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Game loading issues

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I read sometime before that someone was having problem loading the saved game where it was just giving them a black screen and would do nothing.


Same happened here when i was doing "The Driver" mission  :/

I saved the game at cherry poppers, next day was unable to load. I tried about 15 - 20 times and it loaded the game once. I went to another location and saved it again as i heard there was a problem saving at cherry poppers. No luck, same happened at the mansion as well.


So I re-installed the game, loaded again and it would still not load. One thing to notice that I could load previous saved games like earlier in the game, but hell i don't wana do that.


Any ideas? What happened to the person who was having the same problem.

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Two choices:


1.)  When you get to the main menu, turn the Frame Limiter ON and your game will load fine.  (once you get in, you can turn it OFF again if you want.).


2.)  Wait for it to load.  It doesn't actually freeze at that black screen, it just takes a while.  It takes up to 2 or 3 minutes to load.  Your best off going with choice #1.



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Frame Limiter is ON. And I've waited for about 10 minutes... went for a smoke break and came back it was still black screen. I'm aware that the game doesn't actually freeze because when i do end task it says running. It's just that it wouldn't load at all.


It's a Dell Inspiron P4 2.0GHz notebook

with a 512MB DDR

64MB ati radeon mobility n stuff....


I'll be restarting the game again if this saved game doesn't load.  :whuh:  :cry:  help.

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I had this problem in GTA3 actualy, what i did is use a trainer and summon a sh*t load of tanks which causes a lot of lag and it took me into the game, it might be a long shot but its worth a try

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