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were are all the hidden packages?


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Can any one plzzz tell me where the f*** all the hidden packages are in vc ohhh and how many places can you purchase??? notify.gifnotify.gif

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1. First off, you may be able to skip ahead a bit, so read ahead. Starting

from Ammunation in the Ocean Beach Area head south. When you reach the T

intersection make a right turn. You will be on a street that curves back

north. If you pass a fountain when you make this right turn you are in the

right area. On the left you should see a dock. (At one point during the

game you pick up missions here, but I'm making the assumption some of you

have not gotten here yet.) You should be able to pick up a boat here. Don't

try to go through the locked gate. Anyhow, once you have a boat head west

out of the docks. As soon as you clear the docks head DIRECTLY south. You

should see three islands on your map. Head for the southwest island. It's

pretty easy to identify because there is a rampage on it. Just north of the

Rampage is package #1.


2. Follow the same directions as package #1 to get to the area where there are

three islands. Point yourself northeast and you should see a large collection

of rocks. I suggest pulling into the rocks from the east (heading west).

Package #2 is on top of these rocks.


A nifty point of interest in this area is the large sunken ship off the coast.

According to hannibal106th the side of the ship says Chartering Libertine

Lines. Same as one of the ships on the dock.


3. Finally, back to land. Go to Ammunation in Ocean Beach. Head directly south

(past the fountain), through the trees and bushes, and you should see a

sidewalk. On your right there is a house facing the water. Package #3 is

next to the steps.


4. Start from your Ocean View save point. (Save Opportunity.) Head South. On

your left you should see a lighthouse. It's very easy to spot. Just head

directly towards the lighthouse (don't fall in the water). The 4th package is

on the lighthouse steps.


A another nifty point of interest for you. You can enter and climb to the top

of the lighthouse... great view!


5. Go to Ammunation in Ocean Beach. Head South, make a right at the T

intersection (past the fountain) and head to the docks on the left. Just

southeast from the locked gate and you will find an underground car park.

You will find package #5 in a corner on the north side of this car park.


6. Go to Ammunation in Ocean Beach. Head north. On the second main road you

come across you should see a large red wall. Keep going north past this wall.

Keep left, and you should see a hospital. Enter the hospital parking lot.

Go around the hospital towards it's south side. You should see a white wall

on your left, and the hospital wall on your right. You should emerge in a

small grassy area. To the south in this area you should see a white building.

Go around the back of this building and you will find package #6. (There is a

rampage near the front of this building, be sure not to fall off the ledge

where the rampage is.)


7. Go to Ammunation in Ocean Beach. Head north all the way to the waters edge.

Then turn left(West). As you head toward the bridge you will see a small

building on the right(North). There is a small walkway that leads around this

building. Follow it and it will lead you under the bridge, where you will find

package #7.


8. Before you start this go find a PCJ 600. Go to Ammunation in Ocean Beach.

Head north. Eventually you should see the mall on your right hand side. It's

got a red sign. Make a right, you should see a gas station on the right hand

side. Make a left at the T intersection. The second building on the right is

the one with the package, but it's on top of the building. To get up top get

yourself a PCJ 600. Go up the spiral parking lot across from this building.

What you have to do is position yourself in the southwest part of the top

level, facing east. Then just punch it. You should be able to jump over to

the building next to the one we need to get on top of. Hope you still have

your bike, because now you need to jump over to the building using one of the

three ramps on top of this building. There you have it, package #8. A note

of interest in this area is that there are a lot of nice ramps.


That's it for Ocean Beach.


Washington Beach


9. Get yourself back to the spiral parking lot entrance from the last package

instructions. To the east you should see a building with a little circle logo

on it, it's purple and green and says GGs. North of this building is a very

tall pink building. That is where you need to be. Get to the steps of this

building and just head around the back from either way. Near the pool, right

next to some armor, is package #9. There is also an Ingram back there.


10. Before you start this go find a PCJ 600. Get back to your hotel. Head

North and look at the names of the hotels on your left. Stop when you

find the colon hotel. It's got a large blue sign shaped like an upside down

T. Go around back and you should see a police bribe in an alley. On the south

end of this alley is a staircase. What you have to do is use this staircase

as a ramp to jump to the building across the street. Start from the police

bribe and punch it towards the staircase, you have to hit it a little to the

right to make the building. Once you get across package #10 is on the south

side of the roof.


