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is there anything that you can do that will mess up your game and prevent you from getting 100%. w/o using ceats though. I don't wanna make any mistakes and have to start over.

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there can be problems with unique jumps not registering.

make sure you save the game before doing any of those & try to do them all at the same time.

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Ballistic Jello
Im at 58% looking for Unique Jumps,Packages,and rampages

Thanks, but nobody asked what your stats were. Keep the posts on-topic.



On-Topic: There have been 1000's of rumors about certain cheats making hidden packages dissappear somehow, but as I do not cheat, I have no idea if the rumors are true or not.


@ _Moe_ , Me too. One package and one unique jump, for two four weeks. blush.gif I didn't realize it'd been that long.


On-Topic again: You might want to look on Gamefaqs to see what the FAQ writers have to say about this. smile.gif

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