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GTA:Vice City becomes a ghost town!


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Hope anybody can help I'm tearing my hair out over this!


After finishing the G-Spot mission I went back to Prawn island to save my game, after it had finshed saving I drove onto the street out side and it was empty, nothing unusual so far, but then I tried driving around a bit further,  it was then that I noticed that the place had turned into a ghost town :wtf:  no cars, no pedestrians, nothing apart from the occasional coach and a really weird little guy who shots out of the leaf links on a golf caddy every so often.

Well the game isn't half as fun when theres nobody to run over (Mwaaagh  :devil: ) so I tried to uninstall and re-install the game (whilst deleting the settings file in the user folder) still no joy   :sui:

So decided to cut my losses and revert back to my last saved game (prior to Dildo DoDo unfortunately) loaded it up an all was fine pedestrians and cars were back so I left the mansion and flew up to Prawn Island to start the DoDo mission again, but after landing I saved my game on Prawn Island to  save me the trip up from the mansion again, jumped in to the sea skimmer and the  failed DoDo mission half way through so decided to reload from my save point on Prawn Island  to try again and guess what NO CARS, NO GANGS, NO PEDS NOTHING just empty streets WTF is happening!


Help!  :/

I'm no going to have to revert even further back and I don't really want to if i can help it.

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AMD Athlon 1800+

Chaintech Apogee MoBo

512 333 DDR RAM

Asus Geforce 2 Pro Deluxe 64Mb


I don't think it's my spec, it seems to be a bug in saving my game at prawn island, the original problem occured after I saved my game on Prawn Island after the G-spot mission and then again when I saved the game prior to redoing the dodo mission. I don't think it's a file corruption as I completely uninstalled and re-installed the game between the two saves trying to get my original post-G-spot game back.

I just hoped that someone else had experienced it and had a fix.

Does anybody know of a ini file or setting file which controls pedestrian and car density which  I can try to edit ?


I can't seem to find one.

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  • 4 months later...

Dude, I am having the same exact problem, no cars, no pedestrians, it's a ghost town. I know it has nothing to do with saving on Prawn Island since I have not completed that asset mission yet and cannot save there. This is such an annoying glitch and I have no idea how to solve it. There is no way to complete the game without cars and people. sad.gif I really don't want to start over since I have the game about 75% complete...does anybody have a solution/suggestion?


system specs:

Intel D850EMV2 mobo

Pentium 4 @ 2.53Ghz

2x 256Mb PC1066Mhz RDRAM

ATI Radeon 9700pro 128Mb


unpatched GTAVC

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I too am having this problem.


Not only has it happened after random saves at various locations, but it has also happened when transitioning from one area to another - like when you enter the "Roof Access" door in the Hyman Condo – or come down from the roof.


A very small number of vehicles appear - like one, usually a taxi or coach - and virtually no pedestrians anywhere. I drove all over the city and it was the same. A complete ghost town.


But for me - it can become normal again at random. Sometimes it becomes normal after completing a mission. Once on the "Driver" mission, there was absolutely no other traffic. No Peds. Nothing. But on subsequent attempts - there were plenty. Other times I have crossed a bridge - and voilla! Everything is back to normal.


Definitely weird. Also - it seems only to happen at dusk or dawn.


My guess is that it has something to do with loading the vehicles and pedestrians. Maybe its a memory issue - but I am running with 1GB PC2700 DDR and a 128MB GF4 Ti-4600Ultra. Should not be a problem.



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have you tried saving from somewhere else? hope this doesn't happen to me...im playing max settings on everything now!! 1200X1600 32 bit, every option checked...it's beautiful!

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I have tried saving at numerous different locations but nothing helps. I had to start a new game yesterday. While I was playing it I noticed that during the mission where you have to steal the tank for Diaz (or Cortez, I forget which guy) the streets are empty as the convoy rolls through town. Maybe that is when this strange anomoly began, but I am not sure. It was such a relief to start a new game and see the city packed with people again, I must have been playing in the ghost town for at least a couple of hours prior to that. Vice City rocks!

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Well, I thought that, maybe, the game "forgot" to tell itself to repopulate the streets. Vice City is far from a "perfect" game. I have seen a lot of bugs and glitches whil playing. It's just that this one stands out as the biggest and most annoying one so far.

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I know. And I'm telling you that you don't have to worry about it being such a mission. Those missions are made to go back to the way it was whether you win or lose. The only way it's going to "forget" to do that is if your game freezes prior to winning or losing. But then you would notice something a little more wrong than absent cars like no response from Tommy...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Large projects with multiple authors are prone to bugs anyways. Can't get down on one software company when they all do that. And others don't seem to be having "Problem after problem after problem...", so maybe it's your setup/config/other software/etc.

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  • 3 months later...

I am experiencing the same 'ghost town' probem described in this thread. Is this still a GTA:VC mystery or has anybody found a solution yet that doesn't mean having to go back to an earlier saved game?

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  • 4 weeks later...

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