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With Antialiasing on the sound stutters/garbles.

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Hi! :)


Yes, I have posted this question in the Official Bug List with Solutions thread but haven't gotten a reply.


The game plays fine with Antialiasing off, when I turn AA(2x) and AF(2x) on. The game plays fine for a few seconds then the sound starts to garbled. I updated my on-board sound drivers, used different sound settings in the game but the sound would still garbling. Being fed up with the problem a bought a new sound card (Sound Blaster 521). Even with this new card the sound will still garble only when AA is on. Yes, I've have the latest sound and video drivers, I've tried different sound options in the game, and reinstalled the game. Since the new card didn't fix my problem I returned it back to the store. However, having AF on doesn't effect the game in any way.


Pc specs:

Processor: Intel Celeron 1.1 GHz

OS: Windows XP Home Edition sp1

Memory: 256 MB SDRAM PC133

Video: Geforce 4 Ti4200 64MB

Audio: AC-97 On-board sound

Monitor: 19in Samsung 191t LCD display.


Any ideas? :/ The game looks awful without AA.  :cry:

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Well, just a guess, but maybe AA is just too itensive and you will either have to live with the stutter or play with it turned off.

I have a GF4 4400 and have the AA set to application controlled. No problems. I have not tried another setting yet.

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I would guess it is either your Graphics card somehow stopping your sound card, so check the hookup for both. Also try reinstalling drivers for both, uninstall them, then reinstall them. Or your 1.1 celeron, no oofense but it is a horrible proccessor, Cannot handle it.

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"Did ya reboot??!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA"


WTF? Is that supposed to help him, or did you just step on your keyboard by mistake?


Anyway... as stated, your sound card is onboard, so probably doesn't have many hardware-accelerated channels if any, and the Celeron probably isn't up to chucking about all that AA detail. The graphics card will do most of the work, but it needs the backup of a fairly good CPU, which I'm afraid the Celeron isn't. Not for 3D gaming at least.



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ummmm yeah....thats what happend, I stood on my keyboard and thats what came out. Good eye!! Thanks Kurgen!!

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Yeah, I'd have to say it's the Celery 1.1 also..

It's probably fast enough to handle all of the cpu calculations from the game and to process the sounds when the AA and Aniso is off, but when they are on, it's just that much more work for the cpu to do, and it can't handle the cpu calculations from the game, the sound processing, and having to keep up with the gfx card with AA and Aniso enabled... Just my $0.02...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Abadede,


I'm also experiencing the same problem that makes the game unplayable, but have still not found a solution (have literally taken my machine apart, defragged, swapped PCI slots, updated all drivers, bought a new CD-ROM drive....). Still no luck.


My specs are:

XP1800+ processor



Ti4200 64MB (Creative)

Audigy 2


However, I also have an onboard sound (AC97, disabled).

Now I'm starting to think it could be the Graphics card/sound card or a conflict between the two....


I don't think it's the processor - in your case, while the Celeron isn't top notch, antialiasing is handled by the Graphics Processor alone (CPU isn't involved), so this should not affect performance.


Also - you have probably noticed that changing the resolution (e.g. 640x480, 16-bit) and limiting draw depth does not fix the situation, which it would if it were a CPU bottleneck.


Note that the stutters occur when there is a lot of audio activity (or new sounds), e.g. the Riot mission is near impossible, with 5 seconds between frames.


Let me know if you have any luck,

Sorry I can't help more!


/ThrasherB :/

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What does AA do?  Every video tweaking guide immediately tells you to turn it completely off.


I've never actually even understood what it does besides, "Turn it off so your games will be smooth"


If AA makes your game choppy, here's the solution:


Turn it off.

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AA = Anti-aliasing, which removes or reduces the jaggy-lines effect you see on the edges of objects onscreen. Looks great, but can come at a helluva cost, performance-wise, as the vid card has to re-sample the pixels it places onscreen, averaging or blending neighbouring pixel colours less harshly than without, giving a more "natural" looking image.



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I think your problem is you memory, its slow and there isnt alot of it, when your computer uses onboard sound it uses the systems main memory for storage and since the game prbably fills that up anyways, your prolly having to use your pagin file on your hard drive which is damn slow, so thats why it might be garbled, just my theory. solution = get more ram :)




Look here for info about AF(antriscopic filtering, which is also very important. the picture will be pretty self-explanitory.Something about AA that you might want to read.And here is a good example of it. Cheers.



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It is your GFX card / processor combo. You are too hard to your geforce. It's memory bandwidth isn't that high and your processor can't support your Geforce at top speed so it slows down your graphicscard.

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