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vice city - AUDIO PROBLEMS- No sound EFX

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i got some problems. i hope u can help.


i just bought vice city today, and after installing it, i found out that there were no sound effects ingame. I have background noise, radio stations, but no footsteps, punching noises, car noises, NOTHING.


i have a sound blaster 4.1 which i just updated and directx 9. i'm running windows xp too. i've tried reinstalling 3 times.


help would be sooooo appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!! :devil:

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poison porkchop


YES.............I am also having audio problems like that.I have a Audigy 2, 2.1 speakers , DX9a,WinXP,all up to date drivers....WE NEED A SOUND PATCH!!! :r*:  :r*:  :r*:  :r*:  :r*:  :r*:  :r*:

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good. your the second person i have found with the smae problem. Its damn annoying and i'm not playing the game untill i get this fixed.!!!!!!!!!!!! :rah:  :rah:

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i realised that the soudn hardwar can be changed in options.


it seems the only option avaliable is the RAD sound option. i now get sound effects, but the gun noises are a second after i fire.


i treid the dsound option, but it says its not availble. and the creative EAX just crashes the game..


i think i'll have to just accept this untill a patch is realsed.

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hey guys i had this problem,you have to be in the options menu under audio and in the default there is eax support and that you have to put in software 3dsound (if you have no hardware support) and if you have hardware support you have to put it to hardware 3dsound support it helpt for me

i hope i helpt you with it :D  :D

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I have no Sound, and my menu Audio-setup is dsiabled (message: no audio hardware found)




newest Sound driver!

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Has anyone heard anything about this problem?  I'm having the exact same thing.


SoundBlaster LIve! Value

All updated drivers

Running DX 9.0a


I've emailed tech support but haven't heard anything yet.  The Rad Tools option is the only sound option I can pick and I get very bad sound with it.  Trying to switch back to Autodetect or anything else gives me a "No Hardware Found"

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i have the exact same problem


whay won't anyone at rockstar can help us!?!?!


:rah:  :rah:    :rah:  :rah:  :angry:  :angry:  :furious:  :furious:  :rah:



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Damn this sound issue, so many people having the same problem and no answers!!  i am messing with every setting i can think off and cant figure this out.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I have so to say the reverse problem:


At my PC the SFX of GTAVC are always at the maximum level.

The Speech and the Radio Volume is much quiter, so when I drive i don't here the Radio.


My Soundcard is a SB Live! 1024.


Does anyone know how to fix this ???

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I have what I think is the same problem on a different card. For me it is to do with 3d audio, and I had the same issue with gta3. Using software emulation the sound is fine, but you miss out on any of the 3d effects, but if you use any of the other hardware settings, then the radio and police chatter are way to loud for the effects. Car engines are worse you can hardly hear them. However it does sound much better with the 3d audio. I could find no solution for this with gta3 and sadly not with VC either, other than to play in software emulation where you get all the sounds, just not in snazzy 3d.


I have a Fortissimo III 7.1 card btw

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HELP!!! me 2 i can only hear some sounds and no gun shots only a bit and it comes after i shoot same with the car sounds (horn etc) and no footsteps and no car door sounds, also at the hotel i cant hear the background music also same problem in the mall only a bit and its fuzzy crunche sound... and another thing when i am in a car i cant hear anything only the wind and other cars oh and the music (P.S. such amazing

music :))....

Please can any one help?

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I think i solved my problem.


I changed the Sound-driver from "directsound hardware..." to "directsound software emulation".

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I love that wildeside station :) anyway... i can only click on the  RAD thing all the others dont work i had hardware option in GTA3 and it was woking well!!! whats wrong with GTAVC? :(



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Yeah as I said in my post using software emulation gets rid of these problems, but then you cant utilise the 3d audio features of your setup!


Its a workaround and its fine to play, but its not really the point. I would very much like to be able to play with 3d audio -it sounds much cooler as your whizzing past stuff.


I sent an email to Take2 support but got no reply.

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wait I have the same problem I have no sound at all and I can't go into my audio options it says no audio hardware found so I can't change anything what can I do to fix it?


how do you set it to software emulation



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To set to software emulation go into Options, then Audio, and on the Audio Device go left or right to cycle through the options (eg EAX3, D3D, RAD etc). Software emulation is one of those. Press enter to accept it.


Hope that helps.

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I got the same problem. I thought my sound card was too old (Xitel Storm Platinum), and I was planning to buy the Audigy Sound card, but then I heard someone say that not even the Audigy Card works. Does anyone have the audio problem with the Audigy Card?? Which cards are having the audio problem?

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Yer i have been having the same prob it just dosent have any sound, i have a soundblaster live and the latest drivers for it, does any body here have a soundblaster live that actually works with vice city ????

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i have a sound repitition crash that freezes my entire machine

I have tried to set my setting to software but it always changes when i startup vice city. i had it fixed before but i had a computer crash and had to reinstall and now it is screwed again... cryani.gif


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I had the same problem initially -


Fixed it by setting my Hardware acceleration for the sound card to full.





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I'm having the same sort of problems. For some reason, my music works fine but, the SFX in the game all sound distorted (they make a SHHHHHHH! sound if you see what I mean.) I'm running an SB Live! with DX 9.0 and upgraded drivers.

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Its strange that the people who have audio problems do have proper audio hardware where as people who have onboard sound aren't getting them as much like me. confused.gif

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I'm having the same sort of probleme. All my sounds work perfectly except two things. Everything seems quieter except for the radio or MP3 Player. When I am say driving I hear my car accellarate and when it goes for some time the engine noise just cuts out on me and I have to let go of the accelarator and push it again in order for me to hear noise.


I have Win XP With all default hardware

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yin-yang.gif Ok... I have the problem where I cant get into my audio setup at all, "no audio hardware", There is a readme file in your games directory that has a few troubleshooting tips, although the tip that pertains to my problem does not work for me... it may for you others,


Here is an exerpt:


angry.gif Changing hardware / re-initialization:

Changing either your video card or soundcard may mean that you get Grand Theft Auto:

Vice City into an "invalid" settings state for the particular hardware. If you change

hardware, to prevent having to un-install and re-install Grand Theft Auto: Vice City,

perform the following:-

Video card:-

- delete from the "Grand Theft Auto Vice City/models" directory the files

"TXD.DIR" and "TXD.IMG" (if they exist)

- delete from the "Grand Theft Auto Vice City/data" directory the file


- delete from the "Documents and Settings/Current logged-in User/

My Documents/GTA Vice City User Files" directory the "GTA_VC.SET" file.

Sound Card:-

- delete from the "Documents and Settings/Current logged-in User/

My Documents/GTA Vice City User Files" directory the "GTA_VC.SET" file. angry.gif


THis is all I know, and if anyone knows of other ways to fix it please help me, for the above did not work for me.


Windows XP Professional sp1

DirectX 9.0a

EPox-8k3a+ motherboard with integrated AC97 Digital audio

1gb ram pc2700

1.4 ghz thunderbird cpu

Edited by Tuttomenui
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