Congrats, Body armor.


11. Go to the lawyer's office. It's northwest from your hotel, and across the

street from a place that you can buy as a save point. Go up the stairs to the

icon for the save point place, and then go around back to the left hand side.

Package #11.


12. From the lawyer's office head north. You should see a bridge up ahead.

Package #12 is on the right hand side of the bridge. It's hidden behind the

bridge support on the right, as you get close you should see it's halo.


13. Get a heli. For more information on how to do so please see my section

entitled "Where can I find a helicopter?" at the bottom of this document.

This package requires a helicopter to reach. Anyhow, package #13 is on a the

roof of a blue and white building just south of the police department in the

washington beach area. Another good point of reference is Starfish Island,

it's almost directly east of the bridge leading off of the island. Using the

helicopter makes getting a lot of these packages easier, of course, but I'm

not going to use it exclusively. I'm sure if you want to use the heli you can

use my directions to find the packages.


14. Head to the beach. This is one of the easiest packages. It's on the steps

of a hut almost directly east from the police station. If all else fails just

check all the huts.


15. Start from the hotel save point. Head directly north. Keep an eye on the

signs on your left, you are looking for the Moonlite Hotel. Once you pass it

take the next left. If you see a staircase on your right you are probably in

the right place. Straight ahead of you is the police station. (Another easy

way to get here is to just get busted.) Go inside. DON'T PULL A GUN IN HERE!

Walk up to the sign that says "no civilians past this point." Don't go in

just yet. Make sure you are well rested. If you ran in here just stop to

catch your breath, you are gonna need the running juice. I came in here with

full health and body armor and I nabbed the package, for the first time, at

30 health. Anyhow, run forward and you should see stairs leading up on your

right. Take the stairs and head straight. The package is in the room directly

ahead of the stairs. While you are doing this cops will be constantly

shooting at you. Go fast and you can even make it out alive. :-)



SPOILER! It has been brought to my attention (thanks Wil) that at some point

in the game you can get a cop uniform and avoid being shot at in here.


16. Get to the "bunch of tools" store that is east of Starfish Island. If you

look at your pause map it's the one that's pretty much in the middle of the

island. Across the street to the west there is a small set of stairs, go up

them. On your left you should see the most gaudy house ever. It's pink and

white with peach trim. It's also got a moat. Just circle the house. The

package is in a corner where a white wall meets a pink wall.


17. Get to the same "bunch of tools" from the last package and head up the

same steps, but this time just head towards the back wall. There is a set of

open pool showers against the back wall. The package is in the orange shower.


18. Head to the bridge that leads to Starfish Island. It's just north of the

showers from the last package. Head around the bridge to the right, and you

will find this package under the bridge.


That's it for Washington Beach.


Vice Point

Vice Point is basically the north half of the first island. It's a large area

with a lot of packages. There are more packages in this area then any other.

Ready? Let's go.


19. Get to the "bunch of tools" store that is east of Starfish Island. The

same one from package #16. Head out of the east exist and head north. Keep a

close eye on your left hand side and you should see the Spand Express

Shipping Company (Spand Express a.k.a. Spand-Ex). The package is behind the

building. This is also the location of the 'Riot' mission.


20. Just north of the Spand-Ex shipping company is a construction site.

(Where Avery appears). Walk up the wooden planks and get to the third floor

of the site. There is an awkward I-beam sticking out to the west. The package

is at the end of this beam.


Congrats! Chainsaw!


21. Across from the building site (Avery's) from the last package is a row of

white houses. Behind these houses is a small dock. This package is on the end

of this very short dock.


22. Read this whole description before doing anything. Head north from your

ocean view save point. When you reach the curve to the left, follow it and

then make a right as soon as you can (on to a street). Follow the street

north and you should run right into the Malibu club. Get to know this location.

Look at where it is on your map. Get to know what it looks like from above.

