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Error loading the game

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Gday everyone. I just installed vice city and when i go to load the game the loading bar gets half way and stops, then windows makes a chime sound and freezes, I can escape out of it to windows and it shows the usual win2000 error message something like this 'gta3-vc.exe had caused an error and a log file has been created' Some help would be greatly appreciated!!!


My specs r


Windows 2000 professional


AMD Duron 800

Asus A7V M/B

Asus Geforce 2 MX 32mb

Western Digital 20gig HDD


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Have you checked the disc for scratches or marks




Is your computer above Minimum Specification(normally on back of box)


Also have you checked because there could be an error on your computer... so if all else fails then Defragging might come into it



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cpu overheated?? not enough ram???


i am running WinXP Pro and sometimes that kinda msg popped up when i overclock my cpu too much... but that doesn't occur while loading game... it usually popped up during heavy police chase or gun fight...

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Omg my Vice City just started to do this. I would definetly like to know some solutions. The game will load to 50% then freeze the popup error..It sucks because I really wanna play my Vice City. I did everthing imagnable to cleaning the disk, correcting addon car files, and doing a computer maintanence. Still doesn't work can someone HELP??

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Only thing I have modded are the cars and I have corrected them. Still just doesn't work..I think this is a new major bug..I'm gonna call this this the dreaded 'Final 50' for the final 50% that your VC will load up..

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U modded the cars well thts the problem, cause i had the same problem after i installed a car mod. I used the VCM Managers to install, most of my mods worked fine, except one or two. I just uninstalled thm and the game was workin fine.


If the problem is still there, to fix it, just uninstall every single mod, tht includes cars, texture etc etc. If this still doesnt fix, thn uninstall the game, delete any files tht are left behind and reinstall. This doesnt fix, thn u are stuck one only solution to every problem. That is Format ur drive sad.gif , and start all over again tounge2.gif .


I will find out why some car mods dont work properly and post the results here, in tht time keep tryin with different solutions.

Edited by Wise-Man
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I'll keep trying and see if I can fix this because I still haven't fully enjoyed this game. You said uninstall and delete 'every' file that is left over?? Some seem like them maybe a bit important but I will try that and see what happens.

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Well usually the altered files get left behind, and in this case GTA will leave behind the files were alterd. and these files maybe the ones tht are stuffin up the game.


If u dont feel safe about, thn just make a backup of those files, thn delete.

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i think i got it langaz!!!! i think i solved it! chiming sound eh? put tape in center of disc wheres its kinda rainbow reflection put tape CLOSEST to center dont make ANY tape touch the information part(the part thAT makes the brightest rainbow colors. its probarly the disc slippin try it!

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Hey dudes i managed to fix it or it kinda fixed itself tounge.gif

All i did was uninstall it, defrag and then scandisk n then re-install it. My cd has a couple of scratches on it n stuff so i tried to clean it up a bit. I think it wasnt reading the cd properly when it installed (cos it took a damm long time) so yer i think the prob is in the installation. Hopefully u guys r lucky also!!!


Cheers dudes

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  • 2 weeks later...

my game was working fine for a while, the i tried to install a new car. Now it freezes on startup. I unistalled the car mod but it still freezes in the same spot and give me an unexpected error message. If i have to uninstall, how do i keep my saved game files?

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Your savegames will not be removed by uninstall. They are in "%homepath%/My Documents/GTA Vice City User Files" if you want to back them up anyway.

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