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How do I change the camera angle?

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how do I change the camera angle so I am looking at Tommy's front side? I have the PC version btw


thanx for any help

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To look backwards, at Tommy's front, press the "Look left" and the "Look right" buttons at the same time. These are the buttons that you would use to do drive by's. I don't know the corresponding keys for the PC version, as I have it for PS2 only, but if you go into the controls menu I'm sure you can figure it out.

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If you get on a bike and change the views and press L2 and R2 you can see Tommy's front side. I am not sure what the buttons are for the PC.

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gta phil gta

to look behind on foot then press R3 (press the right analogue stick in).


for the PC version, in 'classics' controls look behind on foot is caps lock, and in car is Num 1 and Num 2


hope that helps ...




Edited by GTA_phil_GTA

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Gerardo T Alfredo

I mean like, ... edit your controls ????


Next people gonna start posting how to open the cartboard box of the game or how to put the cd in the cd-rom or PS2. Then later they will ask how to get money on how to buy the game ?


Damn I hate questions about controls, as they are explicitely mentioned in the Options-Control section of your game !


And about look left and look right at the same time to look backwards, that's for vehicles only.


When u walk on PC, there is one button called "look behind".


And if u want to see his face, u can't cause he will look behind. (you will see his body from the front though).


I don't want to flame, but come on ... these questions.

Edited by Gerardo T Alfredo

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there's an option for u to set...

go to the key confiuration page and set a key to "look behind"... i dunno if u can do that using Classic mode thou...

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Diablo SV

Is it possible to edit the camera angles?

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Please post in the PC chat because they would have better answers than the people with only the PS2 version can provide. Some one please move this thread. blink.gif

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I remember a team was making a GTA3 multi mod. Some guy found some files that R* had started on multi, but scraped it and left a few files, enough for these guys to start with. And they only ever made it to the ALPHA testing. As far as they got i remember was that you could see each other in cars, but when you got out u we're invisible to the other player, but you we're still there.

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