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[REL] VC Limit Adjuster


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If I understood Andy's findings correctly, he has to reallocate all the memory from one place to another and then change the references from the addresses normally used by exe to the ones he allocated. This is something doable only with the asi. But I might be totally wrong on this issue.

AFAIK an asi wouldn't even work, since it gets loaded too late, so we'll need a stand-alone loader for that. confused.gif

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sorry for bumping this, but the .asi didn't work when I tried working with it. Then again, the original Limit Adjuster actually patched the file (as opposed to working with it in memory). Everything I have done with the .exe can be made into a patch.


For the IDE objects, kyeman outlines two of the steps that need to be taken. 3885 is the maximum number, and all of these are loaded after 0x709EA0, 0x709EAC, and 0x709EB0. However, to increase this number, it looks like you would have to decrease the numbers of the other objects to allocate more memory that would be used for the increased number of IDE objects.


But looks can be deceiving. When you open an unmodified gta-vc.exe file in TSearch, you can see that the area of writable memory ends at around 0xA22000. But you can edit the beginning of the file to increase the size of the last section as high as you want, essentially creating a new block of memory. You can then change all references to 0x709EA0, 0x709EAC, and 0x709EB0 so that the IDE objects get placed in the new block of memory. They could be changed to 0xA22EA0, 0xA22EAC, and 0xA22EB0, or whatever suits you. A similar process is used to increase paths, gta3.img file limitations, and (now) water.


Hope I cleared everything up here.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I made a patch that will increase the IDE limit to 15420, and I will update this file with one that will fix all the gta3.img-related limits (i.e. 6500 .dff files, 1385 .txd files). You can download it here and take it apart to see what got changed. Most of the changes are for increasing the boundaries, but the ones that are not are for the IDE limit.

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  • 1 year later...

I have to bump this topic, unfortunately. I've returned to VC and modding, and I've been forced to download the Limit Adjuster, but following all procedures (including making small increases in the memory) the cars and peds still dissapear, and that's at only 46mb.


...WTF, Mate?


One thing I noticed, however, was that when bumped to 180 (with peds/cars still missing) the frame-rate essentially doubled and my modded airplane flew to the top of the highest towers much more stabley (before it started ricocheting around off the boundary and shooting all over, not it sort of wobbles through).


Any help woould be greatly appreciated, as 1mb increases causing everyone to dissapear baffles me.

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  • 5 months later...

How do you work out what goes in each box? alien.gif


I have asked this everywhere and still noone knows.


Is everybody just guessing or does anyone know?


Could do with being a pinned topic

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  • 1 month later...

hey, srry for bumping this old topic, im srry, realy, but as i know (cuz i get so confused easly, and i dont understand very good smoe stuff...), i changed "vehicles" to 250, this means that it will be 250 cars around, right?

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hey, srry for bumping this old topic, im srry, realy, but as i know (cuz i get so confused easly, and i dont understand very good smoe stuff...), i changed "vehicles" to 250, this means that it will be 250 cars around, right?

No, Changing the vehicles doesn't mean you can have 250;


How to pull this off is very complex; as their are 6 little issues your need to address before you think about adding your extra vehicles.


1. How to find the old vehicle code within the exe code (Hexing from $0x00298E94, upto 0x0029946E but not after (0x00299470)




and so on that goes upto RCCOPTER, (to long to post here)


Inserting this below after address 0x0029946E






2. IDE allocation is very important here because I've found you can only add vehicles with in a 3 digit range, 130-236 and 300-599, using higher numbers, you can ran into alot of problems and I still haven't work out why this is.


IDs 300 - 599 are used by the VC generic objects, so your have to move the generic objects, starting them at 600 instead.



600, bar_gatebar01, docentrance, 1, 84, 0601, bar_gatebox01, portabarrier, 1, 46, 0602, barrierturn, portabarrier, 1, 59, 0603, Electricgate, electricgate, 1, 101, 4604, fencesmallb, fences, 1, 52, 4605, subwaygate, electricgate, 1, 60, 4606, tunnelentrance, tunnel, 1, 250, 0607, sub_roadbarrier, metal, 1, 100, 0608, tall_fence, fences, 1, 100, 4609, Columbiangate, electricgate, 1, 100, 4

and so on..


Moving the object ID's and re-assigning them can be a headache, unless your doing a TC mod where you can start from scratch otherwise your need a script to re-sort the IDs within all your IDE/IPL files.


3. Changing the handing and default file to match the changes.



300,	landsta2,  landsta2,  car,  LANDSTA2,  LANDSTK,  	null,	normal,  10,	7,	0,  254, 0.8301,  idah2,  idah2,  car,  IDAH2,  IDAHO,  	null,	poorfamily,	10,  7,	0,  256, 0.64,302,  stinge2,  stinge2,  car,  STINGE2,  STINGER,  	null,	executive,  10,  6,	2ff0,  250, 0.7303,  lineru2,  lineru2,  car,  LINERU2,  LINERUN,  	null,	big,  	10,	7,	0,  255, 1.1304,  pere2,	pere2,  	car,  PERE2,  	PEREN,    null,	poorfamily,	10,  7,	0,  253, 0.66305,  sentine2,  sentine2,  car,  SENTINE2,  SENTINL,  	null,	richfamily,  10,  7,	0,  254, 0.7



Your notice I've changed the ID, Car Model (landsta2) this would be infact your landsta2.dff file added to your gta3.img file, aswell as the texture file (landsta2) .txd


The forth entry after 'car,' is the handling file data, whats been added in your GTA_VC.exe 'LANDSTA2', your need to add this data also to your handing file.



LANDSTA2        1700.0 2.0 5.0 2.0 0.0 0.0  0.0  85  0.85 0.85 0.51 5 160.0 20.0 4 D 6.2   0.60 0 35.0  1.7  0.08 0.27 0.23 25000 0.25 -0.15 0.5  0.25  C00B  0  1



5. The next entry is used in the GXT file 'LANDSTK' for the vehicle name display, your need to add new data to your GXT file 'LANDST2' if you dont want the old vehicle names to appear, but remember to change LANDSTK to LANDST2 in your default.ide file.



6. Carcols.dat, I hate this file, so after the LANDSTAK line add;



landsta2, 11,73, 18,74, 47,75, 41,76, 64,73, 52,74, 56,75, 32,76



This process takes alot of time to get right, and I advise that if your new to modding, don't try it just yet.

Edited by X-Seti


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  • 5 months later...

Hey I'm very interesting about gta3.exe limits. Its doable to increasing IDE limit and stream memory?

Edited by Mr. J
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  • 9 years later...

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