You know what's coming. Get a helicopter. The building you want is across the

street from the Malibu. You have to land IN the pool, but the package is on

the ledge up the stairs from the pool. You are going to want to keep the

helicopter around for package 24. There is a great place to park it behind

the Malibu while you get the next package.


23. This one is easy. It's right behind the Malibu, in the parking lot. Right

on the other side of the gate.


24. Get a helicopter. Get to the Malibu. Directly north of the Malibu is

another building with a pool on top. It is pretty hard to land the helicopter

there, so watch out. Anyhow, the package is in a corner behind a palm tree.


25. Get back to the Malibu. Head directly east, out to the beach. Once you get

to the beach head north. On your left you should see a set of stairs leading

to a pool. The package is in the northwest corner of the pool area.


I recommend picking up the next three packages at the same time. They are very



26. Find the Malibu. Head north and take the first left. On your right is a

pizza joint. Inside you will find package #26.


27. East of the pizza joint from #26 is a white multi-level apartment

building. This package is behind the stairs.


28. Head north from the pizza joint. On your left is a strip mall. You can

enter one of the stores. This package is behind the counter.


29. Find the bridge from the first island to the golf island. It's northwest

of the Malibu. Right before the bridge on the east side there is a house. It's

on the north side of the street. Go up onto the driveway straight towards the

narrow ramp and just walk off of it. That should land you next to two small

pools. Head west and then south to find this package. This house is also

involved in a mission.


30. Another place from a mission. From the bridge leading to golf island head

east. Keep left. Pass the first street on your left and the next thing you

should see is an apartment building. If you climb the stairs you should find

an open window. Get to the roof. The two flights of stairs to get there are

pretty easy to find. On the roof head north and jump off down onto the next

roof. This package is in the south area of this roof, right where you jumped

down. (It's very easy to miss when you come up here for the 'chase' mission.)


Congrats! Python!


31. Find the north pay and spray on the first island. Just to the south is a

white apartment building area with an arched entrance. It's a maze of

backyards back here. From the arched entrance go into the second yard on

your left. The package is in the northwest corner of this yard, behind a

palm tree.


The next two packages should be gotten together. They are very close.


32. Find the west entrance of the North Point mall. It's near the bridge to

prawn island. Exit the mall and follow the road south. First you will go

under a bridge, then on your left you will see a walled off building with

very wide stairs leading to it's entrance. Head up the steps and then head

towards the southwest. This package is on the very "tip" of the compound.


33. Continue to explore the compound from #32. Behind this hotel is a pool.

The next package is on the top diving board.


34. Find the bridge to prawn island. This package is hidden behind one of

the supports on the south side right next to the waters edge. A waterfront

sidewalk basically 'ends' at this package.


35. Back to the beach. On the very north side of the beach is a dirt track

for RCs. This package is behind the jocksport sign that is on the

east side of the track. If all else fails just drive around the track and

check every jocksport sign.


36. Find the north point mall. It's east of the bridge to prawn island. On

the east side of the mall there is a large orange apartment building. Climb

the steps are head around back. This package is in the corner by one of the

back entrances to this building.


I suggest getting the next three packages at the same time. They are pretty



37. Find the north point mall again. There are two north entrances to the

mall. This package is in between these entrances.


38. Find the north point mall again. This time, go inside. (Note of interest,

you can get a motorcycle into the mall... joy!) This package is on the second

floor, in the east most part of the mall in front of a store with sale signs

on the windows.


39. Near the south end of the mall is a store called the gash (ha!) and

inside you will find this package. It's above the escalators that are inside

the store. The windows near the top are breakable, making this package easy

to get.


40. Find the west entrance of the north point mall. Just north of it is a

multi-story car park. Head inside. This package is on the ground floor,

just south of the entrance.


Congrats, you now have the flame thrower pickup (joy!) and you are also done

with vice point, which is the largest collection of packages by far. You still

have a long way to go though. On to...


Prawn Island

It's the north island in between the mainland and first island.


41. Head to the southernmost tip of prawn island. You should be able to find

the entrance to the Interglobal Film Studio. Head east and follow the curve

north. Just past the police bribe there is an entrance to an alley. Go in and

the package is at the end of the alley.


