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Mr club

Hercules 64 meg....freeze me do

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Mr club

Ok i shall tell you my pc specs first :(


Hercules64meg 4500 TV OUT

Atahlon 1800XP

80GB With about 20 gig left on my main partition

Operating system:Windows XP and service pack 1 only!

256 of RAM [Fine tuned :D]


The probelm...


Intro kicks in there in a room...

It moves and loads ok all graphics present...

Then blam!!! Graphics stop moving sound keeps playing....

Then its like the graphics are trying to catch up with the sound but just cant play...


I have direct x9 installed tooooo!


If i quit out with crtl,alt,delet, whatever the resoloutin the game was set to kick in with my desktop goes to that and messes it all up...


I have tried loweing my resoloution 32 bit clor 16 bit cloor etc etc...


What do ya think dudes?


Is it a job for vanilla ice?





I think like radion cards.. mine needs a patch to but i doubt i will ever see one.


Please feel free to call my card gay!


It runs al ot of other stuff like black and white and medal of honor...

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Mr club

I mailed customer support....

Hopefully i will get a reply in a few days...


I rekon i need a new pact hjust for my card or they will say...


"your card is not supported"


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Mr club

I got it working.


However the cut scenes may as well not be in the game.


My card gets confused with the frame limiter i think...


I have to keep switching it on and off.


Just crashed the comp anyway, will we get a decent patch any time soon?

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I have the exact same Hercules card with a similar setup. What you need is latest reference pvr drivers (not hercules ones). They work perfectly on my system and runs VC smooth at 800/680 and max draw distance. There are only very minor glitches like odd polygons here and there. 1024/768 plays pretty sluggish though.

you can download the drivers from this site.


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Mr club

WOW i hope this works m8...

Guess who i will be in love with if it does?


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Mr club

I am in love with bursa


:inlove:  :inlove:  :inlove:  :inlove:  :inlove:  :inlove:  :rah:  :rah:  :rah:  :rah:

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