................................


Life sux doesn't it!!!!


VC=LIFE biggrin.gif

NO VC=HELL devil.gif

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I found a big problem!!!







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