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GTAVC won't read any direction inputs from PSX

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I picked up a USB-PSX adapter at Fry's for like $5-10.  Works great w/ every game/emu except GTAVC.  When I go into the 'redefine controls' menu, the game will acknowledge all buttons except D-Pad inputs and Analog Stick inputs.  This really blows seeing as the main thing I bought the damn adpater was for this game.  I have a 2 controller PSX-LPT adapter I made but it's broken, it's a b*tch to fix, and home soldiering is not very durable, that thing always breaks after a few months.  The drivers for it though (PSXpad) DO work w/ GTAVC.  But anyone have any ideas as to why the USB adapter won't work properly w/ VC?  Anyone know how to manually configure the game through some sort of config file or anything?

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i had sort of the same prob at first.


what i did was unplug it out of the usb and plug it back in and it configured itself.


give it a try wont hurt:-)


btw i didnot have to configure the joypad or anlog stick. it`s allready done for you in vc.



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No dice.  Yeah the drivers are installed because the ones that came on the CD were garbage and even blocked ANY game from starting.  These updated ones allow games to start but unfortunately don't like GTAVC.

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Turn off the analog on the ps controler and it might work. For me with the analog on it reads the dpad as the Hat buttons. It might work.

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