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Patch 1.1!

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  • 2 months later...
  • 4 weeks later...

The patch dont work with the australian version of vice city. it says unknown version when you try to apply it. so im stuck with glitches. i have a Leadtek geforce FX5200 128mn ddr graphics card, and the australian version of vice city, and it looks shocking(sometimes its even so bad that its un-playable). Can any1 help me out here, re-installing the game does nothing too.

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I've looked into it more and the patch is for the English and German versions. Instead of repeatedly trying to patch your game (as we've already discussed), may I ask why you aren't posting your PROBLEMS instead of the problems you're having with a patch you shouldn't be using but are to fix UNKNOWN (to us) problems?

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The problem with the patch is it aint working for me, and the problem is my game has geographical corruption, heaps of glitches. Why wont the patch work with my version? Can u send me your vice city main gta-vc.exe, maybe then it will work.

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werule55, i have the same graphics card as you, the latest Detonator drivers have been fixed for vice - the vc patch is no longer necessary. upgrade your video card drivers.

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  • 4 months later...
Just another problem I learned that might be of some help to all those windowblinds users. If you do not disable Windowblinds you will get a unhandled exception error. It does not matter if you put a exclustion for gta-vc.exe in windowblinds it will still happen. You need to unload windowblinds completely in order to run the game.

my game works with windowblinds on sneaky2.gif

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  • 6 months later...

I had downloaded a patch v1.1 all the program complained is that the version is unknown (gta vc) i juss had a new cd bought from walmart and ...ain't working @ all...everytime i play (without patch) 5 seconds during the gameplay, the computer restarts. so any tips on v1.1 BS?

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  • 3 months later...


Those with Nvidia Fx series cards, YOU DON'T NEED THE 1.1 PATCH.






p.s.  you get to use joe lith's super duper, totally awesome, bowel shaking, trainer. YES I LOVE TO CHEAT. BWAHAHAHAHA.

I downloaded Detonator xp2k_5214 and I ran it into My Documents, then I tried GTA:Vice City and it still has the same graphics problem. Do I download something else aswell as this? And I got a G-Force Fx5600 card

Edited by chaz2505
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  • 10 months later...

i have serious problems with the game, it runs fine most of the time but every now and then it locks up and only the music is going, everything else, video, and controls are locked up.then i press ctrl-alt-del and then my video card goes wierd and i get like 24 colours and 640x480 res. and it tells me i have to restart my pc. would the patch help me?

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NO! The patch addressed a very specific graphical issue that vidcard companies fixed with subsequent driver releases.


I move for this topic to be unpinned and possibly for these posts to be split off that the once pinned thread will disappear.

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i have the same problem as YeNahS YeNzoW my game is pretty messed up, like 20-30% of the objects in the game are invisible (except for the vehicles) are invisible and the textures take awhile to load, so i tried installing the patch and it said installation failed because "gta-vc.exe: unknown version" any way to fix this?

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I move for this topic to be unpinned and possibly for these posts to be split off that the once pinned thread will disappear.

Done.... (unpinned)


I'll let this thread drop off on its own but I am going to link to it from the bug list page....


//edit// nevermind-- there is a direct link to the patch in problem #3 already--


Maybe Fuzzy can edit the buglist to reflect that the patch is obsolete at this point.... better to update your drivers then download the patch....


I'm going to go ahead and lock this--- if anyone thinks this needs unlocked PM me or wolf and explain why it needs unlocked...


If anyone has had this patch fix their game recently, then I would appreciate a PM...



Edited by Spuds725
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