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Unhandled Expection

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I installed some new car skins, but every time I play now, after about 20 min or so, Vice City comes up with an error that says:




what is this? what should I take out? why did this happen?

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might be too many poly's for the game... or could be something else the game doesn't like about a certain car... for example... for some unknown reason, whenever I get close enough for the game to draw the Top Fun van, it crashes with probably the same error (I never get to see the error). I have not changed the top fun van, I have not played with its handling or settings in any way... I don't understand this...

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well uninstall the mod, duh. and how did you install it? manualy or with some sort of installer?

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see thats the thing, I used a program called GTA Mod Installer cause im to much of a n00b to do it manualy. and how would i know which mod did it?


oh yeah, another thing is at random times the game freezes on me. which is realy wierd since it never happend before.

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OMFG! now its just freezes after 2 min of gameplay! ARG please someone help me!


here is the report :(  :dontgetit:  :dontgetit:  :dontgetit:  :dontgetit:






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yea bud i got the same error except i posted a topic and nobody responded. so whoever out there knows about this. post a solution. oh yea.. your gunna have to reinstall gta vc if you didnt back up your files.. cause theres no going back.



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I get the same as was posted too. I have tried every suggestion in every combo: invalid MP3 filenames, saving at different locations, playing the game stock and modded, changing/upgrading sound card drivers and video drivers, running the game in 9X and 2000 compatability mode, deleting the 'set' & 'rep' files, changing the audio/video configuration in the game, patches vs. no patches, tried different CD cracks...nothing changes.

The only way I am able to pass certain missions that freeze is to work around the mission, and attempt it later in the game.

I can only assume it is my hardware.

This is what I am running on:

Windows XP Pro

P4, 1.5 GHz


nVidia ti4600 w/128MB on the card

Sound Blaster Live!


I had the same issues with GTA3, and it was never consistent. It was also never resolved...



EDITED - If you are locking up in a particular spot, you may want to try this:

Dowload Spooky's IMG editor from GTA3MODS

Open the IMG file in your Models directory

click on Command > Rebuild Archive...

After it is finished, run the game...I was testing several car mods, and realized that I was able to finish missions that would freeze before I rebuilt the archive. After a fresh install (for the 14th time, I think) I was able to find a locking mission, confirm it would lock at least 3 times in a row, and then run fine after rebuilding with any car mod.

However...wouldn't ya know it...missions continue to freeze in other places. Are we doomed to rebuild our archives over every lock-up?

Or can anyone else try this to see if it works for them? Maybe it is just my machine...



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