Get the next two packages at the same time, as they require you to be in the

film studio, which if you have not purchased, will require a heli.


42. The next package is in the film studio mentioned in 41. I don't know of

any other way of getting in before you can buy it, so just use a helicopter

(See the "Where can I find a helicopter?" section at the bottom). The package

is on top of a blue building. Kitty corner from studio D. If you took the heli

in here, don't get off the roof without it. You can only get out using the

heli at this point, so don't get yourself stuck.


It's been pointed out to me that you are not stuck if you leave the heli in the

lot. It seems there are some steps in the southeast corner that can be jumped

over. Thanks Wade!


It's been pointed out that you can also use a packer to get out of the studio.

There is one inside that you can pull up to the gate, and then jump it using a

patriot. Thanks Dustcart!


It's also been pointed out to me that you can enter this area through a series

of ramps on top of nearby buildings. Thanks Matthew C!


43. This package is inside studio C. The letter C is split in half on the

doorway. The set in this studio will eventually change. If it's empty you

can't miss the package. If it's a bathroom, check the stalls.


This studio is really interesting. One set is apparently where the moon

landing was filmed(I guess it WAS faked). Another section of the back lot

looks like part of liberty city! Explore this place. It's strange.


44. On prawn island there are two green houses. This package is on the back

porch of the house to the west.


45. Across from the green house from #44 there is a yellow house (this one is

part of a mission). Go in and get upstairs. Go around to the east balcony and

walk off the edge. Don't jump, you will overshoot. This one may take a few

tries. Basically you want to fall into the room below. Once inside the package

is obvious.


Apparently you can also jump over the wall into this room. It's a little

tricky, but possible. Thanks Talen!


I've also been told that this house is not open until you finish the mission

involving this house. Thanks Dustcart!


Update: Hmm, another person told me it was open without finishing the mission.

I'm not sure what the deal is here. I believe both people honestly, so maybe

it is really a time of day thing or some other factor. Thanks Homer!


Now off to...


Leaf Links

It's the golf course in the middle of Vice City. On an island all it's own.


All these packages should be gotten at the same time in my opinion. Followed

by an immediate save.


46. This package is under the bridge leading to Leaf Links. To get under the

bridge you need to enter the course, then go south from the tennis courts.


47. At the north end of the course is a driving range. This package is in one

of the stalls on the ground floor.


48. Just west of the clubhouse is an S-curved road. Follow the road to the

end and then head west. The package is in a sand trap that looks like a crater.


49. In the middle of the south half of the course (under the bridge to get

there) is a large water hazard. This package is on the island in that water



50. Further south there is a small island with one golf hole on it. The next

package is on the narrow bridge leading to this island.


Congrats! Laser Scope, and on to...


Starfish Island

The largest house on this island is the Diaz mansion. I'm going to use that as

a reference point a lot.


51. On the east side of the Diaz mansion is a pool. Go down the stairs to the

east of this pool. This package is next to these stairs on the south side.


52. Now from the Diaz mansion head to the pool on the west side. Drop off the

ledge to next to the pink wall. This package is in the south area of this pool.


53. In the middle of the island are three houses. Behind the west house you

will find a pool that looks like the Rockstar logo from above (Cool!) The pool

contains a flamethrower (COOL!) and if you up the stairs behind the house you

will find package #53 among the picnic tables.


54. Now head to the east house in the middle of the island. There is a pool on

the south side of the lot, the Jacuzzi contains this package. The gate to this

house is closed, so just jump the low fence.


55. Now head to the northeastern most house on this island. It's got a garage

with a basketball net and a flag next to the door. The package is right on

the doorstep.


Another island finished and off to the mainland.




56. Find the entrance to the Hyman Memorial Stadium. It's pretty easy. It's

the large circular peninsula west of the downtown area. I'll be using this

as a reference point in future items as well. Anyhow, just north of the

entrance is a dirt road. Follow it. It should take you to an area where you

can see a dirt track for motor cycles in front of you. Keep left and go

around the track. Stay next to the wall on your left. Follow that wall and

soon you should be heading south. Keep an eye on the buildings on the right,

in a small nook you should find this package. I recommend using the r2 button

once you turn south, you should see the package pretty easy if you do this.


