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Problems Installing VC

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I've tried just about everything, the solutions on the Take2 website wasn't helpful at all. During installation, I eventually get an error message saying there was a data error (Cyclic redundancy check) with the data2.cab file.


I'm using XP with the service pack. Should I just return this to the store or is there anything I can do?

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try copying everything to your hard drive first then double clicking the setup.exe and install it that way. this error may be cause because your cd drive could be too slow, so try what i said

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You would only get those errors from a pirated game. :p

Try buying it.


I got that error when trying to install Max Payne and GTA3 from a backup cd that i made. :D

It happens when making copies off copies of the game, thrust me i tried.


I buy all my games just in case you were wondering. :colgate:

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I get those types of errors when I install a game with a scratched CD...  Though I don't get an error, it just pops up and says it can't find a file (Ironically, "data3.cab" for Jedi Knight II)...


But anyway, it sounds like a pirated game.  Although that's always the answer when it comes to Installation problems.  Even if you bought the game, everyone will say it's pirated...   :pp



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I get errors like that with legit copies of games especially when they are scratched or something but as vicetopia said the majority of the forum will blame the error on it being warez.

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nope its not pirated i get that error too but i just click ok or retry or whatever it said and it still lets me play the game. i have a maxpayne on a burned cd and i dont get an error when installing

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