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Recommended Posts

always when i make changes to my default.ide (ie. install new car and it needs changes to it) it crashes the game (it loads it but when it has loaded only a black screen is shown).

could someone help me plz? suicidal.gif

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what does it mean? i check what i wrote into it?


edit: I have done it couple of times and it always crashes like i said even if i copy it from another file. suicidal.gif

Edited by Kossukenguru
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i got a veri similar problem, but it let`s me play for some minutes and then crash, and if i star some missions, like the cabmaggedon it freezes, i got now the v1.1, i guess it will fix my problem, but it din`t


now the question is, double check your entry into the file and how to do it?


it`s a very annogin problem, cause you can`t play your vc with a cool car with it`s own rims¡¡¡¡¡


i already make my lambo, and its so annoying playing the game without it or the batimobile¡¡¡¡


can you help Kossukenguru and me??

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more often than not, the problem is with the wheel number you put in the default.ide. first off, be certain tha you have dmagic's wheel mod for VC. the wheel number is always 249, so if you are instaling a car modded specifically for gta3 put 249 as the wheel number and not the one stated in the readme (such as 089 or so).


if you still get problems, then i think the problem COULD be in the handling.cfg

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well i don`t know if Kossukenguru dosen`t have intalled the wheel mod, but i have it, and the problem is there...


well im still reseaching, so maybe tomorow i have a solution, but maybe not sad.gif

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well my car need the wheelmod if you wan t some cool rims cool.gif and you can get it Here


then my problem in not in the default.ide... i don`t know what it is..


see ya¡

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what im certain off is that default.ide is concerned about the wheel type and size of the cars in game. most often, you change the last 2 set of numbers in the CAR LINE;

249 - which is the wheel type and this number is the number you have to use to show dmagic custom wheels, and

0.8 (or 0.78, etc) - which is the wheel size, the higher the number the bigger/wider the wheel is.

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