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No Sound!


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I have radio, cut scene speech, and ambient sounds but I get no sound effects at all.  I've tried changing my sound options but all I get is No Hardware Found.  I CAN change it to Rad Tools option and it will play sound, but the sound is quiet, very laggy, and actually decreases the speed of the game.  This can't be right.


I'm running a SB Live! Value With latest drivers and Directx 9.0a  I've deleted my .set file in my directory and even uninstalled the game and reinstalled it... twice.  I've emailed tech support but I haven't heard anything back yet.  If anyone knows anything about this, please let me know.

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Homer Simpson

Have you run DXDIAG and checked the sound tab to make sure Hardware Accell is set to full.


I have a live value and if I select Autodetect it automatically sets to EAX.


What happens when you select Direct3D Hardware sound option? does it still say no hardware found?

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Yup I've tried playing with my hardware acceleration problems.  It won't take it any of the ingame options I choose except the Rad Tools and like I said, that runs rather poorly.  If you have a live also this tells me that it may not be a direct soundcard problem.  I'd say maybe it was my motherboard but I'm not sure how much sense that makes.  I've even tried a different PCI slot.


I wish they'd release some kind of official sound bug info.  What drivers do you have?  The UNI Pack from the website?  I was thinking that maybe it was XP so I rebooted into 98 (dual boot system) and when I try to run the game there it hardlocks my system.

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Alright to anyone who's interested

I can now play the game with sound.


I booted up in Windows 98 and reinstalled the original SB Live! drivers that came with my computer.  I installed all the applications and everything except when it asked me if I wanted to overwrite the actual drivers I said no.  The game now ran, but it locked up.  I discovered that had to install a previous version of my ATI drivers.  I did so and the came now ran fine although it chopped ocassionally.  When I put it on direct3d hardware mode it ran a little better and in software mode it seems to run with very little chopiness although there is a slight hint remaining.


I decided to try to install my old drivers in XP again just for kicks but I still get the same problems.  Hope this helps anyone with similar problems.

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I have the exact same problem.  When I first installed the game and started playing, I had sound during the cutscenes, radio stations, and ambient sounds.  But no sound effects what-so-ever.  So I went to change my sound options, and, I could only select Rad Tools, which makes the game very choppy, unplayable at best.  Now, I am using an older soundcard, a SoundBlaster 16  :pp  But in GTA3 I was able to select hardware sound options, and the game ran fine.  I am now unable to select anything BUT Rad Tools.  Unless I delete the setup file and just play with music and ambient sounds  :rah:    



If tech emails you anything back be sure to let us know.  I am interested to hear what they have to say about this, heh.



I'm wondering if its a Directx9 problem now........Becuase when I used to play GTA3 I could select any of the audio options.  I re-installed it last night, and, guess what, I couldn't select any of the options except RAD Tools.....GRRRRR.  GTA3 ran on Directx8.1, unlike VC which runs on 9.



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No idea how much help this will be.  But I've had problems with my soundcard on one other game.  When running Dungeon Keeper 2 in Win XP my sound crackles and makes the game run choppy.  When I did my dual boot to 98 then it runs fine.  I think it could be some sort of conflicting dx/soundcard/winxp/game issue.  I would love to hear something about this.  I worked on my computer everynight for a week to finally get the game to run.  Now that it does, I'm thrilled of course, but I want to help those that are in the same boat I was.


GreenCow I'm assuming you're running XP?  I know it's a pain, but running in 98 may or may not solve the problem.  And you may be right about the DX9.  I wish Creative Labs would release an official DX9 driver set.

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I am having a similir problem, but it's kinda different and I didn't wanna make a whole new topic for it, so here goes:


When I go into "Options" the Audio thing is dark, and when I highlight it, it says "No Audio Hardware"... GTA3 works fine, and the sounds in the Audio folder play normally, but when I start a game, its just silence  :cry: can someone help me?


I've got a SB Live card and Widows XP if that helps any

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Yah no, I'm using Win2k Pro.  Switched back from XP Pro, I like the stability of 2K better.  Being able to leave my computer on for days, and then come back and run any program without having my system resources gone is great.  


Hmm loman, I'm not having that, I can still select the options, it just won't keep them, it will pause for a second then say no hardware found.

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I had to bump this, cause I really need help!

Some people had this problem with GTA3, anyone here know someone who did and fixed it?

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Hey, i also have no sound at all after the intro movie in VC.  Audio options are greyed out on the menu and it says no audio hardware - strange as i have an Audigy Platinum Ex. Hmmm.  have phoned tech support 4 times and got nothing out of them apart from a claim that they have had it running fine on an XP/Audigy machine.


If ANYONE has a suggestion i would love to hear it!!!


Machine is AMD Xthlon Xp 2000, 512MB, not much HDD space left of 40Gb (about 8), Geforce2 Ti, Audigy Platinum.....


Stuck really, cause its crap without sound.

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