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various annoying bugs - any thoughts?!

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the music and the mission dialogue slow down a notch or two sometimes - it comes and goes intermittently and it is really annoying!  sometimes it fixes itself quick, sometimes the game can be like that for hours...


my sound is set to 'd3d software' mode - that's the only one that will work besides 'rad game tools', which makes the game lag like crāsy... :(


i have winXP pro, radeon 9700, some suck-ass via audio onboard, and 1.4 ghz athlon/512, etc.  also, per the instructions from the readme (i think) my games drive is recently defragged..


ALSO, my bro has a problem with the camera getting stuck in the 'unique stunt slo-mo' mode.  this happens after he has made considerable progress in the game.  he had the same prob in GTA3, too.  :(  it sux!  it gets stuck slo-mo and stuck in the fixed position from the stunt!  this should have been fixed in VC!  [this pc is win98se, geforce2mx400, 1.4ghz athlon blah blah blah]


the 'distorted polygons' bug that the patch supposedly fixes - what is this?  does it have anything to do with the transparent 'bounding boxes' i sometimes see around vehicle lights, ramps, and steps?  annoying!  (i do have the patch installed)  anybody else have this (everybody else?! )  if not, how do i get rid of it!


spontaneous lock ups during map loads, seemingly when on vig, fire, or amb missions and i move from one big island to the other...  at the map load point, the load screen stays on forever & the game never recovers - i have to ctrlAltDel.  sometimes the audio will keep going...  (it doesn't alway do this, but it has burned me a few times good! :( )


there are probably some other fun bugs too but these are the most annoying & i'd like to fix asap!!!!



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for the music, try setting the game priority up or down a notch in the task manager, and for all the other stuff, unistall any recent mods or add-on stuff and see if it helps. and the boxes around the headlights cannot be fixed, its part of the game engine, no fixin that

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i will try adjusting the process priority - that's a good idea - i hope it works!


as for the other stuff - we don't have any mods!  the only thing even close to a mod i have is my user-mp3s! =)  but i tried getting rid of them, and still slowed-down sound problem occurs, even with the built-in radio stations, so....  :S


sometimes the textures load in 'low-res' (very blurry) mode for a while (10 seconds or so), then the hi-res ones show up.  sometimes it has this problem, sometimes it doesn't...  after all these problems i've been having, i try to play VC from a fresh boot, so what could be causing the textures to load so slowly?  (as i mentioned earlier the HD has been recently defragged)


... my cpu & hard drives ain't exactly teh rox0r anymore, but they ain't quite teh suck yet, either + GTA3 didn't have this prob...  so i wonder what's going on...


when i first got the game, i was playing @ like 1024x768 with (i think) 4xFSAA & i got the laggy loading textures, so i tweaked things in various ways.  recently, i had been running @ 1280x? or 1600x1200 + 6xFSAA and i didn't have the laggy texture loading problem, but the frames went too low at certain moments (inside the malibu, busy rampages, cutscene explosions...) so i wanted to turn some settings down.  well, now i'm back to like 1280x with no fsaa or any of that [email protected] and i have the laggy texture loading prob again.


i know this is a rough recollection of a bunch of arbitrary symptoms, but i am just wondering how anybody has resolved similar problems? =)


as for the 'bounding boxes' - any ideas why the engine does this?  at first, i thought it was some kind of low detail version or a rendering screwup in a pseudo-volumetric lighting effect - like a cone of light for vehicle lights - but then i saw it on some ramps and steps too...  is it the engine trying to show u the 'true' geometry of the world?  if so, why does it only do it at select times?  weird...


ok again, Thanx & TIA! =)  cyas!

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fyi process priority didn't fix the problem.

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