57. Head back to the stadium. Facing away from the sign there are two roads

leading away on your map. (Hey, est. 1979... that's when I was born. *shiver*)

Get on the north road. Make the second right. You should be facing the Mars

Cafe. Head towards it and follow the curve to the left. Keep going straight

but pay attention to the buildings on your right. In front of one building

you should see a sign with letters as tall as you saying "V.A.J. Finance."

There is a large opening to the west of this sign with a statue that kind of

looks like a flame. The package is right in the middle of this statue. In

order to get up there I pulled a car alongside the platform and jumped on

the hood, then the platform. There are other ways but I think that is easiest.


It has been brought to my attention that you can jump onto the ledge, but you

just have to be a few feet away when you do it. Thanks A L!


58. Find the Mars Cafe, instructions to get there are in #57. Just to the

northwest should be two traffic blockers (orange and white stripes). Head

between these (note there is a hideout on the right) to the small grassy

area, then turn around. You should see the grass leads into a small hole.

This leads to a dead end that contains this package.


59. Back to the stadium. To the south of the entrance you should see a road

with the word "parking" on it and an arrow. Follow the arrow. Don't follow all

the arrows though, you end up at the entrance. Anyhow, at the very back of the

stadium you will find this package. It's next to one of the signs that says

"<-- Parking."


60. Back to the Entrance of the stadium. Take the south road of the two that

leads east, and when you reach the T intersection make a right. Make the first

left you find and on your right should be the hospital (Schuman). You could

also just get wasted in the general area to find it. Anyhow, to the east of

the sign there is a parking lot. Go down the ramp and the package is on your



Congrats! Minigun!


61. Read this whole description before doing anything. You will need a Heli.

Back to the V.A.J. building from #57. Just South of it is your target. It's

the building with the satellite dishes on top. Now, get a heli(See the "Where

can I find a helicopter?" section below) and land on the building. This package

is next to the helipad. In order to get to the package you have to jump off of

the helipad to the right of the ramp.


Update: I've had a lot of feedback on #61. The package is hard to spot, so let

me clarify my directions. The package is really next to the helipad, but it's

pretty high up. If you walk down the first ramp (after landing on the helipad)

then walk down the next, the package should be above and ahead of you. If you

walk all the way to the base of the ramp it's above you. That is why you have

to jump off the helipad to get this one. Hope that helps!


Note: It has come to my attention that there is a street level entrance to the

building for #61. It is right next to the bridge that takes you from the

mainland to prawn island. It's the VCN building on the north side of the street

just after the bridge. The entrance is actually tucked behind the bridge a bit.


62. Back to the stadium entrance. Take either road east and make the first

right. The road will eventually curve left. Keep following it to the end.

On your left is an office building. Make a left and keep your eye on the

office building(using l2 is a good idea). As you continue you should notice

a stair case on your left. Go up and continue to the next staircase, go up

again and you should see a place you can enter on your left. Go on inside.

On the south wall are three desks. Behind them you will find this package.


That's it for downtown.


Little Haiti

This area is just south of downtown.


63. As usual I'm going to use the first package in this area to establish a

good starting point for rest of them. Start from the stadium entrance.

(See #56) Take either of the two east roads and make the first right you

come to. Take it all the way south and follow the curve to the left. At

the end of this road make a right. Keep right as you travel south and you

should pass a sign for the Moist Palms Hotel. This is our first starting

point. Just north of this sign is a driveway. Follow it, and you should

find a parking lot. Keep right and follow the grass to find a large grassy

area in the back. You should see a ramp to the south. This package is right

behind the ramp. The ramp has a yellow sign on it, if that helps.


These next three are very close, I suggest getting them at the same time.


64. Get back to the sign for the Moist Palms from #63. Head south. Take the

first right, and when this street starts to curve you should be able to see

the big "Phil's Place" sign. Basically you need to get behind this area.

Here is how. Northeast of the entrance to Phil’s place there is an alley that

points north. Enter this alley and then turn left at the opening. West of

this alley is where you will find this package. It's near the water's edge.


