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please read:vice city still wont load

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Ok, now i re-installed the game FOUR times, and i clicked on the GTAVice icon and it works right after i re-install it, then a couple of times i play it STOPS loading! Can somebody help me out please!? I need serious help here!!!

My specs are good enough, because this hasn't happened to me before.


Intel Pentium 4

64MB Nvidia Graphic Card

Windows XP

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Try updating all your drivers.


But what specifically happens?  You double-click the game .exe and it just sits there?


Also, I know this is "illegal" on the forums, you should atleast try a No CD patch.  But it's probably drivers because that's the problem with everything 75% of the time.



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Click Here

yep just tried that..still doesnt work   :dontgetit:

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copy the exe from the CD use that exe


use the search function this has been answered x hundred times

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Click Here

tried wont work still :(

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Click Here

sorry for double-posting......

by the way any help please??



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I'm having the same problem.  


FIrst, I thought it was because I didnt have SP1 installed (running winXP)... so I installed that.  Still didnt run.


Checked the support site again, apparently if you have multiple partitions, it has to be on the main one.  So, I reinstalled on primary partition. THo, I should note, that I dont have a drive c because I had an old drive(now removed) reserving that drive letter, and I dont remember how to change it.  So, after reinstalling on my system partition, it still wont run.


I have gotten the game to run once and a while, some days it'll run, other days it wont. I've emailed the tech support, but I doubt I'll get an answer any time soon.

I've tried the no-cd patch as well, and it doesnt work.


What happens, is it tries to load, and then just does nothing. I believe it loads something into the memory as well, because if I try several times, my system slows down a fair bit.


edit -


Ok, a mikjb or somebody posted this:

Ok, I found out that GTA Vice City in some way had corrupted my settings file, which in winXP is located in "C:\Documents And Settings\Your XP User Name\My Documents\GTA Vice City User Files\" and is called "gta_vc.set". I deleted this file and Vice City worked fine afterwards. I just had to setup graphics and controls again, but that's no biggie.


You might wanna add this to the list, cause the same thing occured with one of my friends' Vice City, too..

in the main bug thread, and it fixed my problems! w00t.


great stuff now I can play it! hopefully it wont continue doing this...



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Excellent!  Maybe "Click Here" will see this.  Have fun playing Vice!

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