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Vice City No Go!

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Just got Vice City Today.


It installed no problem, but when i try to Start the Game, it plays throught the Intro.


Then it freezes at the Vice City Loading Screen, if i leave it for about 30 mins it will start, but i when i get to the End of the First Mission, Where u pick up the Chick from the Boat - it lockes up and have to Reset my Puter.





768 DDR Pc2100  (Twinmos)

GF3 Ti200

SB Live 1024


Anybody got any Ideas??





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Is it the retail version or did you download it.

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Hi, THX for the Reply.


I wish i Could have downloaded it!!!, but im stuck out in the Country, and have no access to Broadband or will have in the next 12 months.


This is a Retail Version, Bought Today here in West Cumbria, from a Shop Called "Dixons" one of our local Electrical Stores.

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A good friend of mine has the same problem; his game crashes on the first mission. I think the only solution is a reinstall, although my friend's stepdad doesn't trust me so he can't play, and I can't see if it'll work or not. Lemme know if you work anything out.

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It must be the PC becouse I lent my freind my copy and his locked up aswell but mine runs just fine.

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yes i have Un-installed Vice City, Deleted the Folders in My Documents, and Re-Installed but to no avail.


I Just Formatted my Drive and got a New Install of Xp Pro & Sp1, and it still aint working.

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try closing all open background apps, even though you have plenty of memory, there may be a conflicting program. and also set the game priority on HIGH, as opposed to the default normal through the task manager

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