65. Head back inside Phil's place (See #64). There is a shack containing this

package. It's not the one next to the RV, it's the one next to that one.

It's the same color as the walls in this area.


66. As you exit Phil's place (see #64 & #65). You should see a building with

red trim. There is an alley just to the south of this building. Enter it,

as soon as you can turn right. Right ahead of you should be a set of stairs.

Go down them to find this package.


67. I suggest getting a bike, a Sanchez works best. Back to the Moist Palms.

Head south. Take the first right. On the south side of this street is an

alley with a ramp. You need (of course) to jump the ramp and get onto the

building across from it. Now you need to get over to the roof just east of

your current position. It's easy to jump that gap on foot, or over the narrow

part with a Sanchez. Once you get across you should see this package in a pit

in the middle of the roof.


68. Get back to the entrance to Phil's place. (See #64) Just south of that

entrance is a large yellow building that is Kaufman Cabs. Behind Kaufman Cabs

there are several white houses. On the north stairs of the southwestern most

house is package #68.


69. Get back to the entrance to Phil's place. (See #64) Head South, past

Kaufman Cabs, past the zigzag in the road, and you should see a pizza joint

on your left. Just south of the pizza joint is Funeraria Romero. To the south

of this store is a small alley. You will find this package in over one of the

four graves back here. It's a small area and the package is pretty obvious.


I suggest getting the next two packages at the same time.


70. Back to Phil's place. Head south past kaufman cabs, past the zigzag,

past the place where you got the last package, and follow the road even and

just before it makes a sharp turn to the east take the curved road to the

west. Make the first possible turn left into an alley and then make the first

possible turn left. You should be at a dead end with some stairs. Climb the

stairs and the package is in the middle of the generators on the right.


Congrats, Rocket Launcher!


71. Just south of the white building from #70 is a yellow building. This is

the print works. I suggest jumping down into the lot of the print works from

the roof of the white building. It doesn't take much health. Head south of

the print works and then east on the road. You should see a wooden fence on

your left. Follow the fence around to the entrance, which faces east. This

package is near the base of the billboard inside this area.


Little Havana


I suggest getting the next two at the same time.


72. From Phil's Place head south past the pizza joint again. Before the

road turns sharply left, take a right. Follow this road until it ends it a

T intersection. On your right is the coin laundry. This package is inside.


73. Head east from the laundry and use R2 to look right. You should see a for

sale sign on a teal building. This package is on the top of the stairs.


74. Back to the laundry from #72. Head east and make the first right. You

should now be heading south. Continue to the end. At the T intersection make

a right. On your left you should see a diner that you can enter. Across the

street from the diner (Robina's) is an alley heading north. Enter the alley

and go through the gap on your right. This package is near some trash bags

in this area.


75. Back to the laundry from #72. Head east and make the first right. You

should now be heading south. Continue to the end. At the T intersection you

should notice a wall directly ahead. Go around it and go through the gap on

the west side of this area. Beyond is a staircase. Climb up and then jump

down to the rooftop north of you. Climb another set of stairs and then go

to the northeast corner of this rooftop. Jump onto the walkway in front of

the billboard here to get package #75. (And a nice new sniper rifle.)


76. From the laundry in #72 head east. Follow the curve south. Continue on

to the end. At the T intersection make a left. Continue on to the end. On the

corner just north of you is a donut shop. (Yes, cops do like to hang out

here, at least it seems that way to me.) This package is behind the counter.


77. From the donut shop in #76 head west until the road turns north. On the

south side of the street is a building with a red awning. Go around back and

climb the stairs (which should be in plain view from the front of the

building). On the top you will find a rampage, and in the southwest corner,

package #77.


78. From the donut shop in #76 head west and make the first left. Follow this

road and watch your left hand side. When you see a series of flags you know

you are in the right place. Right behind the flags is the auto showroom.

Enter from the south side and go up the ramp to the second floor. Package

#78 is in a corner.


Vice Port

The southern tip of the mainland area.


Read ahead for the next two. You can get them at the same time if you want.


