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c0000005 evil error of doom

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Ok, first let me apologize for not posting this in the official bugs topic, but it seems like no one even reads that these days, very sorry if I'm wrong.


Now, Vice City plays wonderfully for me, until it crashes.


Unhandled Exception: c0000005

At Address:       0012fc7a


now the address number has been different at times.


I think I've tried all the fixes on saw on this board, changed the sound mode to direct hardware, and direct software, and everything like that, and it still does the same thing. I've tried reinstalling it and everything, and deleting the .set file. Please remember this is not the same error that other people are having when they try to load their save games. My game loads fine, and runs very well until this happens.


Now my system specs are:


Amd athlon xp 2000+

Geforce 3 ti200

Sound Blaster Live 5.1

512 of ram

windows XP pro sp 1

direct x 9.0a


so, any help on this would be greatly appreciated.



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That exception sounds like a NULL pointer issue. If you know any C or C++, it happens when you do something like this:


struct person {

    int age;

    char name[25];



person *me;


me = NULL;

me->age = 18;         // this line will cause "unhandled exception" because x is NULL and you can't get any data from a NULL structure...


Unhandled exceptions can happen for other reasons I think, but it'll be some kind of error in the code. If that makes no sense at all, then all I can tell you is that something like that can't really be fixed by anyone other than the programmers at rockstar...


Is the error reproducible? Maybe try avoiding what you do to cause it? Go download some system checker program that checks your RAM and run it. Other than that...it might just be a system thing, or a Windows thing, because I haven't had VC crash on me once yet.


My system specs:


Athlon XP 2000+

512MB Crucial PC2100 RAM

2 80GB HDs, one Western Digital 8mb cache version

GeForce3 Ti 500

SoundBlaster PCI 512

Windows 2000

DirectX 9.0a





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Why would his game be f*cking up because of an error in the game code?  If there's any error in the game code, then everyone would be getting the exact same error, and the code never would have left the beta stage.

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Errors don't ALWAYS get caught, especially in a huge project like a game. That's what patches are for :\ It's amazingly difficult to find and debug an error in a big program, especially when the error is "random" and doesn't happen "every time you do X, Y, and Z." It gets even harder to test when you bring in factors of different operating systems and system configs.



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first off, thank you for replying.


No the problem cant be reproduced, it happens whenever it feels like it. Completely random. I hate it, the game runs so well! and then just blah!


I will try out your suggestion with the ram idea, if anyone else has a suggestion then I'd be very greatful. Maybe it is just a hardware problem, this computer has been horrible with games ever since I got it.


And is there anyone else out there having the same problem as me?

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i have this annoying problem too.  it hapens randomly though it's not often.  but there is the same unhandled exception if you try to replay the second mission of the game.  after killing the chef and taking his phone, and lance tells you to go to amunation, the game crashes with that unhandled exception.


it happens shortly after the pink letters at the bottom confirm the objective.

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What arethe voltages on your motherboard?  Too low a voltage will cause this.  Make sure VCORE is at least 1.75, and the I/O is 3.45.  


Watch the temps of the processor though.  Make sure it doesn't go over 51º Celcius.

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I'm getting this same goddamn error aswell, and its nothing connected with hardware like u mentioned.  I think.


My problem is it screwed my savegame (my only copy of) cos i saved in Cherry Poppers.  Left the game, and now when i start the game and try to load it crashes immediately with that error...

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I've heard that if the unhandled exception happens while saving it could be 2 things.  1) Update the GTA-VC.exe to version 1.1 (can be found at Take Two's support site) and/or 2) change your audio setup to something different.


The processor voltage thing worked for me and that was the only thing I did.  Some kind of problem with Athlon XP's and Windows XP, but it resolved not only the GTA-VC issue but multiple issues with the OS in general.


Good luck!

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okay i have 2 questions,


1) how do you change the voltage settings and I/O?


2) i have a celeron processor with it's own additional cooling system so do i still have to do this?

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I'm sorry, I should have clarified that.  That is only on AMD processors and motherboards that I know of.  Don't do anything if you have an Intel setup, or do it at your own risk.


Some motherboards have jumpers and some are jumperless for the voltage settings.  Don't mess around with it if you don't know what you're doing.  You could fry your processor and motherboard.


A good place to learn about what the best settings are at http://www.amdmb.com


Make sure you have a motherboard monitoring utility, like Asus's PC Probe so you can monitor the processor and MB temps.  


Like I said, it worked for me, and that's the only thing I did besides upgrading to v1.1 (which didn't fix the problem).  If you break it down it probably has something to do with memory speeds, i.e, PC-100 ram running at 133mhz.  That wasn't my case (I have PC-133 running at 133) but as soon as poked around the Internet, found this solution from somewhere in the UK, up'ped the VCORE to 1.75 it worked.

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i don't know if this will help but here are my system specs.


Intel Celeron 1.2ghz


Windows XP Home edition


256mb ram


40gb system memory


64mb All in Wonder Radeon 7500 4x AGP/ 2X BUS


Integrated sound card


direct x9


24x speed dvd drive



see anything wrong?  something in my specs that might have caused this?



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Oooh.. i think mines to do with the game, cos some Ps2 versions had the same problem saving @ cherry poppers as i have just discovered... but anyway, i'll give my system specs (to show off)


Notebook PC


3ghz P4

XP Home

512mb DDR RAM

40gb HDD

128mb ATI Radeon 9000 M

DX 9.0

Realtec AC97 Audio

32x DVD

32x CDRW


And there is no way i'm touching my V-Core


Although, maybe i should down the res a bit...


Supposedly Radeon 9xxx have gfx bugs over 1024 x768x16

which is crap coz it runs easily at 1600x1200...

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