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Sound Bug !?

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I have a big problem. I hope someone can help me :D.

When I play GTA:VC I have no sound except the radio sound when I drive my car. Last week it ran perfectly....


My System:

Athlon XP 1700+

GF4 MX460



GTA: Vice City 1.1 :r*:





`nilZ   :sui:

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Johnny The Homicidal Maniac

Go to the options and make it select a sound card itself (Auto detect soundcard)

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I cant believe it.... the exact same sh*t happened to me... few days ago I was playin the game perfectly... and suddenly I try to run it and there is no sound cept the radio...

I donno what to do... I uninstalled the game and installed it again... nuttin changed...

And no... settin the auto-detect hardwear doesnt help... HELP ME/US!




I've tried choosing the hardwear manualy... I tried every option but it only let me use thr last option since it said the others are unavailable.... anyways... when I chose the last option the sound came back BUT:


1. Its very very silent

2. It comes in a delay

3. Its weird and different from what it used to be


I tried using the auto detect... but it said its unavailable... huh?


What the heck is wrong? Somebody, help!

The radio, intro, cutscenes sound is still fine like it was...



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I have the same problem too but mine is worst. I can't here a thing not even the radio. I have to quit the game and run it again so it works properly.

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hmm.....weird.... so, anybody knows how to fix that?  :/

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I had a similar problem where there's no sound except for the radio and when I checked the audio options it had no hardware detected so I restarted and then it worked again.

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i have something similar

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Im having a worse problem with my sound, what sound there is no sound and the options menu AUDIO is blanked out even when it first loads up. This only started a week ago before it was fine. I do run no cd as my dvd drive is rubbish but as I said it worked fine for 1month.

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I had this problem to...easily fixed...if your card supports creative EAX and anything besides D3D...use it...D3D tends to have problems with losing sound and i fixed mine by simply changed to creative EAX 3 since my card supports it...


P.S. DO NOT pick the RAD game sound or w/e..it uses GTA's sound and lags your game...



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