79. From the donut shop in #76 head west and make the first left. Follow this

road and notice the large plant to your right. The first chance you get after

seeing the plant make a right. follow the road around and you will be going

north. The gate into this area is on your right. Bust in and then use pretty

much any car to jump the ramp here to get inside the plant. You should be

able to find the 4 large tanks pretty easy. This package is right in the

middle of them, behind a blue pipe.


80. From the donut shop in #76 head west and make the first left. Follow

this road and make the first right. Follow this road as it curves north.

Bust into the parking lot on the right. The package is in-between a red and

a blue trailer in this lot. Note that this is the same lot you pass through

on the way to the tankers from the last package.


I've been informed by several people that this package is between a yellow and

a blue trailer, not a red and blue. Maybe it's the way the light hit it, but

for me it looked red. There are really too many people to credit for this one,

so thanks all!


Congrats! Sea Sparrow!


81. From the donut shop in #76 head west and make the first left. Follow

this road and make the first left. Make a right at the T intersection

(should be facing the water's edge before you make this turn). Hold R2

and you should be able to see as you pass a grassy area, then a parking

lot, then a grassy area, and so forth. This package is in the 4th

parking lot you come to.


82. From the donut shop in #76 head west and make the first left. Follow

this road and make the first left. Make a right at the T intersection

(should be facing the water's edge before you make this turn). If you keep

left on this road you should enter the docks area. There is a ship to your

left as you enter. Board it. This package is tucked away in a corner on the

east side of the ship. It's best to board from the north ramp and head south,

then make the first left you see. Then head to the east rail and then just

head south.


83. Head south from the ship in #82. Just follow the road. Keep right but

don't turn. Follow the road and soon you should be heading north. Once this

happens watch your right side. You should see a sign for the Vice City Port

Authority. The package is right under that sign. Go east and then around the

wall, and grab it.


Apparently there is a second sign further north of this one. Once you are

heading north if you make the first right, the sign is on your left.


Also, if it helps, this sign is on the southwest corner of the port authority

lot. Thanks to all who E-mailed me about this!


84. Get a helicopter. (See the "Where can I find a helicopter?" section at

the bottom of this document.) Your target is the southwest ship in the dock.

Make sure to land it such a way that you can get off the ship using the heli.

If you get stuck here you pretty much have to kill yourself in order to

leave. The package is in front of a metal door.


85. From the donut shop in #76 head west and make the first left. Follow

this road and make the first right. Follow this road (bear left at the fork)

and you should eventually see a large hangar on the left with a small door.

Head inside and make a hard left. You should be facing a little corner office.

Inside you will find package #85.


86. Head back to the dock right in front of the ship from #84. Jump onto

the ledge right on the waters edge that is slightly raised above the ground

and walk on it west. You should come to a large open area. I mean, this

area is huge. Package #86 is in the far northwest corner of the area.


Only one area left to go... excited?


Escobar International Airport


I recommend getting all the packages from here on in one go. They are all

pretty close together and travel time is pretty short with a helicopter.

You need one for many of the packages and I just think it's better to keep

it around rather than go get a new one. It's all a matter of personal

preference though, there are always tons of ways to accomplish anything

in this game.


87. Just west of the hangar where package #85 was found is the cargo

terminal of the airport. This package is on the roof, and there is no easy

way up there. So get yourself a helicopter. (See the "Where can I find a

helicopter?" section at the bottom of this document.) There appears to be

a way to jump up to this building as there are many ramps to the west, it

also seems like you might need a bike to pull this off. If you try this and

it works for you please let me know. I recommend keeping the helicopter for

the next several packages.


I've been informed by several people now that jumping up to get package #87 is

possible with a bike. Too many E-mails about this to credit one person really,

so thank you all!


88. If you still have the helicopter from #87 then great, land on the

southernmost helipad and pick up this package. You can easily get here

without the helicopter though. From the airport entrance just head south.

There are not a lot of landmarks here to guide you by, but the pads are easy

to spot. Remember, it's the southernmost helipad.


Wow, I've had a lot of mail on this one. First thing's first, when I say the

southernmost helipad, I mean in the entire airport area. There are 2 other

helipads, but only one of them is contained within the main gate of the airport.

