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Weird Performance Issues

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No Matter what resolution i have the game set at, it still lags every now and then.  it will stutter for about 10 secs than quit, its annoying as hell. and its the same whether i have it set at 600x400 or 1280x1024.  i have updated my drivers, defragged my harddrive numerous times.  25 gb free on my 34 gb hard drive.  ive talked to rockstr tech support and they cant help me.  what do yall think?  Should i get more memory?


here are my specs;

1.5 ghz Pentium 4

512 mb Ram

Geforce ti4200 128mb

Soundmax sound card

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oh, and i always have it set on 16 bit color

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Have you tried adjusting your paging/swap file size? I've been using a program called cacheman for awhile now, and its great for tweaking, and showing you where your memory and paging file is at (as far as current usage). Before you go out and purchase some more memory....try this tool, and see if the memory is your problem. Use the logging feature if you only have 1 monitor while in game, or if you have 2 monitors, just expand your desktop, drag cacheman expanded to you 2nd monitor and watch what it does. I know XP allows you to view resources also, but this program has nice little wizards to help you understand and tweak your setup.


Link to Outer Tech (They make cacheman)


Hope this was of use...

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You're not overheating, are you?  Those darn P4's can run pretty hot.  I've noticed that when playing, my fans get fairly loud after a few minutes.

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Is it lagging only in a set areas of the game or does it vary?


I've see lag in some areas, when I get near the bridge going to Starfish Island (I think that's it) as I go through part of the construction area. I think there is another area but I can't think of it offhand

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try turning the frame limiter on and also enabling vsync on your monitor

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I had it a time with GTA3 and my problem was that I had the wrong sound card selected. Try to use 3d sound hardware or software and not EAX, even if you have a soundblaster. It worked for me.

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for sound always use hardware acceleration and not software, which puts an enormous load on your processor and would cause the game to lag very much

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