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dude were my vc

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dude were my vc

FOR the last 2 days i have trying to get Vice city to work on my computer, it does not load at all, it does nothing only a little spinning disk appears next to the mouse for about a second thats it, i have updated all my drivers and reinstalled vice city twice, also heard people talking about deleting gta_vc.set but i dont have that file is something wrong with my gta disks. I have not got the game to work once. Any help would be greatfull. and i even tryed to update my gtavc.exe with that patch but it did not work becuase its said its a wrong version, and before you accuse me NO its not a warez version, i got from a game shop and it was algit purchase. Also i have tryed everything on the rockstar page, but still nothing but the installation works fine. gta 3 worked fine on my system. Any help would be greatfull. And also please dont ban me for this but i even tryed a no cd patch JUST TO SEE IF IT WAS MY CD DRIVE, i it still did not work just a black screen for about a second and back to the desktop.

there is no error messages at all nothing with or with out the no cd patch, any suggestions would be great.


my specs are:

p3 800mhz

128 ram

geforce 2 fx 400

sound balster pci 128

win 98 (fully updated)




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M. H. Hunter III

well, maybe u should try it on another pc system, like a friends, ect


if that doesn't work, return the damned thing then, and get a new copy

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dude were my vc

i just tryed it on my mates computer and it worked so it must my computer. The no cd crack just loads a black screen for about second then it go gos back to desktop, i have tryed a few, so its not cds or the cd drive, so i dont have a clue whats wrong with my computer, it playes GTA 3 fine. the wortest thing that i have not heard of anyone other person having this problem. Any help would be greatfull.

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Here's the fix! biggrin.gif


Had the same problem b4. Only thing U have to do is go 2 the My Documens folder and open the GTA Vice City User Files. In there U must del the corrupted "gta_vc.set" and everything will be allright.

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dude were my vc

Isomeone already told me to this but i dont have the "gta_vc.set" anywhere, my gta vc user files folder is empty and i think this is becuase i have not yet got it to start yet. thanks for the advice is most welcome, but does anyone else have a solution that i could try. confused.gif

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I have the same problem and so does my mate, we both have Win98SE and the game won't start. Tried the fixes and reinstalls, I have GTA3 installed and it runs fine.

Most annoying problem:(

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