Also, this package is right in the middle of the H. One more thing, this

package is one that people who have used cheats have reported to disappear. It

seems that this package is a prime target for that issue.


89. You don't need a helicopter for this one, but if you still have it from

the last package, it makes this much easier. There are three runways at the

airport. Two of them run north-south, and one runs northeast-southwest. Head

to the northeast end of the northeast-southwest runway. There are two hangars

to the southeast of this runway. The southwestern most of these two has this

package on the roof. If that seems too complicated, stand at the building

entrance to the cargo terminal from #87. This hangar is visible to your left

if you are looking north. You could use a vehicle to jump onto this hangar,

but again a helicopter is MUCH more easy.


90. Jutting out of the main terminal, towards the south, are two large

loading bridges. Those are the white 'arms' they use to put you on the plane.

This package is on the very tip of the east extension, which can easily be

reached by helicopter. There is another way to get up here though. You could

find a packer, which is basically a large portable ramp, and park it next to

one of the smaller extensions, then get a vehicle and jump onto the extension,

but the helicopter is just so much easier, considering you need it for at

least one package in this area... why not use it?


Congrats! TANK! One more prize to go!


91. Remember in #90 I described two loading bridges? Well now we are

concerned with the other one. The package isn't on it though, it's on a

plane on the other side of it. You can't land in the same place you did on

#90 for some reason. It's mostly intangible. In fact, there are a few parts

of this extension that are intangible so I didn't risk any of it. What I did

was pull a packer (basically large ramps on wheels) up to the connection

between this plane and the loading bridge. Then I just walked up the packer

onto the connection, and jumped on the plane. I experimented with several

methods of getting this package using a helicopter, and couldn't get them to

work. It also looks feasible to use a nearby ramp to jump a bike up onto the

bridge, but the packer is easier I'm sure.


Update: I've heard from a few people who have been able to get #91 by landing

on the plane and other variations. Might be worth trying when looking

for this package. Mostly people have been able to land on the plane

perpendicular to the body, but I can't get this to work. I've had a lot of

people tell me this, too many to credit any one person. Thanks all!


Update: Heh, it appears that the second terminal is not intangible, you just

sink into it a bit. Thanks for the info Aaron!


92. It's almost directly under #91. It's under the same plane, very easy to



93. Directly west of the plane from #91 & #92 there is a plane halfway out of

a hangar. #93 is under the wing.


94. North of #93 there is a fire station. It has an antenna on top, it's

impossible to miss. This package is on the west side of the building.


95. Now head inside the main terminal. Either entrance is fine. Just follow

the large window around to the right. This package is where the window begins

on the right hand side.


96. Now you will need a helicopter again. (You can of course reference the

section "Where can I find a helicopter?" at the bottom.) This package is on

top of the main terminal. The terminal is basically three hills and two

valleys. This package is western valley. Land carefully so that you can keep

the helicopter as you proceed, it just makes things easier for you.


While I still like doing this with the helicopter, it's been pointed out to me

that you can jump up here with a motorcycle using the sign with the surfboard

as a ramp. Thanks jvecch20!


97. Go back into the main terminal. Climb the escalator and enter terminal

1-8. There are only two terminals so if you find the wrong one just go to

the other. Enter and go as far as you can. At the dead end turn around and

you should see this package.


98. As you exit the airport and head to the east there are a series of

billboards The package is behind those billboards... but from your current

perspective they are behind a fence. You can get back there many ways.


1. The long way. - Go around the fence. It takes a while as the fence turns

into a wall. If you want to do it this way head south to the edge of the

fence, then east through the grassy area. Cut north and then immediately

west once the wall ends. Now follow the billboards north to the end and

you should reach the grassy area with the package.

2. Fly. - The best way, if you still have the helicopter.

3. Jump. - There is a gap in the fence, but you need to jump a bike up there,

the slanted wall acts as a ramp.


99. This one is at 'northeast airport' as it has been called. The entrance is

opposite the entrance to the actual airport. Head around the back and you

should see two planes. The package in question is under the plane to the west.


And, finally...


100. This one is pretty easy actually. North of the 'northeast airport' is the

army base. This package is behind it's sign. If you have trouble finding it I

suggest using your helicopter.



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