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Any way to undelete?

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I did something really stupid the other day. I was fooling around with the handling .cfg file, tweaking the cars to make them faster....as I was loading, exiting, and loading the game and I accidently deleted my completed game. Any way of getting that back or am I just S.O.L.?

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NutVet 1

Okay now relax!When you deleted it, did you delete the file in the recycle bin too?Or did you delete the whole thing inside the recycle bin?If you did all, then you need to re-install the game!No other way unless somebody gives you a default file.Hey don't look at me man, my vice city is already having troubles sorry man :(


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No, what I mean is that I deleted the saved game file...just the ONE saved game...you  know from that list of games you can save on from within the game menu....from there you have a command to delete your saved games...thats from where I deleted it.

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Well in that case you can't get it back, sorry you'll have to start all over again.

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If you get a file recovery program there's a chance you might be able to save it.

But it depends on your drive and how much stuff you write to it from the time this happened until you install the file recovery.


Has a tip so it doesn't happen next time, simply copy/paste the folder in the My Documents folder. So that you end up with the normal one and one called "Copy of ...." and you can recover that way. Even better make a copy to a floppy disk.

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mafia mupa

try to use that program what gives u all files back what u had yesterday or what day u want to choose....dammit cant remember the program name  :furious:

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I will try those programs...but I guess the good thing is that I had finished the game already, but was working on 100%, I was at 85% when I lost the file....ah well....wacha-gonna-do.


TKS for the advice guys....

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well go to GTA3.net and get a save file from there

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